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Introduce for Ico

You are being tracked, not only by private companies but also by the government. No one can secure his/her privacy in the age of the internet, which has practically entered our inner life. We are not separated from the world we live on the internet. Fighting democratic measures on the internet to solve the basic issues of the online privacy and data usage, many think tank have become vocal about it in the recent decade. Multiple incidents of the identity thefts, data hacking, and malware attacks prove the kind of situation we are in.

People using the internet are now in search of the solutions to make their life easier in the online world. A world free of malware attacks, spams, data thefts and invisible tracking. A very few companies are willing to take risks for development of such solutions, but in the coming future, it would be the utter necessity of the internet world. Internet users are fed up with the ads and the spams on the different mediums they use. The solution presented by anyone would be transparent and reliable.

|| The problems of using the internet without

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers used by billions of users across the world. In fact, I use Google chrome everyday on my computer and smart phone. I’m typing this article using Google Chrome. Other browsers may include, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc. However, these browsers do not incorporate an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, which would allow for complete transparency and accountability. Those browsers are also open to advertisements, lack of security, and other problems.

Whether large companies will admit to this or not, they thrive on tracking the user’s every move. Every time a user makes a click through a browser, it’s being tracked. Billions of user’s data is compiled by large companies. The data can be sold, given to the government, and other misuses can be made. Stocking ordinary browsers of the internet is not healthy, nor the future.

Another major problem on many browsers is, the advertisements! Advertisements may seem fine at first, but become annoying over time. They can even lead you to scams, malware, or use your computer to mine cryptocurrency without you knowing. Many of the platform’s advertising platforms also takes large percentages from the revenue spent by companies seeking to advertise. A portion of the revenue also goes to website owners, which is usually cut and is one of the only means of monetizing content on the internet.

The browsing experience can also be frustrating when searching for specific information, that does not appear in the top results. This is mainly due to the poor algorithms that allow for website owners to use click bait, viewing bots, and other tactics to rank their page in the top search results. There is not much incentive for writing high quality content on the internet.

|| Solution

This project ONLINE.IO is developing a new solution for making internet free of all the nuisance, such as malware, ads, and spams. Based on the power of blockchain, it aims to revolutionize the world of internet. A new kind of browsing experience is offered by the platform, which will be ad-free and smooth. The platform will offer websites multiple tools to easily integrate the technology solution presented by them. Without ads, the websites will load faster and the user will spend more time on these websites. The websites will be able to generate financial opportunities with the help of noble concepts presented by the team, such as rating provided by the users after great browsing experience.

The ONLINE.IO tokens are utilized by the users on the platform for payment of various services. Tokens are generated depending upon the number of users visit the website. The consensus algorithm utilized by the platform is the Proof of Online. Users and webmasters are two of the most important entities on the platform, and they will be the key growth driver for the platform. Different tokens exist on the platform for a variety of purposes. Users on the platform can enjoy an ad-free, spam-free content which will be the true aim of the ecosystem.

|| Ico and Tokens details

OIO Tokens

OIO tokens are generated only once and sold through the token sale. Out of all the tokens, only 15% of the OIO tokens will be kept by the team and will be reserved for a minimum of a year. OIO tokens will be available on various exchanges after the token sale. The main purpose of the OIO tokens is to “bootstrap the development of the OIO platform”. The other important function of the tokens will be to allow users to generate a proof of stake and generate ICE tokens. Website owners will need to own OIO tokens in order to receive ICE tokens based on how long users visit their site and what they rate their site from 1-5.

ICE Tokens

ICE tokens will not be sold through a token sale. ICE tokens will be mined to website owners that hold OIO tokens based on how long users visit their site and what they rate their site from 1-5. 20% of the ICE tokens will go to OIO token holders, regardless of whether they own a website that receives traffic or not. 20% of the tokens go back to team in order to fund the platform for development, improvements, future partnerships, etc. The other 60% of tokens go to website owners who hold OIO tokens.

After some time, ICE tokens will be listed on exchanges. The merchant system will use ICE tokens as the base currency, along with other popular currencies. ICE tokens offers a 0% commission rate when used through the merchant system. ICE tokens will generated forever. However, for the first 10 years, the ICE tokens generated will be reduced by 30% each year. After the 10 years, the amount generated will remain fixed.

|| Should you buy OIO tokens?

Whether you plan on operating websites or simply looking to invest, buying OIO tokens will be worthwhile. OIO tokens will be needed in order for website operators to receive ICE tokens and monetize their content. Thus, increasing the demand for OIO tokens and OIO token hodlers. Holding OIO tokens as a browser, who does not operate any websites, will still be worth it. OIO holders receive 20% of the ICE tokens generated. will also be adopted this year, through the publications of browser extensions.

10% of the hard cap has already been reached. has already raised $5,000,000 in their private sale from their $50,000,000 hard cap. 70% of the OIO tokens will be given to the OIO community, which is on the high end compared to other ICO projects.

Register for the OIO token sale here.

OIO Token Sale Details
June 15th – June 19th – 25% Bonus
June 20th – June 24th – 20% Bonus
June 25th – June 29th – 15% Bonus
June 30th – July 4th – 10% Bonus
July 5th – July 9th – 5% Bonus
July 10th – July 31st – No Bonus

|| Team

|| Advisers

|| Conclusion

Digital advertising is the growing trend in the overall advertising market. Google and Facebook are the leading websites for obvious reasons. Not a day passes when someone does not use any of the two platforms mentioned above. The market is expanding, and it is time to present sustainable solutions for the industry so that it can scale with the integration with the latest technology.

Cyber attacks have become more sophisticated in wake of latest technology development and require innovative solutions to tackle these challenges. Blockchain technology will play a key role in the development of the modern internet which will be free of ads and spams.

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