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Good day,  I want to tell you today about a worthy project .At the moment, there is such a situation in the world market as the lack of vehicles. Studying the transport sector and transport business, it is possible to notice that absolutely all businesses in the transport sector and promote closer working with people and have virtually no effect on the solution of problems of traffic. 

The digital revolution has changed our life become more convenient and comfortable in many aspects. The sharing economy globally has reached $ 18 Billion in 2017, expected to reach $ 335 billion in 2025. Uber and Airbnb are two great examples of what can happen if You enable the economic peer-to-peer between user community. However, they are limited to two areas need a particular service, transportation and lodging. Imagine You could turn all the people into a service provider just for anything. 

 A lot of start-ups has increased in the market recently to solve the problem of transportation. A large part of their success as a business, but no one managed without any damage to social security.Regardless of the fact that technology has bridged the gap for transportation needs and has managed to resolve some of the issues in the last 10 years, this leaves us with some business model copycat without iteration or innovation.Customers not only find a service that is trendy,but looking for a service that is really reliable with the quality and safety of sustainable that offers all the transportation options and service with competitive price low,and because customers do not like being abused;so on a rainy day, or a day with dense traffic; the Rates a “high price” is not a good move. 

 RedCab has conducted a survey of the drivers who work part-time,where 91 % of population using an automobile and have peninggkatan income up to 87% by way of flexible working.The business Model RedCab guarantee a 20% increase in the income of the driver with a clear strategy to harness 10 on the domination of the network in which time the people who choose to partner with Redcap and drive managed more efficiently.
RedCab LLC.The company was founded to offer transport solutions peer to peer that is seamless for individuals and businesses through decentralization of the whole process of using the blockchain technology. Token REDC will be used as the token utility for the transaction of day-to-day which creates a massive demand over a limited supply of that is limited.A company that has existed since the year 2016, with operations in the real field. Bring innovative solutions to the global through the Blockchain to the needs of the market with annual demand of $ 230 Billion. 

RedCab is a decentralized transportation solution while deploys blockchain technology and provides cost effective and secure transactions. The company conceptualizing and leading the RedCab project is “RedCab LLC”, registered at Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt.


RedCab Solutions

The RedCab project aims to solve the current challenges faced by the problems and challenges faced by the transportation sector.

 Some of the problems are ;


  • P1 – ‘Drivers and Riders’ – As the transportation cost increases, driver’s incomes are dwindling and costing the business more to retain the drivers.
  • P2 – ‘Business Model’ – The existing business model of transportation services which is based on high commission fees and variable trip fare as per demand and supply, conflicts with consumer’s experience and driver’s returns on investment.
  • P3 – ‘Market Expansion and Operations Cost’ – High cost involved in customer acquisition due to over dependency on marketing, promotions and discounts along with driver’s guaranteed earnings and bonus.

 Solutions offered by RedCab are as follows;

  •  S1. ‘Win Win Situation’ – The zero commission scheme provides more savings for riders and higher savings for drivers.
  • S2. ‘Proof of Driving’ – RedCab will introduce an innovative solution based on the proof-of-work concept, build on the blockchain technology and powered by AI and smartphone GPS processor.
  • S3. ‘Shared Network’ – RedCab has introduced Red Network Dominance program to ensure market acquisition and penetration involving high supply and demand at low cost.
  • S4. ‘Unique Business Model’ – Through Transparent Commission Scheme, RedCab has unveiled a unique business model through which provides an excellent transportation service system and is capable of building a smart network while profiting from the exchange of data.
  • S5. ‘Proof of Marketing’ – RedCab has conceptualized a unique referral marketing program through which riders are provided an opportunity to earn tokens for referring their friends and family to RedCab. Thus as their RedCab network grows, their kitty also grows with tokens.
  • S6. ‘Cabbi” – The company (RedCab LLC) has introduced “Cabbi®” the first personal road trip assistant. “Cabbi®” is based on the neural network technology, which will help in tracking daily trips, meetings, visits and events.

 Services Offered by RedCab

  • Car Hailing
    Car Pooling
    Hotel and Airport Transportation
    Delivery Service
    Pick-up Service



Within the platform, ERC-20 tokens REDC will be used. With their help it will be possible to pay for transportation services, as well as receive awards in accordance with the protocols of Proof of Driving and Proof of Marketing.

The total issue of coins will be 100 000 000 tokens, but 62 000 000 coins will be offered for sale.

 ICO Details

• Soft Cap: 2143 ETH
• Hard Cap: 24529 ETH
• Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH = 233.3 REDC

Pre-ICO Sale Phase: –
The Pre-ICO phase will start on 1st Jun 2018, 00:00 GMT and would end on 21st Jun 2018, 23:59 GMT. 15% bonus will be provided to early bird investors till the target is target or the phase ends.

Main Sale Phase: –
The token main sale will start on 22nd Jun 2018, 00:00 GMT and would commence on 15th Aug 2018, 23:59 GMT




  • Q1 2016The business Idea came, and we started the business research.
  • Q2 2016Mobile App development started – first trial and error.
  • Q3 2016Market research and business iteration.
  • Q4 2016Mobile app MVP launch.Go live on Google Play with both driver and rider clients.
  • Q1 2017Go live on iTunes App Store with both clients and operations commencing in one Coastal City.
  • Q2 2017Company legal setup.First website launched
  • Q3 2017Raised First Round of Investment.
  • Q4 2017Operations expansions to 2 coastal cities Partnership with Sierra Global Solutions.
  • Q1 2018Launch and redesign new Website of brand identity.
  • Q2 2018Soft Launch & Community Building.Partnership with & SkaleUP acquisition
  • Q3 2018REDC Token creation and ICO launch Partnership with
  • Q4 2018End of Token Sale and token distribution to contributors.Massive Email Campaign, Social Media & Digital PR to introduce RedCab to the world.Partnership with doPAY payment processor.
  • Q1 2019Listing of REDC token in 2 of Top 10 Crypto Exchanges.Listing on developing RedCab Dapp with wallet integration.Invest in Infrastructure.
  • Q2 2019Expansion of on-ground operations in selected cities in EMEA and LATAM regions.Partnership with an Airline (Name to be be confirmed).
  • Q3 2019Proof of Driving and Proof of Marketing product development.Expand our Travel Service Partners, hotels, and restaurants.Listing of REDC Tokens in 1 Top 5 Crypto Exchanges.
  • Q4 2019Release of iOS and Android release 2.0 with wallet integration and Cabbi smart bot introduction.Expand Offices in Europe & Asia Markets.
  • Q1 2020Phase 2 of Massive marketing campaign.Raise round 2 of investment.Listing of REDC Tokens in two Top 5 Crypto exchanges.
  • Q2 2020RedCab Platform development.Data mining and Geo-Ads introduction.Introduce Proof-of-Driving and Proof-Of-Marketing.Release of dAPP. Decentralized Escrow Exchange for REDC Tokens to trade fiat currency in exchange of REDC.
  • Q3 2020Partnership with sports, celebrities, and public figures for Marketing and exposure.
  • Q4 2020Expand on-ground operations to North America.
  • Q1 2021Listing on all Top 5 Crypto exchanges.


 The RedCab project is one of the most promising projects aiming to revolutionize the transportation sector by solving many of the current challenges faced by the transportation (passenger) industry. By deploying blockchain technology and following a decentralized approach, the RedCab aims to make the transportation industry more fair and transparent and giving 100% benefits to customers / riders rather than drivers and taxi companies.The RedCab project has received high ratings from reputed ICO tracking websites.

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