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MenaPay is a new payment gateway project that uses an electronic currency on the blockchain technology platform to replace traditional transactions. It is safe, convenient and especially transparent, can be used in daily transactions in life. MenaPay now has 2 accepted payment gateways in the Middle East and Africa.
It is creating a new standard in the electronic money industry for a stable level of income, beyond the regular incentives for users and investors.
Problems and solutions to use electronic money for payment
In the electronic money market, the prices of currencies fluctuate every minute. So users can hardly use them to pay. But for MenaCash, it was supported entirely in USD (1 MenaCash = 1 USD), which will be used as currency for transactions on MenaPay platform. MenaPay also offers easy-to-use solutions such as desktop and mobile wallets, integrated API and SDK, reports and management dashboards for sellers, all with Arabic user interfaces.
So how will MenaPay work?
MenaPay generates revenue from fees from P2P (peer) and P2M transactions (on par with sellers) and fees for withdrawing money from M2F (merchant establishment).
Green mining: All transactions of MenaCash between Peer and Merchant can be granted by MenaPay token.
Low transaction costs, quick and convenient payment process. MenaPay is a perfect choice for payment gateway in the future.
Token Name: MenaCash (Mpay)
Token type: ERC-20
Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 25,000,000 USD
General release; 400,000,000
Total token sold: 256,000,000
(For those tokens that cannot be sold they will burn)
Distribute token
64%: Public collaborators
11%: Advisory team and collaborators
10%: Founder and group
10%: Program airdrop and bounty
5%: Reserve reserves
Capital allocation process
40%: Marketing
30%: Research and infrastructure
15%: Operation & administration
10%: Business development
5%: Solving legal issues
MenaPay will develop payment software on phones and computers for user convenience
Development roadmap
MenaPay gave a very detailed development roadmap. The project was started in November 2017 to serve 420 million people, over 18 countries, as their primary payment method. The semi-public process of ICO will take place on November 18 and end in December.
Information about founders, advisory boards and teams
Most MenaPay members are talented and experienced in different fields. When working together it will achieve your goals and go further.
Here are some typical members:

MenaPay is a potential project and more prominent than other projects in the payment gateway field on blockchain platforms. It helps users feel comfortable and especially users in the Middle East and Africa they can easily transfer money through other countries.












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