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Today when checking new ICOs on to find some interesting projects that have potential to become a big player in our wild-west Crypto World, I came accross a Gambling Project namely SP8DE. So far, we have couple betting – gamling projects in space such as DAO.Casino, BitPoker, Edgeless, BitDice, Funfair. However, after reading the White Paper and looking at the Team, personally I rate SP8DE with the highest point in the gambling industry that they intend to disrupt.

Before digging into SP8DE project, please note that statements on this article are not investing recommendations and does not represent the views of anyone other than myself. You should do your own research and look into various sources before deciding to make a move.

Technicially, what is SP8DE?

  • SP8DE is an ERC-20 Token with contract: 0x30DdA19C0b94a88eD8784868Ec1e9375d9F0E27c, Decimal 18, Symbol DSPX (will change to SPX after Tokens are fully distributed).
  • “A Decentralized Platform for Gaming Dapps” – Sp8de is a protocol for decentralized blockchain based which can be used as a platform by anyone to develops open source casino applications which are not controlled by anyone or organizations.
  • The “New-Generation” Blockchain – Sp8de is built on top of Cardano Blockchain, which is called 3.0 Blockchain as it is the first POS (Proof of Stake) protocol without security compromises. The interesting thing is we have not noticed any significant projects that related to Cardano, though Cardano is in top 5 crypto world . Hence, we can see Sp8de as the pioneer for utilizing Cardano. I believe many Cardano investors like to see Sp8de successful as the real use case of Cardano.
  • Scalable and Efficient is one of some featured advantages of Spade Protocol (Sp8de) by applying Cardano blockchain. You can check more featured at White Paper (Page 12). Nowadays, if your transaction is not fast, you will not survive in this crypto world except bitcoin or ethereum. With POS protocol, the transaction is close-to-zero and almost instant.

What is the real problem SP8DE trying to solve?

“Fairness of the outcome is essential for gambling” 

You and I know that when we go into the casinos at weekend, we do have the chance to win. But if we play everyday, we will loose. Many players believe the house rigs our games thanks to their house edge, which was build from mathematicians to ensure that the house has a much greater chance to win in the long run. This is where SP8DE come in for the Fairness, Transparency, Decentralization.

The Casio Game Applications are build on Sp8de blockchain has:

  • No Centralization: Nobody has control over the games. It is open source. And if you want to change the rules, it has to be accepted by the public. Hence, the house are absolutely unable to set up their own rules. That make it impossible to cheat the system.
  • Transparency: Everyone can see what happening in the games, everything is recorded publicly on blockchain. No one can alter data.
  • Players do not need to wait for the bank or credit card company approve their transactions to deposit money and the online casino is no longer waiting for these third party to pay their players. Every transaction is almost instant and near-zero fee by using SPX Tokens.

Token Distribution

The Pre-sale started on Jan 08, so the time I wrote this article, we are in the Pre-sale phase.

Some notice you should know if you are planning to contribute to Sp8de project:

  • The USA and China Citizens are not allowed to buy SPX Tokens due to local laws.
  • You can purchase token by ETH, BTC, ADA and Visa/Master with required smallest purchase is $20
  • If you have purchased Token, you might receive tokens during Jackpots. The earlier phase you take part in, the more chance you win tokens.
  • Total Token will be distributed is 8,888,888,888 which will be allocated for 41.125% of token sale, 38.87% of Jackpots and the rest 20% of marketing project.

Token Sale Phases. As above table, for Pre-Sale phase, 1 ETH = 98,888 SPX.


Table of Token Distributed in Jackpot Phase.


Token Distribution Schedule.

How does it work?

We built the Spade on a blockchain called Cardano which is a monumental work that embraces best practice and the farthest innovation up to the point of crypto and puts it into one state of the art system. Cardano system is currently under development by experienced teams in the field of programming and cryptography. We will develop this platform with almost no transaction costs, with excellent scalability. With a decentralized system and smart contract features that will allow developers to develop more creativity in game design.

We will design this Platform using a smart contract language called Plutus, a general purpose developed by IOHK and implemented in Cardano. The essence of this system is that all types of financial transactions that occur on our platform, can be decomposed to be simpler. This system is built very safely and better than others. Our platform also uses Ouroboros as a numerical scrambling system. Ouroboros is a blockchain protocol that makes blockchain work as a broadcast channel for randomness. By solving the problem of the POS protocol, Ouroboros also simultaneously offers a unique toolbox for developing and running decentralized casino applications in an efficient, secure and proven way better.

In conclusion

We believe that blockchain technology is the most important part of it, and we can build a platform that is safer and better than similar platforms. And with this system we have designed, we hope to provide you with a decentralized protocol based on technology blockchain that will give you a better experience in the gambling industry.


With this opportunity, we invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name “SPX Token ”, here is the data.

We know that Sp8de will change the future of online gambling. This program is focused at informing the wider cryptocurrency and gambling of our project. By taking part in the Bounty Program you will get a share of the project’s tokens by executing several promoting campaigns for Sp8de.

We will allocate 2% (or 177,777,777.76 SPX) of the Sp8de tokens to this program. In the following text we will describe our bounty program and we will be happy for everyone who exhibits interest in Sp8de.


  • ICO Start: January 8, 2017; 10:18 AM GMT
  • ICO End: March 11, 2017; 10:18 AM GMT

Total Bounty Pool will be divided As Follows:


  • Twitter Campaign – 15%
  • Facebook Campaign – 15%
  • Translation and Moderation Campaign – 22.5%
  • Content Campaign – 12.5%
  • Reddit Campaign – 5%
  • Signature Campaign – 20%
  • Bug Reporting & Creative Development Campaign – 10%




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