Review of KONIOS ICO – It’s world’s most secure cash & crypto platform!

Every day we are considering various projects that will present new solutions in the world of cryptocurrencies. And not least they are all aimed at ensuring that as many people as possible can take part in the development of the entire cryptocurrency market. Today’s review is no exception, it also touches on all the most important aspects of convenience and accessibility, absolutely for all segments of the population, modern Blockchain technology.

Features of the project

Today we will talk about such a universal project as – Konios. Technology which allows the user to just a few clicks to perform any transaction on the exchange of Fiat / crypto or crypto / crypto and much more.You may think that there are a lot of such projects now and they are all of the same type. But it is not! There are obvious differences between them.


The purpose of creating Konios

The development team began hard work on the creation of its platform. Thanks to which they intend to solve such common problems of the cryptocurrency market. Namely: adaptation in wide age groups, at the same time to observe reliability, transparency and safety of crypto resources. This project was developed in Switzerland, which allowed him to create a secure and anonymous platform Konios, with which anyone can Face-to-Face to exchange money and cryptocurrency.But the most important thing is that the user can carry out all the actions of the transfer with the help of his smartphone, wherever he is.

How is it work?

The developers of the project tried their best and made their platform as simple and understandable for each user. It does not matter what age group he will be. To make the desired transfer, the user needs to select the currency and write the amount he wants to exchange, then specify the desired currency in which he wants to exchange, it can be as Fiat and any other cryptocurrency. After that, the application Analytics will offer several options with whom you can make this exchange. And you choose by rating and reviews the most suitable person and confirm the execution of your transaction. After that, the person receives a notification about the upcoming transaction, and describes the terms of what and how much you need to send. At the moment, a smart contract is being formed until the end, which acts as a kind of guarantor of the safe and quality conditions of the transaction. And all funds are blocked on both the device and the end of the payment transaction. As soon as the transaction is completed and the wallet receives the necessary funds from both sides, the smart contract automatically defrosts these amounts and everything. The transaction cycle can be considered complete

It is important to note that this process takes little time and is done very quickly. That allows each user here and now to perform the necessary operations. By each user, platform developers mean not only individuals but also commercial organizations that can easily participate in the development of the Konios platform.

Ico and Token details

Within the framework of the platform, developers provide loyalty and incentive systems for their users. Encourage your users they will be using tokens KON. All rewards will be credited to users automatically on their wallet. Which I find very convenient. In total, the developers will allocate 3 750 000 000 Kon tokens for the ICO. The cost of a KON is equal to 0.01$. The ICO is scheduled to start on July 1, 2018 and will last for 90 days. But according to the developers, they can interrupt the ICO before, after they collect the Hard Cap in the amount of 29 000 000 USD.



 I want to note that Konios able to take a higher position in the segment of the cryptocurrency market. Because of the strong team of developers who tried to make this platform convenient for everyone. Each person in the interaction with Konios didn’t feel deficient, but rather felt in the world of cryptocurrency market as a “fish in water”. After reading the technical documentation and their social resources, it becomes immediately clear how relevant this platform is among a large number of people. What I think is very important! 

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