RICONA – Best Lending and Trading Platform on Blockchain


Ricona is a CryptoCurrency like Bitcoin and can be used for decentralized shared blockchain exchanges, Ricona coin loaning and exchanging stage empowers you to procure day by day Interest in your coveted

Digital money you put resources into. With the usage of progressions in Blockchain innovation, your Coins are perfectly secured and exchange speed of Ricona Coin is substantially more quick than other P2P or saving money organizes on the planet today.

With our guaranteed return (Staking) and Compounding Interest (Lending) include, starting speculation could be multiplied in under 2 months. RCA Coin holders can contribute or use their Coins to purchase or trade with other Crypto Or Fiat monetary forms, in this way authorizing for substantially more effortless liquidity of the coins. with that no involutions related with the digital currency trade on occasion.

Ricona coin lending and exchanging coin empowers you to procure day by day Interest in your coveted CryptoCurrency you put resources into. With the utilization of progressions in Blockchain innovation, your Coins are totally secured and exchange speed of Ricona Coin is considerably speedier than other P2P or managing an account arranges on the planet today.

Maximum Supply of the just 28 Million Ricona Coins from which only 9.1 Million is available during ICO period. Maximum supply ensures high price of Ricona coin due to number of supply is limited and demand is increasing over time.
No Other Lending Platform offers “Lending Maturity Period” as low as 45 days in the entire Crypto Space. Which simply means, you can pull out all your investment (almost double) in just 45 days whereas others are locking-in your funds for an average of 90 days, which is quite highly risky in this HIGHLY VOLATILE Crypto world.

Ricona is unlike any other lending platform in existence currently. We have a unique ‘Multi Cryptocurrency Switching’ technology that allows you to switch your cryptocurrency holding/lending on-the-way.

For Individuals

Ricona coins can be used to transfer funds to your family or friends online regardless of location while passing through all unnecessary banking sector procedures.

For business

All types of businesses from local merchants to online merchants, from large corporations to e-commerce giants who need to transfer money to their clients and suppliers. Many businesses and services have chosen CryptoCurrency as a means of payment for goods / services.

For Investors

Investors who want to diversify their investment portfolio can buy Ricona as an asset. Due to its limited supply, its demand will increase over time which will result in an exponential growth of value and price.

Lend Multi-coins = lend and get your preferred back up coins and replace the coins soon for a very good profit.

Trading RCA coins = trading your RCA coins on internal exchanges and other exchanges.

Holding RCA coins = Keep an RCA coin in your wallet and get a handsome interest in your investment.

RCA Coin Mine = can also be mined using the concept of mining script.

Affilate Program / Refferer = Get to move up to the third level.



According to our allotment design, we’ll give 25% each to our engineers and advertising group, 10% towards specialized support, and 40% to our speculators.


Be a part of this tremendous project and follow these links for more information;

WEBSITE : https://www.ricona.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://www.ricona.io/Ricona-Whitepaper.pdf
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RiconaOfficial
FACEBOOK: https: //www.facebook .com / RiconaOfficial
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2850945




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