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ROOMDAO is a Blockchain online travel operator who offers accomodations rent, lease and exchange, cryptocurrency earning and use, and an ecosystem of peer-to-peer direct communication and contracting for all possible tourist and hospitality services. The ROOMDAO platform enables direct instant transfer of property between peers (tourists, owners, service providers, advertising companies, etc.). It creates general – almost instant – agreement around these transfers. A blockchain is a single unique source of truth for all types of activities conducted on ROOMDAO.

ROOMDAO has chosen travel and hospitality industry to enter and improve the oligopoly market for the customers’ benefit. Below are issues and ROOMDAO’s impact in changing the statusquo.


ROOMDAO platform offers not just an extensive variety of neighborliness and traveler administrations, however covers every single authoritative inquiry identified with the visitor’s trek. This incorporates bolster, coordinate correspondence with the specialist organization and budgetary issues scope. It implies that all administrations can be paid by means of ROOMDAO specifically. The client can utilize his charge/Mastercard, keeping money account or interior ROOMDAO cash, ROOMCOINs, to pay for the administrations he/she picks. Client inclinations with respect to budgetary information can be put something aside for comfort of rehashed installments. The monetary exchange security is guaranteed with brilliant contracting and the basic attributes of BlockChain innovation accordingly.

The ROOMDAO platform will offer its users a wide range of services allowing to get more benefits from their travel planning. All these services can be paid for with ROOMCOIN Token. ROOMCOIN Tokens are ERC 20 utility tokens for the blockchain-based decentralized exchange with smart contracts. ROOMCOIN Token helps to improve the efficiency of digital tourism marketplace. Any platform member can start using the ROOMCOIN tokens payment system after the registration. Also platform users will be able to additionally earn ROOMCOINs by listing a hospitality premise (house for sharing or exchange/car for rent/other assets) and getting awards for platform internal activities (posting feedback/adding scores).
  • Assets owners will not be charged commission fees and will gain greater profit than competitors who would continue using typical centralized platforms
  • Token holders will get access to secure smart-contracts and safe open-source public blockchain-based platform of
    distributed ledger and smart contracting
  • Any webmaster will be able to see all transactions made trough a transaction identificational link as recorded by the blockchain
  • Long term ROOMCOIN holders and active users of the
    platform will be rewarded for their time and effort.

ROOMCOIN owners will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Easy earning for newly registered users; Easy earnings for those who lease accommodation and share housing;
  • Cryptocurrency exchange experience; Safety and security of monetary profits ensured by the last-generation open-source public BlockChain technology of distributed ledger and smart contracting;
  • ROOMDAO internal financial insurance and technical guarantees;
  • Investment opportunities: early platform participants have the highest profitability;
    early platform participants are its co-owners; no mining opportunities which means that demand increase will increase the ROOMCOIN exchange rate, too.

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