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ROCKZ is an established platform to bring solutions to current weaknesses experienced in the cryptosphere. This might include the absence of a credible anchor in the traditional economy – the approach to the benefits of temporary books is still left in crypto; approaches to addressing the risks of opponents, security and markets. Institutional investors, for example, funds, insurance companies or pension funds, will enter this new asset class, which is not deducted from traditional businesses.

The main problem with the crypto industry today is that there is no strong relationship with the real economy. The Cryptic market is very easy to enter, but getting out of the market is associated with costs, risks and difficulties. These days many teams try to develop stable cryptocurrency to facilitate global adoption and avoid the risks mentioned above.

Tether is the most famous solution to this problem. Rapid growth and a market capitalization of more than $ 2 billion showed huge demand for these stable coins. However, Tether and coins supported by other similar assets have many weaknesses that ROCKZ does not have.

It’s time to create a truly reliable and stable cryptocurrency that will be a strong bridge between traditional and digital economics. That’s the reason we created ROCKZ.

Project objectives

ROCKZ developers intend to provide reliable binding from the world of virtual currencies to the real economy, to provide ways of taking profits, and to eliminate all risks associated with exchange work and opposing parties.

Principle of operation

The RKZ virtual currency will be issued by the Alprockz AG company, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. This cryptocurrency will be provided by one of the most stable currencies in the world – the Swiss franc.

It is important to note that 90 percent of Swiss franc reserves will be stored in a secure deposit box in the form of banknotes. At the same time, the remaining 10 percent will be placed on the deposits of the most reliable Swiss banking institutions, thus ensuring a constant increase in the value of the virtual currency.

It is also worth noting the fact that all reserves will be kept under the terms of the trust mandate. This allows RKZ token holders, even in the case of bankruptcy of the companies that issue them, to gain access to Fiat funds in Swiss banks.

ROCKZ AS A RESERVE RESERVE: The fundamental and fundamental role of ROCKZ is to be used by every crypto investor who is willing to place and hold cryptocurrency: offer stable and open prices supported by fiat money and expenses with each counterparty, market or security risk. General users are early time investors in the cryptosphere who have benefited from market development and currently hope to safeguard some of their wealth.

ROCKZ AS A PIVOT CURRENCY : Proficient investors, for example, crypto funds, who are looking for cash shifts that they can use to expand their danger or to briefly leave the crypto market in the midst of high uncertainty can feel safe at ROCKZ. Because the link to CHF, ROCKZ has not changed and in this way offers a place of refuge for these investors.

ROCKZ AS A TRADITIONAL STORE OF CURRENCY VALUE : By not getting price changes, ROCKZ is stable and offers anyone who is willing to get or pay for an administration or product that is likely to pay with cryptocurrency at a base price that is characterized. This is a simple, protected and fast approach to getting or paying for administration or merchandise.

ROCKZ AS EXIT FROM CRYPTOSFERE TO FINANCIAL SYSTEM : Because the ROCKZ platform does not issue coins without being fully supported, coin holders can be sure that the same amount of cash is constantly being prepared to be exchanged or circulated to ROCKZ holders. This then allows the coin holder to leave the cryptosphere at any time and without facing liquidity risk or counterparties. Consistently, ROCKZ holders can arrange the exchange of their ownership into their bank accounts or they convey it as physical paper money in Switzerland.

ROCKZ AS A BRIDGE TO THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM : Because ROCKZ holders do not really want to exchange their wealth outside the cryptosphere but need to prepare access to their wealth, they can ask the ROCKZ to issue, fight their ownership oaths, certify budget foundations around the world. This allows ROCKZ holders to be considered as bosses of fiat cash upheld loans for their cryptographic assets in the banking world.

ROCKZ AS COLLATERAL : Given money like ROCKZ, coin holders can use it as insurance to enter resources into the crypto world. ROCKZ will be reliably recognized as the same money as trading.
Within the system platform, two tokens will work: Alprockz (APZ) and ROCKZ (RKZ). Alprockz Tokens are ERC-20 tokens issued by Alprockz AG in ICO trips. We make Alprockz a utility token that allows users to reach the ROCKZ platform and its administration: ROCKZ transformation into money, Bank card issuance, and the possibility to utilize guaranteed debt instruments.
ROCKZ tokens are ERC-223 tokens that will be issued via the platform after the completion of the ICO at the user’s request to trade CHF for tokens. ROCKZ is a platform-based token, which is supported by CHF in proportion 1: 1. As needed, tokens will have low uncertainty because they are supported by CHF.

To benefit from the ROCKZ platform, users must have a certain Swiss Franc size in the Alprockz (APZ) proportional token in their personal wallet. Alprockz brings additional benefits to its holders, depending on the amount they have, in the way that follows:

APZ holders who hold something like 500 APZ will approach all ROCKZ platform administrations: including ROCKZ purchases and offers, and proportional ROCKZ transport in paper money in Switzerland.

ICO date and details

The developers intend to release 175 million APZ. General sales are planned for the first quarter of 2019. The APZ 1 fee will be 0.60 CHF.

Hardcap project – 53.55 million CHF.

Distribution of tokens and funds are as follows:



Coins or stable tokens can overcome many problems in the cryptocurrency market. However, there are still many problems that need to be addressed before a stable currency can do what it wants. ROCKZ aims to solve the problems inherent in stable coins that have existed for several years in the cryptocurrency industry. It is interesting to see how these new players compete in the market, and how crypto space shapes their future.

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