Review of rLoop Project – It’s a crowdsourcing platform for investing in the future!

|| Introduce for rLoop Project

This one of the most important industries in the modern world. Vehicles of various types carry billions of people every day within the same city, country and even continent. For hundreds of years, passenger transport has experienced countless transformations – from horse-drawn carriages to high-speed trains and cars.

But, despite such a global development of the industry, its limit has not yet been reached, the staff of the Rloop project is sure. The main task of the ICO is to raise funds for the development of Hyperloop technology developed by Elon Musk.

|| Solve the problems

Before starting the analysis of the rLoop project-we offer you to get acquainted with the range of problems that will allow you to solve the launch of a new transport network:

Almost all modern transport works on internal combustion engines, which leads not only to a decrease in oil reserves, which can not be artificially renewed, but also environmental pollution due to a large number of harmful emissions.

Many vehicles are dependent on road congestion, route movements of other segment participants, etc., which complicates logistics and makes it less efficient.

Weather conditions play an important role in passenger logistics, because planes can not fly in bad weather, cars – go to the ice, and ships – go to the storm. Such limitations sometimes cause temporary traffic jams.

In addition, one of the most important problems that the rLoop project solves is the speed of transportation. Existing vehicles are limited not only technically but also legally. They can not exceed the limits due to the high accident rate. Hyperloop will be a completely Autonomous system that will be able to provide safe and fast transportation.

|| Benefits of the project

This is a project that is directly tied to the science and technology industry and development. It introduces the Hyperloop transport technology developed by SpaceX led by Elon Musk. Hyperloop is a vacuum train project, the idea of which was born in 2013. The technical documentation indicates that the new vehicle will be capable of speeds up to 780 miles per hour.

The rLoop command collects funding for the implementation of Hyperloop technology. In addition, this platform will allow everyone to join the creation of a completely new evolutionary round in transportation. The main advantages of rLoop include:

Using the Ethereum blockchain, which will attract a large number of investors, eliminating any restrictions and obstacles.

Smart contracts will become the basis for interaction between founders and investors, which will make all transactions as fair and transparent as possible.

rloop internal tokens are not just a cryptocurrency, but a real tool that allows you to become a shareholder of the company and contribute to the development of Hyperloop technology.

Thus, rLoop, through the use of modern technical developments and economic models, will be able to provide a safe and open investment in the technological revolution called Hyperloop.

It should be noted that the rloop platform will be used as a crowdsourcing platform for the implementation of other technological projects in the future, and it will not be limited to Hyperloop alone.

|| rloop and ICO tokens

Inside the platform you will use tokens rLoop, built on the basis of Ethereum.

They will be used for the following tasks:

Voting for the support of a project, regulation of the platform and identification of the Council members.

Receive rewards through various affiliate programs.

Receiving awards for reviews, ideas, comments, etc.

The total issue of tokens will be 21 000 000 pieces, but only 3 750 000 of them will be sold as part of the Hyperloop support fees.

Date of licensee not yet been disclosed.

|| Founders

|| Team leaders

|| Advisers

|| Project conclusion

rLoop project is a very promising project. It will allow to unite really high-quality technical projects and investors who have a desire to invest their money in the future. In addition, the status of the platform is supported by cooperation with Elon Musk and Space X.

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