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Sidera is a global ecosystem focused on implementing a unique, unique method of storing virtual user data with decentralized portable gadgets.

The main task of such gadgets is to ensure the full safety of your crypto-currency savings, and provide users with a modern way of buying, selling and exchanging crypto currency. The Sidera ecosystem includes wristwatches, mobile applications and POS terminals for retailers. By deploying terminals around the world, Sidera users will be able to pay for daily purchases simply by using a wristwatch.
The project team offers innovative devices attached to your wrist, encoded with an individual code for each customer, and capable of performing fast transactions with one touch to a terminal in a retail store. Similarly to payment in the store, Sidera allows you to exchange crypto currency between users. To do this, just touch your wrists with each other.

The uniqueness of Sidera technology
Possibility to store individual data and its crypto-savings in an original and beautiful way.
Your online wallet on your hand is in the closest access while being securely protected and encrypted from hacking from the outside.
Innovative technology platform Sidera allows you to quickly and safely make transactions, buy and sell tokens with just a touch from your wrist to your wrist.
Such SmartBit devices, with built-in NFC module allow you to make online purchases in any store in the world.
A huge number of built-in functions, such as – SMS notifications, setting the time display system, alerting the course, currency trading, invisibility mode and much more.
Your gadgets can not be stolen, because even if you lose your wrist gadget, a multi-level system security code will not allow anyone to hack it and use your account.
This is the first self-contained smart crypto-purse that you can constantly carry around with you, quickly perform operations and, in addition, use it as a modern fashionable gadget.

This is the first physically palpable and portable gadget for decentralized exchange and real-time transactions. Buy, sell or buy crypto currency simply through your wrist, using high-tech gadgets from Sidera.

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