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ROOMDAO is a network where every traveler could rapidly, within single minute, pick the ideal suitable residence area, order a tour, book a car, check out local restaurants and bar lists, find out about well know visitors attractions, and furthermore, first-hand apps and no charges allow seriously decrease one’s travel costs.

Owner of the token will get entrée to safe and sound smart-contract and safe open safe public block-chain based network of distributed ledger and smart-contacting. Assets holders will not be charged any commission fees and will earn enormous income those opponents who would carry own applying usual centralized platforms.

You’ll be simpler with ROOMDAO platform, we working for it, create you easier to do other think vital. And also you’ll get more advantages while remaining ROOMDAO’s token, it’ll be explained. For a token, we recommend an ERC 20 wallet for your own security and keep it easy, with that you can do deal simply all around the Globe.

Why you need ROOMDAO or RDC platform?

RDC is a system will provide its consumers a huge range of services permitting more advantages whilst their tour planning. Entire these services can be paid with ROOMDAO (RDC) token. RDC token are ERC 20 helps to increase the efficiency of the virtual travel marketplace. Every platform member can begin applying the tokens payment platform after the joining. So if your interest in what we do, it is fine option to meet us on the upper level.

More advantages about ROOMDAO are:

Network users will be capable to moreover earn RDC coins by listing a generosity premise (a residence for sharing or exchange a vehicle for rent or other properties) and receiving awards for platform inner activities (posting views or adding gains). Having a possibility to make promotions of hold assets on the worldwide marketplace supported by ROOM-COINs, each platform associate becomes a vital and active influencer of the travel economy.
You’ll get a dual chance by keeping RDC tokens like explanation above; we do it for your satisfying, and also your simple way of life.

Token sale Info:

• Token Symbol: RDC
• Token Price: 1 ETH = 3000 ROOMCOIN
• Token Type: ERC 20

  1. Start ICO: July 01st, 2018
  2. Start Pre-Sale: Apr 20th, 2018
  3. Total Tokens: 60,000,000 RDC
  4. Exchange listing: July 2018

1st round (private sale)

• Contact us to get information for joiners.
• Untimely backers and physical investors 4 500 000 RDS Coin

2nd round: Presale (20.04.2018–20.05.2018)

• Hard-cap: 2000 ETH

Special bonus:
• 20.04.18 to 24.04.18 + 27%
• 25.04.18 to 28.04.18 + 20%
• 29.04.18to 20.05.18 + 10%

3rd round: public token sale: (01.07.2018 to 30.07.2018

• Soft-cap: 5000 ETH
• Hard-cap: 10000 ETH
• Bonus: 01.07.18–04.07.18–20%
• 05.07.18–12.07.18–15%
• 13.07.18–30.07.18–10%
• Important: Token Available — 39 600 000



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