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|| Introduce for WinStars Ico

The average annual growth rate of the gambling market for the last 7 years is as much as 9%, which is 3 times more than the growth rate of the world GDP. This clearly demonstrates the pace at which the industry is developing today. However, there are also disadvantages – gaming platforms simply do not have time to technically adapt their products to the growing demands of users. To fill this gap, the WinStars platform was developed.

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WinStars is a gaming platform that combines various gambling games, built on blockchain and smart contracts. The main advantages of the project in comparison with the classic gambling resources include:

Security. The use of blockchain technology allows to ensure greater security of user funds and make all gaming operations more reliable.

Open source. If desired, anyone can view the algorithm that is used in a particular game for the distribution of winnings.

Reliability. The use of smart contracts ensures the stability of payments and eliminates the need for trust in own funds to the intermediary.

Several ways to generate income. The system provides 4 ways of making a profit at once, while on classic gambling platforms, only one.

Thus, WinStars will become a fairer and more profitable platform for gamblers than the existing resources.


Lack of trust and transparency is a major setback in online gambling for effective growth. These problems subject players/investors to fear of being duped by casino owners.
Reportedly, casino owners are found in the habitat of manipulating game results to be in their own favour, and even in some cases block players account that have won prices.
Blocking and confiscation of players account is also common among banks due to some legal limitations in some countries while an efficient payment system that cut across international borders remain a challenging problem.


Blockchain has been reported as a technology capable of solving problems associated with lack of trust and transparency. It is believed that the integration of winstar functionality model such as the random generation multifactor model with blockchain will solve the existing problem of trust and transparency.
“The basis for operation of winstars platform shall be the decentralized system of smart-contracts responsible for ensuring fair distribution of random numbers and playing cards at casino’s table and poker rooms, as well as for distribution of funds to client’s account”
Winstar internal token which is know as WINS token will be used as an efficient payment system across international borders with minimal transaction fee.
So, gamers especially online gamblers can actually enjoy their gaming activities on Winstar platform when fully operational.

|| Economics and tokens of the WinStars platform

Players. You will be able to earn by playing various gambling games.

Referral program for partners. The system provides bonuses ranging from 1 to 6% depending on the level.

Referral program for investors. Provides bonuses in the amount of 2 to 5% for depositors.

Revenue from token retention. Long-term retention of tokens will allow you to make a profit from the growth of the

token rate, as well as a bonus of 15% of the income on the platform.


Investing in a fast growing industry like gaming is a better option that any investors would like to take. Winstar is believed to have better advantages over it’s competitors.
Below is a diagram showing Winstar competitive ecosystem and its comparison with other industry actors.

|| Ico details


Total Token Supply: 150,000,000 WINS
Pre-ICO: 22.500.000 WINS
ICO: 80.500.000 WINS
Pre-ICO Token Price: 1 WIN = $ 0.16
ICO Token Price: 1 WIN = $ 0.20
Pre-ICO soft cap: $ 500,000
ICO soft hat: $ 5,000,000
Timeline: 10 / 05-20 / 05 – Pre-ICO
03 / 06-03 / 07 – ICO

Token Distribution:

69% – Token Sale
10% – Tim
8% – Game Fund
8% – Bounty & Referral
5% – Advisory Board
Budget Allocation:

40% – Platform Development
20% – Marketing
15% – Operational
15% – References & Partners
10% – Reserve

|| Team

|| Roadmap

|| Project conclusion

The WINS token itself will be used as the primary payment method. It will be involved in gambling, as well as payments that will be received by investors, partners and just token holders. Token sale starts on June 3 and lasts for exactly a month.

The WinStars platform will be a breath of fresh air for gambling fans, offering them more honest and transparent conditions. Accordingly, we can expect the growth of the price of tokens and invest in them today.

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