Tourism is a leisure or business trip but also tourist theories and practices, fascinating companies,travelers and entertainment and business tourism.Tourism can be international or in a tourist country.The World Tourism Organization defines tourism in general,in which case it goes beyond the general perception of tourism restricted to leisure activities,as people travel and stay in places outside their neighborhood for no more than one year respectively for recreational,business and other purposes.

The journey is the movement of people between relatively remote geographic locations and may be related to travel on foot,bike,car,train,boat,airplane or otherwise and may be one-way traffic or can cover a relatively short period of time between successive movements.The main function of a travel agent is to act as an agent to sell products and travel services on behalf of suppliers.Therefore,unlike other commercial activities,they do not hold the shares in stock,if they do not have ‘hotel and or book cabins on a cruise ship for group travel events such as weddings, honeymoons or group events.Holiday packages or tickets are not purchased by the supplier unless the customer requests the purchase,the holiday or the ticket is given to the agent with a discount.

ROOMDAO is a decentralized market for travelers and service providers in which every market manager communicates directly and freely.This is a platform where travelers can immediately choose,in just one minute, the most suitable place to stay,book a car, book a guided tour,view the list of local restaurants and bars, discover the famous attractions and also firsthand and free applications that significantly reduce travel costs.

ROOMDAO is an efficient tool for lessor,local tourism companies,car rental companies and other travel providers,which ensure savings on advertising costs,generate more revenue through free services and the ease of building awareness and service of people at users of the platform,official website

Below is a list of benefits offered by the ROOMDAO program

  • Free registration
    Free registration for tourists,real estate owners, tourist and by-tourist service providers and all interested persons.
  • Direct communication
    Direct communication with real estate owners and travel service providers.
  • Accommodation rent
    Rent and lease hospitality premises.
  • Car rent
    Rent and lease of cars
  • House sharing
    Exchange / swap (barter) hospitality premises.
  • Advertise
    Advertise tourist & hospitality business
  • Tourist services
    Buy and sell any tourist and by-tourist services,including tour guiding, transport tickets,insurance,entertainment,etc.
  • Financial management
    -Buy ROOMCOIN cryptocurrency;
    -Spend ROOMCOIN cryptocurrency;
    -Get BONUSES and exchange them to ROOMCOIN
    -See full history of transactions
  • Services rating
    Travel services rating
  • Smart contract
    Smart contract signing.
  • Wish-list
    Wish-list creation
  • Legal support
    Conflict assistance and legal support

If you are interested in participating in purchasing Token please visit LINK fill in the FORM that has been provided correctly and later get answers via email.

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