Good day everyone, I will be reviewing the other feature of the atomic wallet in this post, you can check my previous review of the wallet here.

Atomic wallet has brought to us a perfect means of managing our crypto assets, and unlike most conventional wallets, atomic wallet is offering an exchange and atomic swap feature which allows users to easily exchange their tokens/coins to other tokens.

For users who are willing to swap their tokens for other tokens, Login to your atomic wallet, Click on the Atomic Swap tab which is just below the wallet tab, this is illustrated with an arrow in the picture below;

The atomic swap page comes up with three tabs at the top which are Markets, Place order, and My orders.

Click on Place order tab to place an order for your token, two cryptocurrency logos appears on your screen with an arrow pointing right indicating the currency you want to swap into.

In order to change the currency you want to swap, and the token you want to swap into, just click on the tokenslogo, and it displays the tokens that are available for swap in the wallet, then you can select whichever tokens you want, this is illustrated in the picture shown below;

After successfully choosing the token you wish to swap and the destination token you want to swap into, you can then decide to choose between market price or automatic trade by clicking on Advanced settings

With automatic trade, you can decide to set you’re your own rate of swap and you can input your swap rate as illustrated in the below picture;

While the market price option cannot be edited and only swaps your tokens at the current market rate. However, you can choose to select both options and set a margin that you want over the destination token price in %( percentage), this is used to swap under the market price in order to attract more traders. This is illustrated in the picture below;

After successfully setting your price either automatically or with current market rate, you can then input the amount of token you wish to swap, and automatically, the equivalent amount of token you’ll get appears at the other end, thereafter, you can click on PLACE ORDER.

To check the progress of your orders, click on My orders tab on the top right of the atomic swap page, this page displays your swap order that is in progress, your active orders, and your swap history just as illustrated in the below picture.

Swap in progress is meant for your swap order that is being currently executed, while active orders are meant for your swap orders that have not yet being executed. Your history shows the total summary of your executed swap orders.

To check the current orders in the market, just click on the Markets tab on the atomic swap page and it displays the current orders in the market of your desired token swap.

With this atomic swap feature in the atomic wallet, it saves users the stress of having to send their tokens to other exchanges for swap, thereby improving user experience.

Kindly stay tuned as I will be making further reviews of the excellent features in the atomic wallet.

For further enquiries on the wallet, kindly check the links below;

Support page


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