What Is Athero?
Athero is actually a stage made to boost trade by blending the Net of Things and also the block-chain technology. Athero integrates a distributed operating platform using a open block-chain, using virtual firm into business systems and also a consensus algorithm to achieve improved off line solutions for both information stream and product sourcing demands. As the Athero design is motivated by that of sooner blockchains, in addition, it comprehends decades of research round the fields of both concurrent and distributed computation, math, and programming language design. The stage contains a modular, endtoend layout that frees to correct-by-construction industrial and software extensibility. In other words, Athero is an extremely profitable, world wide crypto currency eco system which does not rely upon any other bank.

Vision And Mission
Block Chain technologies has a Enormous potential to produce new bussines Models and deliver quantifiable advantages and significance to the private and public businesses. To unlock this possibility, Athero protocol has been designed intentionally to handle the principal challenges that limit the eloquent integrity and exchange of data in products smart chains. Using Atheroall stakeholders may safely discuss their information and maintain Sensitive data completely encrypted in any way times. At length, it’s fully decentralised. It removes the likelihood of collusions and poses full liability for the data provided.

THO Chain
Atherochain(THO) has embraced the asymmetrical encryption). Provided That the Private key is maintained precisely, the info can’t be deciphered even whether it’s accumulated. At precisely the exact same time, most of the nodes from THO are identical, which protects the users’ solitude. Furthermore, centered on the personality that block-chain can’t be tampered, both the manufacturers and providers won’t have the ability to tamper with users advice. THO Blockchain can be looked at as the blend of several different existing technologies. When these technologies themselves are not brand new, it’s the ways they are united and implemented that attracted about Athero´s blockchain. Wi fi ready solar smart seat network. Located around the entire world in cities that are smart. Smart car-parking technology (Separate detector systems in various zones which may find, via magnetic areas, if it’s the parking location can be found or busy ) Sensors to get a wise and wholesome environment (Network with atmosphere pollution detectors, radio/gsm/wifi burglar detectors that’s centered on medical impact ) We hunt for true to life application. Athero will meet with a vacant space in current market version. The monies that’ll go on to turn into massive pits or mega caps is going to be the people which truly have a distinguished business use instance and client value proposal.


Stateoftheart Cryptographic data structures and unparalleled decentralization provide efficacy and expel single-point-of-failure.

Athero has been boot-strapping partnerships in various industries to create block chain technology to real-world usage.

Cuttingedge technologies
Athero Is always researching the brand new technological standards and Continuously enlarging our co operations with international research Associations to continue to keep the tech safe and current.

Fast Expand + Adoption
Athero puts an emphasis on web technology and has a mobile-first approach to bring blockchain technology to the next level of adoption.

Token Sale

Start: September 20, 2018, Saturday, 11:00 AM (GMT)

End: January 20, 2019, Friday, 11:00 AM (GMT)

Soft cap: $18,000,000

Tokens exchange rate: 1 THO = 0.04 USD

Token: THO

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