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Cryptocurrency as the newest technology has many interesting features to offer. However, there are several big gaps that may jump into our mind like the lack of a mature ecosystem, lack of regulation which may lead to serious liquidity concerns on several exchanges and may charge high trade fees for common people. Next problem is caused by friction on dealing with fiat currencies which sometimes cause a hassle the users.

Lack of customer support, often makes the user have had the bad experiences as bad as the lack of management staff on handling requests. Next is the security issue on cryptocurrency due to the cyber attack which able to cause a huge loss for the users. Last is about the lack of awareness and education related with the adoption on bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


KuBitX comes in this modern era as a team whose extremely talented, experienced and professionals with significant work from Fortune 500. KuBitX team has innate quality which not only consistent but also complement each others work.

KuBitX now as the new rookie in the market and has the idea and improved many aspects on exchange ecosystem like the processing speed, fiat deposit and withdrawal, customer support, ease of use and the multi lingual support. KuBitX also will coming up with the reliable app mobile platform, which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone.

Thanks to the emerging market of cryptocurrency, KuBitX aims to leverage the emerging technology to move forward in the vision and mission and will focus many aspect. Education on blockchain technology, liquidity improvement, robust security, financial inclusion and economic development of the emerging markets are the prominent focus of KuBitX.

Security is one of the most things that comes to KuBitX concerns. KuBitX has identified and reviewed the industry in terms of security measures to include top level security features. KuBitX security features are including the secure cold storage, third party security, blacklist feature, insurance, 3 factor authentication, multi firewall protection, DDoS prevention, OWASP and extended validation SSL certificate.

KuBitX has developed not merely as the trade engine but also assisting in financial inclusion, financial education and blockchain adoption by the people. KuBitX has the ambassador which is the key to entering, understanding and capturing the local emerging markets. For financial services, KuBitX provide services like the fund transfer, payment processing, merchant servicing, remittances, bill payment and trade financing.

KuBitX business model and KuBitX token

KuBitX has the KuBitcoin (KBX) which have been integrated into the system. All KBX token holders will be rewarded. KuBitX will issue 500,000,000 KuBitcoin (KBX) (an ERC20 standard) as the fixed supply, with pricing is 1 ETH is equal with 8.909.09 KBX. Currency for buying KBX is ETH, with the softcap 10,000 ETH and hard cap is 25,000 ETH. KuBitX provide pre public bonus in 20% value and 10% on public round bonus.

All unsold KBX token will be burned. From all tokens, 15% team token will be released after three months post theend of public round of TGE. While 85% of team tokens will be locked for 2 years with the gradual release of tokens over a period of another 2 years. Token distribution will be for bounty (2%), private sale (36%), KuBitX investment (20%), public sale (16%), founders and development team (23%) and advisors (3%).
All KuBitX funds will be used for 7 activities, 15% used for technology, 15% for promotion, 15% as reserves, 12,5% operations, 7,5% legal, 5% will be on partnership and 30% funds will be used on liquidity.

KuBitX roadmap

On the fourth quarter of 2017, there was the project initiation, feasibility study and benchmark of the project. During the first and second quarter of 2018, project was engaged along with team structuring, legal processes for corporation in Malta, whitepaper creation and seed contribution engaged.

By the third quarter of 2018, there was project execution and launch KuBitX channels ambassador, as well as the prototype and exchange soft launch. The project execution is continued to be lunched up to the fourth quarter. On this last quarter of 2018, the exchange will go live and also the global promotion.

Project add-ons will be available during the first quarter of 2019 up to the fourth quarter of 2020 (2 years), completed with the KuBitChain, financial services and many continuous improvement (operations, product enhancements and comment feedback for improvement.


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