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Overview: is all-in-one trading platform with long-term profit both to traders and holders. Our exchange is carefully created in cooperation with active exchange / Forex brokers and fintech enthusiasts. The application will provide a solution for novice and expert traders who want to focus on business, rather than struggle with messy user interface and nonsense functionality. Unlike other ICO projects, exchange does not need additional resources for the development itself. We are fully backed by company in the financial industry. The main reason, why we release our token, is to attract early investors and share 80% of our revenue with them. We believe that personal involvement is a key to build healthy community. That is also why is developed as a truly social platform.

They are aware that it is challenging to succeed as a new project in a saturated market. However, the fact that Sonata is not the first cryptocurrency exchange on the market is actually one of its advantages. This allows us to evaluate several established projects and usability of their features.

Unlike the leading exchange platforms, Sonata does not have to alter an already operational product and force users to acquire new usage patterns. Currently, we are gathering feedback from users in the field and fine-tuning our platform before the actual launch.

Right from the start we are building an exchange with the expectation of large trading volumes, so the whole solution is based on scalable microservices architecture.

The motto of our company is to maintain continuous technological and functional development of the product. Our goal is to create a balanced easy-to-use product that would be suitable for entry users, while also providing all the advanced features required by experienced investors.’s Vision:

In the past few years, the cryptocurrency market has been constantly growing. It has become a multibillion-dollar industry, appealing for investors who see it as a platform for making quick money. The sudden popularity of investing in new coins and tokens was undoubtedly inspired by stories of young millionaires who invested in Bitcoin back in the time when only few people believed this technology would be successful.

The vision of effortless income has attracted some expert investors, but also large numbers of inexperienced enthusiasts. A common weakness of these novice investors is that they are not familiar with how cryptocurrencies work since they are usually not interested in the underlying technology of blockchain. Moreover, as opposed to seasoned professional brokers, these new investors typically lack the knowledge of basic stock exchange principles.

However, these newcomers are the driving force behind the quickly growing market, fueling the largest share of the industry. Their number is steadily growing as the public awareness of cryptocurrencies and their benefits spreads across the globe.

Invest and earn your money back:

Fees go back to investors

Every exchange is a community. It would not work without traders and investors. We consider it fair to reward the individuals who believe in our platform and take part in our offering. That is why SONT investors will benefit from exchange fees.

Every crypto exchange service makes a living from the transaction fees. To ensure that the trading is frictionless, Sonata will set the pricing of fees really competitively. Our fees will be basically so low, you won’t have to worry about them. 80 % of the fees collected will be distributed among the owners of the SONT token every week. This might be a superb opportunity to multiply the cryptocurrencies you already have.

Whenever you invest, you will have a detailed breakdown of your profits. Sonata will provide you with a full overview of earnings and complete transaction history.

See the handy visualization of all movements on the account to find out how you are doing at the moment. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Income from margin trading

Lend your coins to margin traders and raise the value of your crypto assets risk-free. Sonata’s sophisticated pairing algorithm will ensure the maximum profit possible.

Margin trading is a specific form of P2P lending. The loan is usually short-term with high interest rate. The reason why it is profitable for the borrower is simple: the loan interest is linear, while the profit from the leverage grows exponentially.

The lender gains the interest fee right after the deal is finished. 80 % of the amount collected from the transaction fees is furthermore evenly distributed among the token owners. The price of the margin is decided according to the real-time supply and demand. platform allows you to easily customize your loans. Simply set the amount of coins you want to lend and state the minimum required interest rate for the P2P lending. Moreover, every currency can have its own settings – it’s all up to you! Our algorithm will recommend you the most beneficial interest rate according to the current situation on the market.

You can check all your earnings and your trading history in your profile. Earn coins and invest them again to earn even more!

Main features:

Perfect security:  We are committed to secure all your investments on multiple levels. You can focus on your business without worry.

Built to perform: Our designers have spent hours analyzing the user experience of professional brokers to build a truly distraction free interface.

AI prediction:  Sonata is using real-time market data and an advanced AI algorithm to predict future price trends. It offers a great start for beginners.

Margin trading:  Margin (leverage) trading is an expert tool used to level up the order income. The lender is rewarded with the interest.

Social network elements: Take a part in the buzz of cryptocurrency trading. Join rooms, send tips to other brokers or learn from the experts.

Friendly API:  Sonata will provide a fully documented customizable API for your robots and other apps.



Token Sale Detail:

Unlike other ICO projects, Sonata exchange does not need additional resources to be developed. Thanks to the strong investor behind our back, funds acquired during the ICO phase will not affect the development process. The main reason, why we release our token, is to attract early investors and share 80% of the profit.

There are multiple ways to obtain SONT tokens – via public sale, our referral program or as payment for successful trades on the exchange. Exchange fees will be one of a few means of passive income for both investors and Sonata developers.

ICO Detail:

Token symbol: SONT

Token standard: ERC20

Total token supply: 500,000,000

Total tokens for sale: 250,000,000

Value of token: 1 ETH = 1,377 SONT

Currencies accepted: ВТС, LТС, ЕТН

Minimal transaction: 1,000 SONT

Hardcap: $21,000,000

Token sale date: October 8, 2018

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