Review of DEEP AERO Ico – It’s Building an Autonomous Drilling Economy Supported by AI & Blockchain

|| Introduce for Deep Aero ico

The company that is the world’s leading innovation in unmanned technology and develops advanced technology solutions based on AI, and has a architecture built on Blockchain that will contribute to the economy of unmanned aerial vehicles.

DEEP AERO has passenger and cargo unmanned vehicles, vertical take-off and landing aircraft carrying people and goods operating on DEEP AERO UTM.

Flight plans meet all regulatory requirements based on AI, based on the rules of airspace intelligence for friendly spaces to the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. The Deep Aero platform makes integration between UTM systems more harmonious, and will further enable the industry, including manufacturers, service providers and end users, to safely and efficiently use drones without disrupting the existing manned aircraft system.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are aircraft without a human pilot on a wide territory. (UAV) are a component of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) system, which includes a UAV, a ground controller and a communication system between them. The flight of unmanned aerial vehicles can work with different degrees of autonomy, either with remote control by a human operator or autonomously from on-board computers. The development of the world of aviation technology is currently growing very rapidly by one of them since the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft of this aircraft have become more popular in the community, as there are so many uses.

|| Problems

The biggest obstacle that the drone industry is facing at present is there is no autonomous system to manage the high volume of unmanned traffic. In the world’s busiest airport for international flights, not once but three times a major incident took place due to the traffic of unmanned drones. Airports in Dubai suffer losses ofnearly $100,000 a minute because of any incident involving unauthorized drone activity in their air-space, according to Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) estimates.

|| Solution

These losses and inconvenience caused to passengers would have been solved by Deep Aero. Deep Aero, a global pioneer in drone technology innovation, is building an artificial intelligence, autonomous, self-governing, intelligent drone/unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and universal traffic management (UTM) platform on the Blockchain.

Deep Aero would be the pioneer of implementing secure, low-altitude civilian flights of manned and unmanned aircraft in the shared airspace. Furthermore, Deep Aero’s Drone Marketplace, a decentralized marketplace, will be one stop shop for all products and services for drones.

The invention will be the foundation of the drone economy and will be powered by the Deep Aero token (DRONE). Deep Aero is already working with leading passenger drones manufactures like Volocopter and Ehang in order to provide transportation services to their users where a person will be able to travel in a drone which can take off and land vertically, saving time and money for daily commuters.

Cargo drones are widely used at the moment. These drones provide the delivery of goods from one place to another. Deep Aero is presently working with the world’s leading cargo drones manufactures to provide top-notch cargo drones services to their users using their prototype UTM Platform. Deep Aero’s UTM is the infrastructure that will allow a drone to exchange the information like its location coordinates with other aerial vehicles (manned/unmanned), Air Space Management Services, Airport Personnel and Air Traffic Control.

||Token details

50% Crowdsale

10% Pre-Sale

25% Founders (blocked for 24 months)

10% Advisors

3% Marketing

ICO of the DEEP AERO project

Terms of the Pre-Sale – from March 30 to April 15, 2018

ICO takes place in 3 stages.

Dates of the 1st stage of the ICO – May 1-15, 2018.

Dates of the 2nd stage of the ICO – from May 15 to June 1, 2018.

Dates of the 3rd stage ICO – from June 1, 2018

Price of the token: 1 DRON = 0.05 $

Hard Cap: 75 000 ETH

|| Project Team

Executive Team

Technology Team


|| Project Roadmap

|| Conclusion

DEEP AERO is interesting and unique in its kind. The platform has a well-equipped, motivated team that strives to improve the sphere of cargo transportation, the prospect of widespread use of this platform is quite real, especially due to the absence of any obvious competitors in this field.

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