Review of SaTT Token – It’s smart is on the blockchain

|| Introduce Of SaTT Token

The capacity of the global advertising market is estimated at 521 billion dollars. A significant part of this amount (about $209 billion) is digital advertising. And the last figure is growing every year: if even 5-7 years ago it was extremely insignificant in the scale of the planet, today it becomes significant. And in the near future, digital advertising will become the basis for the promotion of any goods and services.

SaTT Token is a blockchain platform for advertising campaigns. It will give users the opportunity to promote their products and services on their own, without intermediaries.

To do this, Sat Token implements smart contacts, where you can enter all the parameters of advertising campaigns. For example, you can set the target audience of the promotion, select possible repeaters, choose the Oracle campaign that assesses the effectiveness and protect user data.

|| Problems

However, even in such a dynamically developing area as digital advertising, there are problems and difficulties.

The first is the lack of legal quality advertising repeaters (sites or applications that would distribute content for promotion). Today’s opportunities either do not give companies what they need or they are illegal.

The second is the difficulty of quantifying the effectiveness of promotion. It is not always the advertiser will be able to understand whether there was really a sense of the advertising campaign and whether it was worth it.

The third is the lack of security. This problem is no longer about advertisers, but ordinary users. They cannot be sure that their data is properly protected. But the uncertainty of users and beats advertisers.

All these problems are solved by the new blockchain platform SaTT Token

||Benefits of SaTT

The SaTT platform has several advantages that are relevant for users:

payment for efficiency – advertisers pay only for those promotion campaigns that really brought results;

using smart contracts – they automate the advertising campaign, and its organizer continues to control the situation;

data protection – all information is stored in the blockchain, which excludes unauthorized access;

many retransmitters of advertising – you can choose any existing channels of promotion on the Internet, including social

networks and other popular platforms for promotion.

|| ICO details

Start date ICO SaTT Token – may 1, and now CrowdSale is in full swing. However, you can still have time to take part: the crowdfunding campaign will last until July 1.

You can buy One SaTT token for $ 0.42, and 420 million coins were issued. If the organizers manage to sell all the tokens intended for implementation at the ICO, they will receive more than $104 million.

You can buy SaTT cryptocurrency for ETH, BTC and us dollars.

|| Project conclusion

Instead of lengthy speeches about the prospects of the project, we will say only one thing: it took less than a day to collect HardCap on SaTT Token Pre-Sale. This proves that users are seriously interested in such a platform as SaTT Token, and are ready to invest in it.

The project is guaranteed success – it is believed by real users. Investment in SaTT Token is a profitable investment that will pay off many times in the coming months after the full launch of the platform.

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