Review of Seal

Review of Seal

We believe the designers, artists, scientists, programmers, and creators are the unsung heroes behind the brand that make miracles happen in our lives. Brand is the seal of the souls of these creators: they symbolize their blood, sweat, and tears. We believe that we should respect brands and creators, protect them, encourage them to go ahead and strengthen relationships between people and brands.
The Seal app allows anyone to check if a Seal-enabled product is genuine. A simple tap with your smartphone lets you scan an NFC Seal chip, embedded in the product, and show you the product’s information. Seal chips, Seal and Seal Network applications provide authenticity and other services for products and brands.
We use dynamic NFC chips instead of static QR codes and RFID for better security and copy protection of the chip itself. By facilitating a secure version of physical products, Seals enable product-specific services to operate such as ownership transfer, theft prevention, insurance, but also brand activation and product analysis campaigns. For the first time in history, brands can make money from goods sold through scrap trade, while protecting their markets from counterfeiters, by utilizing blockchain technology.
Out of love for creation
We believe that the designers, artists, scientists, programmers and creators are the unsung heroes behind brands that make magic happen in our lives. The brands are the seal of these creators’ souls: they symbolize their blood, sweat and tears. Together they turn ideas into reality, transform things into culture and bring us confidence, laughter and joy in our lives.
Therefore, we believe that we should cherish brands and its creators, protect them, encourage them to keep going and strengthen the connection between people and brands. We want to pave the way to a genuine and enriching world, without fakes or soulless products and their devastating consequences. We aspire to ignite a renewed appreciation for the world’s most beloved and worthwhile brands. Out of love for creation.
Origin story
Bart and Joris worked together on a social mobile games startup in the past. Back in 2013 they put their gaming hardware to work mining Bitcoin and Litecoin after office hours. They quickly figured out that coupling NFC technology with the blockchain could disrupt counterfeiters, and that this is a use case with the potential to put the blockchain into the hands of millions of people. Although their initial work was done back then, they knew the market was not ready yet.
In 2017, they realized it was time to put their master plan to work, and so they did. Born as children of an artist whose work fell victim to counterfeiters more than once, Bart and Joris know first hand how devastating counterfeiting is to the lives of creatives.
Company Overview
Bloomsix Established in 2008
  • Founded Bloomsix as a publisher and developer of premium social mobile games
  • Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Independent company
Pivot to blockchain
  • Started mining Bitcoin and Litecoin in 2012 using gaming hardware
  • Developed primitive version of the Seal Network concept
Seal Network started
  • Developed first prototype in Q3’16
  • Set up the Seal Network team in 2017
  • Refined the proposition
  • Token sale preparations
Online authentication is the only way to ensure authenticity, but existing data on embedded product chips can also be copied. The copy will still show valid product entries in the database. To solve the problem there must be a way to ensure data can not be duplicated. Blockchain is only one part of the solution. The dynamic chip, which changes status every time you interact with it, prevents fraudsters from passing the chip as real because every time an attempt is made to verify it, the data itself changes. The original and fake products will come out synchronization information in it, which indicates the product is tampered with.
Checking whether the product you want to buy is genuine or should not be easy. Consumers can not be expected to assess the authenticity of the product by looking at minute details and knowing the production anomaly. The anticounterfeiting method should be anti-corrupted, but it should also be easy to verify the authenticity.
Seal makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to recognize genuine or fake products.
Counterfeiting is driven by financial motives. To stop cat-and-mouse games between counterfeiters and security specialists, the ability to monetize large-scale counterfeiting must be stopped. Instead of fortifying the product itself with special or counterfeit items, we instill an authenticated chip on blockchain. We bring all these technologies together in Seal platform.
Initial Product
Seal has developed a working product version. The Seal app is compatible with Android and iOS (iPhone 7 and up). Current features include authenticity checks, ownership transfers and inventory management. This product is scheduled for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store later this year.
Current applied features
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Inspection of authenticity
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Inventory management
Token Cap
A maximum of 1.2 b tokens will be printed and will never exceed this amount. No more than 492 million tokens will be allocated for token sales rounds. Discounts and bonuses depend on strategic partnerships and transaction sizes.
Emission Token
KYC and AML required before buying token. Buyers must provide their details and addresses to be used to send Ether from. If the token in the presale round remains unsold, the token will be offered on a large scale. The token offered remains unsold after the primary sale will be distributed proportionally to ALL the sales token participants.
Example: Buyer buys 3.69m Seal tokens during primary sale, 123m tokens (25%) remain unsold. Buyer receives 1.23m [(3.69 / (492-123)) x 123] additional tokens for a total of 4.92m tokens.
Further information:
  • The actual price will be in Ether and will be available on the website, together with the bonus structure.
  • Prices will be on Ether instead of dollars to reduce exposure to ETH-USD volatility.
    The basic application is created with NFC scanning. The authenticity check is implemented.
    A basic backend portal is created that allows brands to configure products for their production lines.
    Q 1 2018 Token sale and distribution.
    Q 3 2018 The first commercial product used on Seal Network.
    Q4 2018 Seal and backend applications will be further developed.
    Q1 2019 Portfolio services are expanded with other services and brand specific.
    Q 3 2019 The analytics dashboard is created for executives looking to better understand their customers’ behavior.
    Q 1 2020 Seal blockchain is made and tokens are migrated from Ethereum to Seal blockchain.
    Q1 2021 More advanced NFC ownership is developed in conjunction with development partners.
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