Root Blockchain: Platform that allows secure digital vault for encrypted data storage

What is Root Blockchain??

Root blockchain is the disruptor within the modern blockchain technology. Now, transaction records will be completely separate from the real transaction itself, resulting in a low-cost, and high-pace blockchain implementation. That is achieved via generalizing a virtual fingerprint of the transaction data and storing this fingerprint.

Root Blockchain is completely API driven, which means that businesses can reap the benefits of blockchain technology without the accompanying complexity and costs involved. Simply connect your existing business to the Root API and get going.

Root keeps the blockchain size small by using a unique mechanism – only cryptographic hashes of the transaction data are stored in the blockchain. Storing the actual data is optional. Since a transaction cost is directly proportional to the volume of data, by not storing data, a user can keep their transaction cost low. This is also useful if the data is confidential in nature and the user does not want it to be publicly available.

Root Blockchain utilizes a one of a kind system to expand the speed of exchange affirmation on the blockchain, while in the meantime keeping the costs low. Just computerized fingerprints of the genuine exchange information are put away in the blockchain. Capacity of the real information itself is discretionary. On the off chance that information stockpiling is selected, Root Blockchain gives a different secure advanced vault for encoded information stockpiling. How does the task make an incentive to the biological community and varies from contending ventures Root Blockchain offers a few plans of action: Private Blockchain – Customers may have their own devoted blockchain, where just their exchanges will dwell. Consortium Blockchain – A private blockchain for at least two gatherings. Consortiums are perfect for connecting clients and sellers. Secure, scrambled information stockpiling is given as a discretionary component. This is connected to, however physically decoupled from the real blockchain. The whole Root Blockchain offering is wrapped in an API layer which guarantee that organizations can without much of a stretch be up and running in an insignificant time allotment

If the user requires to upload data along with the transaction, the Root Blockchain is integrated with a secure vault for the encrypted storage of digital assets.

Root Blockchain generates a digital fingerprint of the transaction data and stores only this fingerprint in the blockchain. The actual data is stored separately and linked to the transaction. This unique mechanism results in a tiny transaction footprint size that translates into a massive twofold advantage for the end user.

These arrangements are produced by proficient groups with vigorous involvement in blockchain industry. In the wake of growing a few custom blockchains, the group began to see a couple of uncommon awful examples. Root blockchain was concocted answers for manage these difficulties. Root blockchain understands the above difficulties with new arrangements;

Cure multifaceted nature through blockchain as a Service (baas) — root blockchain furnishes the principal half breed blockchain with an adaptable alternative for both association and retail clients. This separation will make it very simple.

Resolve the blockchain size — Root proceeds with the blockchain measure little by means of the utilization of a totally one of a kind mechanism — most viable cryptographic hashes of the exchange information are spared inside the blockchain.

Low exchange fee — storing the real information is alternatively accessible. Looking at that as an exchange cost is straightforwardly relative to the volume of information, by not putting away information, a man can save their exchange cost low.

Keep up information private — this is moreover gainful if the information is close to home in nature and the individual does now not need it to be openly accessible.

Resolve exchange information size — Root blockchain is totally API, which implies that organizations can accomplish the advantages of blockchain time without the going with many-sided quality and cost concerned. Business can join their existent business to the Root API and go ahead.

Secure vault — if the client requires to transferring information in conjunction with the exchange, the root blockchain is incorporated with a protected vault for the encoded stockpiling of virtual resource. Root blockchain offers numerous layers of information assurance and protection that a customer may decide on.

Root blockchain makes it simple for associations to initiated with blockchain. It without trouble setup and begin harvesting the upsides of blockchain innovation.

Performance — Root blockchain utilizes an exceptional instrument to build the speed of exchange confirmation on the blockchain, while on a similar time holding the charges is low.

Root Blockchain could solve the above problems :

Resolve complexity by using the Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). Root Blockchain offers the first hybrid blockchain with flexible options for corporate and retail customers.
Resolve the blockchain size. The platform uses a unique mechanism-cryptographic hashes of transaction data are stored in blockchain.
Low transaction cost – storage of actual data is optional.
Data confidentiality
Secure storage. Root Blockchain is completely API driven. Simply connect your exisng business to the Root API and get going.
Low costs. It easily plugs into exisng setup and start reaping the benefits of blockchain technology.
Efficiency. Root Blockchain employs a unique mechanism to increase the speed of transaction confirmation on the blockchain, while at the same time keeping the costs low.
Storage facility. Only digital fingerprints of the actual transaction data are stored in the blockchain.

The initial coin offering, is the biggest trend in cryptocurrency. ICO are regularly used to fund new cryptocurrencies development. This pre-sale token can be traded and exchanged with other cryptocurrencies. Initial coin offering is greater used for the crypto project development fund by means of liberating token that is incorporated into the assignment to some extent. After this, ICO has turn out to be an instrument that could revolutionize currency and the whole financial system. Such tokens can become the share and securities in the future.
Token Name: RootBlockchain Token
Heart: RBC
Type: ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain)
Total Offering: 2 500 000 000 RBC
Softcap: USD 1,000,000
Hardcap: $ 30,000,000
Sale of chips: from March 1st to June 31st
Purchases received: ETH
Price: 1 RBC = 0.01 USD – 0.03 USD
Country: India

Root blockchain ICO pricing detail present price $0.01 total supply :
2,500,000,000 th

Root Blockchain - Google Chrome 2018-05-08 15.14.42.pngBenefit till March 24th, 2018

40% extra tokens if amount is more than 5 ether
30% more tokens if amount is more than 3 ether
25% extra tokens if amount is more than 2 ether
20% extra tokens if quantity is more than 1 ether
10% more tokens to registered user
2% more tokens if registering from someone’s referrer code
Be part of the ICO and make contributions to the task and earn rich dividends.

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