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Social media have many purposes, not merely for climbing the social status up by simply post a unique and exclusive stuff. One of other purpose is as the means of crowdfunding promotion. Through social media, entrepreneurs are able to raise funds for projects by collecting investment directly from individuals and earn benefits like discounts of sharing capital.


Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and others) comes to make crowdfunding in a new method by the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Within this fundraising, involves the issuance of tokens on blockchain independently of a trusted third party. Loligo is a decentralized launching open source platform for ICOs which is fair and P2P blockchain based. The token itself is able to be mined and consume less energy from dual mining method.

Loligo ensure smooth operation of ICOs by providing the revolutionary platform which allows both community and centralized approaches while reaping the most benefits. Loligo is a cryptocurrency based on a public which is run by company that providing legal representative service.

Loligo is rich of its features. First, Loligo is mineable for the main token with the guarantee of the minimum value proportion to expended energy. Next, it is a store of value as the true digital media value storage similar with gold or Bitcoin.

Other features for Loligo is limited for supply by having the set in advance, no change permitted also no hidden inflation created. Those method will make the scarcity of tokens over medium and long terms are guaranteed for returns on investment.

Along with Bitcoin, the issuance of Loligo decreases with increasing difficulty that adapts to the overall hash rate. Loligo is unlike the others, that only mining the token in a quantity as the sold number on the ICO. Further, Loligo mining is available exclusively to the miner.

Next, Loligo ensure that to be the fair and balanced relationship between project launcher and investors. Moreover, Loligo is free from governance protocol and dedicated exclusively to the launch of ICOs. User of Loligo have no worries since it has the professional support and offering a set of new generation tools like smart explorer, which allowing to monitor the entire portfolio.

Loligo is equipped with plenty of tools like smart wallet, ICO market, smart explorer, LCC factory, benchmark, dashboard, Ethereum relay and Loligo exchange. Loligo supports many cryptocurrencies like ETH/BTC, as the two most recognized cryptocurrencies which is accepted worldwide and ensure the maximum interoperability transfer and exchange of currencies.

Two others cryptocurrencies LTC (Litecoin) and ZCL (Zclassic) are also supported by Loligo. LTC is the third most recognized in worldwide after ETH and BTC, and by far is known as the fastest blockchain on top 5 cryptocurrencies. While ZCL is supported as it is available to be bought using fiat money, and has the available liquidity.

Loligo project and business plan

Loligo project was started the token pre sale based on the Ethereum ERC20 contract. By the completed of pre sale, participants hold the ERC20 tokens which is available from Ethereum wallet. The actual availability is begin since the first public deployment of Blockchain.

The commercialization and deployment of the platform in private environments is an important part of Loligo’s business plan. Loligo business plan is to ensure the profitability and sustainability of revenues of the founding company while preserving liberty and transparency of the Blockchain.

Token distribution

Token sold will be 16M in total and automatically reported on the final blockchain. All token which is not ERC20 token will be burned as soon as the balances are reported on the main blockchain. All token sale is executed by a public smart contract and done automatically. All purchased token will be transferred to buyer’s address with the purchasing fees are the responsible of the investors.

Once the softcap is not reached, all purchases will be refunded which will start once the crowdsale ended. All cost from those transaction will be the investors responsibility.

Loligo roadmap

On September and October 2018, the POC will be tested and followed with the ICO crowdsale (public token sale). Presale listing will be started on January 2019 and will be followed by test net up and consortium net up on May 2019. Snapshot will be held on June 2019 along with the distributed mined token. Professional services will be started on July 2019, while the final exchange listing on August 2019 along with public mining node.


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