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OverView: is a decentralized social media platform of verified users. The platform respects and awards users for their time by offering tokens, points and a share in platform profits based on the level of user activity. The tokens and points are interchangeable with crypto or fiat currencies.The principal goal of Social Chains is to have a decentralized data of verified and trustful connections. The process includes verification of email, phone, physical address, and a government-issued photo ID. Verification is vital as it enables users to participate in public forums, contribute to posts, add contacts, and add public feeds. The platform of verified users is like a safe neighborhood.The community will own 54 percent of the issued tokens which provides users a say in the platform.

The platform offers wide-ranging monetization options for its users. Several offers are provided to share the platform profits among all users. In the beginning, 33% of the platform profits are distributed to the verified users based on the daily and monthly user activity. The share of profits grows from 33 to 50 percent as the platform stabilizes.

Why is Social Chains Using Blockchain?

Socialchains is using blockchain to put users in charge of their data and do away with centralized intermediaries that profit from user data. Social Chains as a blockchain app empowers users to derive, drive and monetize their data. Social Chains is a first attempt ever made to provide an opportunity to the mainstream to make internet money. Blockchain offered us the tools to build such a user-driven decentralized social media app. We will use a hybrid of public and private blockchain for privacy and flexibility. Interim Blockchain of Social Chains as of now:

Social Chains Features: already has several powerful features built into the platform that will be available to users from launch.

  • Decentralized contact database management: Instead of just depending on the user to keep their information current, Social Chains will be able to utilize decentralized user resources to ensure that the contact database is kept up to date.
  • Contact Relationship Application (CRA) built into the system: CRA helps the users to use SOCIAL CHAINS as a platform to communicate with their contacts for both personal and business uses. Users bring their email id (Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, and third-party email ids) to the platform. Users send and receive emails, able to set up both private and public events, appointments using their platform contacts. Further users can save the call history as a touch point when SOCIAL CHAINS mobile app is used to making calls to contacts.
  • Powerful Social Media features: provides integration with Twitter feeds, allowing users to import and display their Twitter feeds within their accounts, and even filter them by keywords. Over time, should the need arise, we can incorporate and integrate other, complimentary social media feeds into user accounts.
  • Full suite Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The Social Chains platform has a robust CRM system built into it. In fact, when users update their contact databases, they are efficiently interacting with the CRM system that provides tools for product info, campaigning, lead generation, opportunity evaluation, quotes, and orders. Business users will have access to the sophisticated tools of the CRM.

Social Chains Team:


Token Sales Detail:

Social Chains is a Texas Corporation and is releasing ERC20 token called SOCT using Ethereum smart contracts. The crowd sale has Pre-ICO and ICO rounds. Public Ethereum is used to publish the tokens after the close of the first round. We are releasing a total of 1,000 MM tokens. Using comparison, Facebook raised more than $2 Bn before going public to raise another $10 Bn. We are compensating the founders, employees, community through tokens.

As a result, 90% of the tokens go to the community of users, developers, professionals, and services. The founders and employees have a cliff and vesting over a period of 4 years. The community has one year cliff and vesting. Token allotted for loan payments has one-year lock-in.

That will leave only 10% of the tokens for sale through the ICO. We are offering half (i.e., 5%) of these tokens for sale in this first round starting June 1st , 2018. The remaining 5% of tokens are in reserve for future fundraising rounds

Token Name: SOCIAL CHAINS Token

Token Symbol: SOCT

Total Supply: 1000,000,000

Price: 1 SOCT = 1 USD

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