Review of Crypto Carz Project – It’s world of motor racing on the blockchain

|| Introduce of Crypto Carz Project

I think many of us have played car racing simulators. The drive and excitement that could be experienced when it was possible to overtake a strong opponent and pass the mission or get ahead of all competitors in the online mode, are not comparable to anything. Despite the fact that the audience of such games has decreased, many still remember covering them during virtual auto racing feelings and probably do not mind to experience them again.

This opportunity offers us all a project of CryptoCarz. Platform developers offer to try what is auto racing on the blockchain.

CryptoCarz is a platform for virtual car racing on the blockchain.

The enthusiasm of developers CryptoCarz influenced the success of projects such as UnicornGo, Pandarium and CryptoKitties. These sites have become popular and attracted a lot of users. But the main thing that they gave the blockchain industry is the understanding that blockchain games can be as popular as other platforms that use decentralized data networks.

The creators of CryptoCarz decided not to sit idly by and presented their game. This is a full-fledged racing environment where participants can compete with other users, win them, improve the level and receive prizes.

Developers CryptoCarz has already announced the emergence of many models of cars:

Black Diamond;
Stealth Knight;
Hidden Dragon.

However, the developers of CryptoCarz still have time-officially the start of the project is not given, the sale of cars has not yet begun.

About how much the car will cost, yet no information. But it is already known that after each sale cars will rise in price twice. If you buy a racing car, for example, for 0.01 ETH, then nobody can buy it from you for less than 0.02 ETH.

This is due to the fact that the circulation of cars of all series is limited – no more than 650 cars of each type. In addition, there will be unique models of limited edition.

|| Benefits of the project

While competitors CryptoCarz is not so much, so the game would be successful, even if it had a lot of shortcomings and no significant advantages.

However, all this does not apply to CryptoCarz. Already now the platform has several advantages:

VR-technology – CryptoCarz supports virtual reality, which means that the participants of the game will really dive into the race and feel as if they are going at a speed of 300 km/h and fight for the prize in the most prestigious competition in the world;

design the developers took great care to design the site’s appearance and branding platform, and it is difficult to get past the advertising materials CryptoCarz and don’t pay attention to them;

a variety of models – the creators of CryptoCarz offer a choice of more than 20 types of machines;

payment methods – you can buy a car on Cryptocard using 20 cryptocurrencies, including the most popular ones (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others).

|| Ico and Token details

Now there is no information about the ICO on the CryptoCarz website. But most likely it will appear soon. One thing is known, the project team has specially developed a token based on ERC20 called Car Credit (CCRD). For these tokens, you can buy the proposed cars or exchange them for any other tokens on the basis of ERC20.

However, the developers of CryptoCarz ask everyone who is interested in the game to subscribe to social networks and stay up to date with the latest news. Perhaps in the near future we will learn specific information about the ICO CryptoCarz.

|| Project Conclusion

CryptoCarz does not solve any global problems of mankind. However, to give people fun-the task is sometimes no less important than to do something important and large-scale.

And with this task Crypto Carz, we are confident to cope at 100%. The team understands how to develop an interesting racing game and bring the benefits of blockchain into it. And the society is ready to accept novelties and for certain will favor the platform.

All this will cause the high popularity of Crypto Carz in the first months after the launch. We recommend you to join the project and try out what a racing simulator on the blockchain is. We are confident that this will be one of the most iconic blockchain projects in the history of the ICO industry.

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