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Today I would like to tell you about a project that can really help ICO projects to better verify their customers. That’s really cool!
Let’s take a closer look at this ICO.
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If you are faced with investing in various ICO projects ,you probably at least once faced with such a procedure as KYC. Companies carry out this procedure in order to know exactly who invests money in their project. This is done in order for the company to know that it will not be involved in various “dark matters” and that investors will be real people from those countries where there is a loyal attitude to ICO.

The need for this arose not so long ago, after some ICO projects began to invest money people who are involved in various illegal activities such as smuggling, money laundering, or other types of fraud.

In General, there are several main aspects to verify your client or investor, namely::

  • Managing various risks
  • Customer approval or non-approval system
  • Transactions and tracking
  • The system ID of the clientThis approach is based on the calculation of risks, as well as various individual information in order to quickly identify the client.
    Each company thus tries to understand how likely it is that their client is engaged in illegal activities and companies can adequately respond to various situations with this. This is especially true of suspicious transactions, on the basis of which may begin an investigation of a situation.

But as we all know, the verification process is quite a long procedure that takes a person’s watch from the company’s employees.
That is why the TrustED project has entered the market, which can make this process easier and faster for both the company and customers.

What is it TrustED?

TrustED is a new and very promising service for customer verification, which is positioned as an honest and transparent solution for these purposes. To confirm the impartiality of the inspections, the technology of the blockchain in order to speed up and simplify the process of customer due diligence and storage of their data.

This platform is designed primarily to help overcome the existing disadvantages of the user verification system and make this process easier and simpler by storing all the data on the operations carried out in a decentralized data registry (blockchain)
For example, if Your company is looking for new employees, TrustED will help employers to check all the data specified by the applicant without the need to involve third parties to manage the process.

With the TrustED platform, users will be able to upload various data to the platform on their own as a cloud storage, while using TrustED as a personal repository for various academic achievements and grants with certification, which minimizes fraud and inaccuracies.

In addition, this platform will be able to use and government agencies, as when applying for immigration to the country will need to make sure that the information provided by the person. The platform will allow you to do this quickly and effortlessly, yarvi the decision for a person.

The advantages of the platform

The advantages of the platform
At the moment, there are several key advantages of this platform over its competitors:
First, this platform runs on a blockchain, which provides stability and security.
Secondly, based on the work on the blockchain, this platform provides unprecedented security in data storage, which is also important.
Third, thanks to the use of modern methods of information verification, the platform guarantees the authenticity of the data it has verified.

In General, the platform allows you to make the process of checking user data much easier and faster than it is now.
One of the nuances is that the system allows institutions to store data not directly in the database but in the so-called “global Ledger”, which simplifies access to data.
All this will allow the institutions themselves to verify the information that is in their competence.

Employers, in turn, can check applicants without involving third parties, thereby saving time and money for the content of the inspectors.

My personal opinion:   I think that this project is quite promising from a practical point of view.
If the team tries, then this project can really shoot and bring a good income, as in the crypto-currency and Fiat world, user data verification is very actively used.
Invest or not-you decide, but I would definitely look into this project.
Thank you for staying with me.
Good luck!

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