RipaEx is a Crypto Asset Marketplace that will have a few digital currencies trades, the primary focal point of the undertaking is to give assets and advances to permit the opening of new trades at an increasingly reasonable expense, through an Open Source Exchange stage thoroughly free, effective, solid and will likewise have shared orderbook with every other trade of the system making even the new trades have liquidity since its first day of activity.

Ripa Exchange is a half breed decentralized trade with primary concentration with bringing down section level for opening new trades and offering crypto-brokers secure exchanging accomplices working every day. Peatio, an open source code is utilized assembled Ripa Exchange and affability to (Ripa liquidity Service Provider) which is like typical specialist organizations empowers each trade in RIPA arrange share comparable orderbook in this way giving liquidity to the trade directors to offer to their end clients from first day.


Open source

Peatio is a custom design for digital currency trade arrangement, enabling simple association with KYC/AML, confirmation, ETL/announcing and different administrations;

Confirmation of KYC

Peatio is successful KYC and trade KYC data to meet the norms of saving money supervision and conform to the prerequisites for Due Diligence (CDD);

Straightforward and adjustable

Peatio is a genuine open source innovation that gives dependability, straightforwardness, adaptability and the capacity to redo all new blockchain-based activities;


Peatio bolsters an extensive variety of basic dialects and enhances the ease of use of the decentralized stage around the world. The designers will do all things needed to furnish their clients with the chance to set up commonly valuable participation;

Confirmation of dissolvability

Peatio Proof of Solvency (PoS) enables clients to check the dissolvability of a Peatio-based digital currency trade without bargaining security. This is a genuine assurance of insurance against deceitful plans utilized in the advanced world;


Peatio enables you to make various records and exchange diverse monetary forms. Peatio makes it simple to exchange distinctive monetary forms. You never again need to invest energy searching for various administrations – all controls with the cryptographic money can be performed inside a decentralized stage;

Corporate trade

Peatio venture trade abilities incorporate a superior consistence system, versatile dispersed work processes, and two-factor SMS confirmation;

Usefulness and instinct

The most straightforward, helpful interface for enlistment and login.

Singular Deposit and withdrawal technique and inherent review of dissolvability confirmation.

Ripa Exchange exchanging console

The Ripa Exchange exchanging console is a completely responsive exchanging interface, worked with an adaptable structure that gives you an incredible chance to spare time and cash, enabling your clients to advantageously get to your substance on any gadget.

Ripa Exchange spends significant time in creating delightful interfaces for substance, while adjusting your application so it is reliable as the survey zone increments.

Ripa Liquidity Service Provider (RLSP)

The stage will share liquidity through the Ripa Liquidity Service Provider (RLSP) usefulness that will make a brought together orderbook interfacing every one of the trades in the RIPA arrange ensuring high liquidity. This usefulness joined with two other creative Smart Bridge and ACES advances will have the capacity to make the Ripa trades perform cross-chain activities, that is, unmistakable blockchains will have the capacity to trade data.


The RipaEx framework will offer complete responses for encouraging the opening of beginning crypto exchanges. This will empower them to make a strong and prosperous arrangement of decentralized exchanges collaborating in a perfectly secure system through blockchain advancement. The rule goal of the undertaking is to cut down the limits by empowering the exchanges to base on what truly is important.

This implicatively hints it will never again be considerable to push or contribute vitality and money developing a phase or even have a high mazuma to give liquidity since that is exactly what RipaEx proposes to pass on to the beginning exchanges, extending the potential results for them can use their business.

RIPA Token

XPX is the RIPA token being sold at ICO. The token will postulate a key part in financing the task and adscititiously being the official cash for installment of administrations inside the system, for example, posting cryptographic forms of mazuma, advancing incipient activities, sharing liquidity between organize trades notwithstanding installments at RipaEx Store.

ICO is in the RIPA TEC stage that commenced in July and goes through December 2018, this stage was subdivided into little times of rebates on the token buy, over the long haul the rebates are likewise diminishing. There are rewards being offered inside those eras in integration to another reward substantial until the finish of the ICO of € 1000.00 in exchanging expenses when the trade is live (legitimate for buys of at any rate € 100.00 in XPX tokens).


Token Name: XPX

Supply: 115 Million XPX

Tokens for Sale: 74,750,000 XPX

RIPA TEC: July to December 2018

Token Distribution

Funds Allocation

You can get XPX here:

Keeping on growing RipaEx has reached 500+ registered delegates, 11,500+ Telegram users, 8,000+ Twitter users and 600+ Slack users. The XPX currency will be listed in the following two exchanges starting from Monday 29th October 2018:



The choice for those two exchanges has been done as we value small ecosystem growth and we like to support the exchanges platforms that we consider secure, efficient and innovative. RIPA TEC will close on 11/16/2018 if the two integrations with Graviex and Altilly are working smoothly.

The tokens not exchanged during the RipaEx Pre-Sale and RIPA TEC phases will be distributed as follow:

₱30,000,000 locked and used to finance the Ripa Exchange development during the ROUND TWO financing that will start in January 2019

₱20,000,000 burnt to support price stability of the XPX currency to be burnt in batches of ₱1M – ₱5M each

₱20,000,000 locked for the time being to make sure the Ripa network will not go in the hands of unknown people that may not agree with the RipaEx vision

Functional Analysis for Ripa Exchange is as follow:

CRYPTO <-> CRYPTO exchange

25 currencies from POW, DPOS, MasterNodes, ERC20 (if is in reach)

Possibility to add WebWallets deposit/withdraws (OKPay, PayPall, NETELLET, others…)

Log in via Facebook, Twitter, Goolge+, (is really needed??)

FIDO Alliance security standards

Separation between user registry, trading UI, trading engine, deposit/whitdraw engine


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