Review of Plentix Ico

|| Introduce for Plentix ico

Plentix is ​​a blockchain based solution for the modern propulsion economy. It targets to distribute prizes to all participants in the advisory economy, including sellers, users, friends and application developers. These participants receive their prizes in the form of Plentix tokens.

ICO is a platform for Plentix icons, but expected to be ready for the public in January 2019, the MVP version will begin in March 2018, which was completed back in August 2017.

When Plentix talks about the “transportation economy”, the company is talking about the practice of contacting products and services with users. Social media has caused an explosion in growth in the referral economy. Online interactions like referrals are easier and faster than ever before, and many people will not use a product as much as they know or receive advice from someone they trust.

|| How does plentix work ?

One of the most important ways that Plentix has done is give you both a lot of flexibility to both developers and businesses, but also gives you the chance to make money with your development.

For example, a business or developer can use Plentix API sets to write their own software modules, applications, or feature sets. These can be developed on the platform or through a third-party application. When these features are applied to the Plentix software, the developer can get a reward.

Suppose a developer has created an API and a customer uses this API to direct a user to the platform. In this case, the developer receives an award.

Meanwhile, the core Plentix ecosystem manages all the advice and operations on the platform. The goal of the platform is to provide a one-stop shop for businesses and directors, allowing them to centrally create, record and track references and interactions.

Users can access more than one business in various industries with the Plentix mobile application or web site. There is no need to interact with multiple application platforms across multiple industries.

|| Plentix future development

Innovative Architecture: Businesses will have a wide range of integration options that enable their CRM or POS systems to seamlessly connect to the platform. Developers can create their own applications or integrate with the Plentix application.

Flexible Rewards Options: Plentix users can customize how to reward their reference networks. The applicant may earn a 10% prize in the token for each application that makes a purchase or receives a commission for the first three purchases. Businesses can choose to reward Plentix tokens or other currencies.

Access to Tokenized Referrals: Whenever business and customers connect and a person makes a proposal, the Plentix creditor stores and transfers the value of this application. The result is an indicator that represents the value of a directive. As more people use the platform, the value of the identifier increases.

|| Token details

Plentix token sales will take place in March 2018. The company sells Plentix project tokens or PTN during ICO.

60% of the total supply of tokens is allocated to token sales. The remaining tokens are allocated for consultants and early investors (20%), company reserve funds (10%), remittance programs (5%) and rewards and community development (5%).

The company will sell 100 million PTN at a price of 1 ETH = 10,000 PTN and work to collect about $ 10 million through token sales.

|| Team

|| Advicers

|| Roadmap

|| Project Conclusion

Plentix aims to use blockchain technology to disrupt the shipping economy. Today’s shipping economy is bigger than ever thanks to social media. However, there are major problems in the sector – such as lack of transparency and high fees between businesses and directors. Plentix wants to solve these problems with a blockchain-based solution.

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