Numerous Cryptocurrency Exchanges have been created in the recent time with the promise of giving services that traders yarn to, yet at the same time a great deal of challenges still linger in the existing Exchange, much effort or technology has not been employed in creating a platform without glitch for seamless exchange. A decent number of people have despite these downsides invested in cryptocurrencies knowing completely well that these exchanges are volatile and there is a high plausibility of them losing their assets. With PROBIT the statuesque will undoubtedly change to improve things, it is on this background PROBIT project emerged.


The team behind PROBIT platform intend to create a platform that will be seen as the most secured, professional and worldwide digital asset exchange for crypto-currency traders. The PROBIT is a project with a point of becoming the only authentic worldwide and likewise digital asset based exchanges inside every major financial market; the probit project will serve as a coin-to-coin (c2c) exchange that will eventually serve later on as the PROBIT nearby fiat to coin exchange in different nation.

The PROBIT is a no uncertainty mega trading engine that will offer a strong and significantly more faster trading experience coupled with many trading pairs and surplus liquidity. It promises to be the best and efficient market for digital assets. Inside the exchange traders will be able to analyze and at the same time determine the correct sort of trade to make, features that makes this possible are the multi-lingual customer service, customizable dashboard and cutting edge developments like the peripheral trading and ICO platforms


PROBIT of all it features takes security as its need so it creates a very safe platform in which crypto-currency based traders can profoundly feel secured. PROBIT offers value recommendations and these suggestions are:

It stores about 95% of every single digital asset in the driving rain wallet. The likelihood of theft is mitigated against utilizing the entire session management and offline storage. It takes into cognisance and keeps tracks for latency and then initiates time out sessions when needed. All information inside the platform is stored utilizing a very solid encryption calculation. Its protection wallet key is appropriately encrypted several times.

The PROBIT project is to such an extent that it supports FIDO U2F hardware security keys. Has a very quick exchange processing rate that makes it possible for it to operate at a limit of 1,500,000 orders per second. It reserves security mechanism is next to none as it uses the experiences gathered from other failed exchanges to construct a better exchange with chilly storage or offline wallet.

Probit is flexible because it enable users to customize the dashboard based individually choice and preference utilizing the customizable dashboard; it accommodates the two beginners and professional traders on the board

The platform is with the end goal that such a large number of trading pairs can be accommodated, over 20 crypto-currencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, EOS, etc) can really be made available, it likewise has a grand lottery event, web based life abundance and lottery program.


PROB it is a native utility token specifically used for exchange with a hard top of 200,000,000 and additionally offers other subordinate benefits like creating reason for limits on trade fees, early and better access to features available, conceding of exclusive casting a ballot rights/privilege for posting new tokens, securing a higher referral reward. Owners of the PROB token are knitted into different gatherings namely the sapphire, standard, emerald, jewel and ruby. The PROB token really be acquired through the pre-sale, mining and ICO processes.

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