Review of Qravity Ico – It’s digital Content Production & Distribution Revolution of the Century

|| Introduce for Qravity Ico

Today I want to tell you about a new, but already sensational project.Qravity is the platform of the production and distribution of content is decentralized where the content creators have and profit from their work.

Qravity is the space in which content producers and content makers can collectively develop digital content that can be monetized, including movies, music, games, e-books, and apps. The founders of the project of dividing their projects into tasks, then, using contract smart on the blockchain Ethereum, the platform automatically tracks progress, distribute bets among the participants, and make content instantly available to distributors and consumers. Blockchain technology to keep all transactions on a transparent platform in terms of revenue, product distribution, and the distribution of profits; it can also prevent copyright violations and intellectual property.

Our goal is to improve collaboration and help the project founder and creative professionals overcome the challenges that hinder the project’s digital content. To achieve this goal, the platform Qravity simplify the development and distribution of unique content and make it more fair, and more beneficial, for those who make it.
How Qravity work

Business owners divide their project into tasks, and the attributes of a specific Qravity of Project Tokens (QPT) for each task. This Token represents the betting in a project and only used internally. Immediately after the creators complete the task, the contract smart automatically send the QPT allocated to the task to the wallet maker.

After the completion of the project, anytime the distributor or the consumer buy or rent content that is produced, the founders of the project, and content creators automatically receive part of the income in the cryptocurrency Qravity, QCO. The number of QCO received by each member of the project team in accordance with the stakes in the project, namely, the number of QPT that they generate for their work. Holders of QCO can use their tokens to buy the content through the market Qravity; they can also redeem QCO them on the exchange.

|| Solution of the project

QRAVITY is ready with its solution for content production & distribution. The solution designed by the team is based on the blockchain technology offering remote teams to work jointly as a single team. Project management tools, digital content production tools, file sharing and messaging services are available for the users of the platform. The project management on the platform is quite simple, as it is guided by the project manager with the QPT as the token reward. The team working on the different project can decide the future usage and application of the projects being developed on the platform.

Smart contracts help in the smooth management of the different tasks on the platform. Movies, music, and audio file are only a small part of the different kinds of content being offered on the platform. Users can pay the QCO tokens directly to the creators on the platform to consume specific content. Projects on the platform are distributed in small tasks assigned to the different team members of the group. Content creators on the platform are rewarded for their skills and ingenuity.

|| Token details and Team

50% OF THE Total tokens will be distributed to the people in the ICO. The token pre-sale is currently live on the platform until 15^th^ June 2018. The main token sale will begin on the 16^th^ June 2018 and continue until 31^st^ July 2018. 37% OF THE funds will be spent on the marketing of the projects on the platform while 19% of the funds will be spent on the marketing of the platform. The team working on the project is experienced in the fields of the blockchain technology and project management.

|| Token specifications

Name : Qravity

Symbol Token: QCO

Decimal Token: 18

Platform: Ethereum ERC-827

Address the sale of tokens: TBA

The Total Supply of Tokens: QCO

Price Token: 0.0002 ETH

Hard Cap: 12.000 ETH

|| Roadmap

|| Project conclusion

people have formed different metrics to determine which digital tools to utilize for their content production & distribution. Different content monetization models along with collaborative opportunities exist on the platform for the content creators. People are going to utilize the opportunity presented by the platform to subscribe to the most authentic and transparent medium.

A new framework for the creative professionals to build their model of creative flow is offered on the platform. The future belongs to the decentralization and people with the specific set of skills will be required to complete this dream into reality. Multiple startups are already developing solutions for the growing challenges in the blockchain technology applications. Platforms like these boost the morale and provide the necessary trust required in the market.

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