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  It is an open secret that immense amount organizations (it is not the issue that it is big or small business). They meet with financial problems sooner or later. Costs (mostly not small) are necessary for the development of complete business, for example, for purchase of equipment or logistical activities.
  Short-term and longterm credits are relatively common solution in our time. But then there are some kind of problems. In some countries, many enterprises are limited in financing, even through credits, because rates on them may exceed the expected profit. In Russia the rate on the credit can reach up to 30%. This means that you simply give a third of the taken funds to pay interest, unlike foreign creditors, whose rates vary from 2 to 5 %.
  And this is not all that prevents the development of a business. Even if you find a rate at a good percentage, the process of extension of credit can be on indefinite period, which varies from a few weeks to several months. In addition, if you are not a resident of the country in which you are going to take a credit, then you can be simply refused to receive it.
  That is why, in order to solve such important problems in the world economy, The Deal Coin plans to create a completely new credit platform by grouping borrowers and lenders in one ecosystem.

About The Deal Coin’s project

  The Deal Coin is a platform founded by a fairly large broker from Britain “We Fund Any Deal”.
  The platform will perform p2p credit provision thanks to the blockchain technology. If we consider the total volume of credit provision, it will be $13.2 billion. With this volume, the company can take a leading position in the field of credit provision.
  The Deal Coin project is a platform for sponsoring of small and medium business. The main advantage is the creation and application of a decentralized platform. It allows you to work unreservedly with each of the investors and is ready to approve and support any projects.
  The Deal Coin will allow you to get the necessary funds for your business or needs with minimal Commission and, furthermore, in the shortest time possible. The interest rate will be formed at how much the company is solvent. And also it does not matter its territorial belonging. It is not necessary to nail the bargains in bank, stand in queue and worry about whether you get a positive answer. It is enough to have a phone, Internet access and be registered on the platform the Coin Deal.
  Security is a fundamental factor for many people in our time. In that department, the blockchain technology will ensure inviolacy and safety of your funds. Nobody can delete or modify your transactions. Blockchain technology will ensure transparency and confidentiality of data.
  Due to the fact that the entire transaction process will be carried out through a smart contract, it will always be possible to audit and eliminate the risk of any kind of fraud.

Description Of The Token

  There will be several concepts related to the functionality of the token in the ecosystem. The first Deal Token will be the national currency of the platform. In order to give credits on the platform, it will be necessary to have an equivalent amount of the provided credit in tokens. Interest on credit will be paid in them. In order to prevent massive speculation, the token will be tied to one of the less volatile currencies – the British pound GBP. Equivalent proportion is 1:1. The second Deal Coin will be the foreign currency. It is scheduled to start trading on the stock exchanges. It will be sold on the stock exchanges freely. Furthermore, the use of Token to buy stock Coin will be more profitable than making funds through other alternative currencies.

The conditions of ICO

  The ICO pre-sale will begin in March. The company has provided a bonus in percentage terms of the invested amount of about 20% for all ICO participants. The bonus will decrease as the ICO expires. 30% of the collected funds will be spent on marketing.

The name of token : DLSD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Softcap: 5 000 000 $
Hardcap: 50 000 000 $
Total number of coins: 1 000 000 000 DLSD
The price of one coin: 0, 1 $




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