Root Project 

Root Project

Using Crowfunding and Cryptocurrency for Social Goodnes

Economics and social scientists interested in cryptocurrency are most fascinated by the ability to design economic assets that restructure the material interests of groups involved in political economic conflicts. Cryptocurrency Root Project, ROOTS has been built so that its value is expected to increase over time and the interests of investors are in harmony with the very poor.
Three Innovations encourage an institutional, currency system designed to generate explosive growth:
1. Non-Labor Crowdfunding: A new crowdfunding model creates supply and demand for community projects. The project proponent does not need to complete the project or know anything about cryptocurrency. Donors get tax deductions. Socially visible projects improve reputation.
New Advanced Cryptocurrency: A portion of the crowdfunded results of the project go into token purchases, driving the demand for currency. The rest goes to the material, the salary of the boss, and the wages for those trapped in poverty to complete the project. The currency supply is difficult to close, so each project reduces the supply of liquid tokens.
3. ‘Pension’ Funds: In addition to hourly wages, paid in USD, cryptocurrency worth half of that day’s earnings deposited into pension fund entities such as medium-term – further reduces the inventory of liquid tokens and aligns interests of the most vulnerable investors and communities.
Currency supply is very limited on hard hats. The institutional-currency system is designed to generate rapid and long-term growth in currency demand, as well as recurrent, permanent reductions in token supplies. Individuals and institutions can create crowdfunded projects that polish their reputations with minimal labor – and receive huge tax cuts to do so. Donations for projects directly increase token requests. In addition, some of the wages sent to middle-income pension funds, such as smart contracts, that fuel long-term, reduction of the system in the supply of liquid tokens.
Sophisticated machine learning and real-time data publications are used to bless ROOTS Tokens with expected price behavior desired by large financial institutions with a diversified portfolio.
Together, we will raise funds for children at risk of homeless, teenagers with no shelter war against opioid crises and other crucial urgent causes.
What is a Root Project?
RootProject, a nonprofit, along with its cryptocurrency, and ROOTS tokens, is the latest Innovation in urban public policy, new cryptocurrency, and a new crowdfunding model put together to provide a robust model of crypto asset awards and alignment of investor-participant interests. This model can be generalized in most sectors. In this case, the interests of the most vulnerable investors and communities are aligned by creating the world’s first effective tax-subsidized cryptocurrency.
RootProject utilizes crowdfunding and cryptocurrency for social good, while offering cryptocurrency investors with built-in growth and social capital. Through a new type of crowdfunding platform, anyone can start a social impact project and organize a campaign to fund it. But unlike traditional crowdfunding, these projects are completed either by RootProject itself or one of the nonprofit partners when looking for a source of employment from those below the poverty line. By marrying the power of blockchain, crowdfunding platforms with organizations in the field, RootProject opened a whole new world of crowdfunding that helps scale nonprofit organizations and scale organizations.
How does it work
ROOTS Tokens are designed with two goals in mind.
1. To facilitate the scaling of the crowdfunding-nonprofit system by utilizing a collection of knowledge of existing decentralized ecosystem participants
2. To build an incentive system that creates key stakeholders from nonprofit participants
3. To create a good growth cycle that connects asset values ​​and institutional growth (while protecting institutions from downward shocks with asset prices by holding a few years operating budget in USD)
4.To reduce the volatility and correlation with the crypto assets we expect to be held in the same investor portfolio with ROOTS tokens.
Token requests come from three main sources.
The cost of crowdfunding – that is, a 10% fee on donations for specific projects – is used to buy tokens on the open market.
Contributions of the pension fund – funded as the remainder of the project budget, from crowdfunded donations to a particular project – are also created in the form of ROOTS tokens purchased on the open market.
Big deals with donors – either looking for positive PR or for doing social good – involves a fraction of dollars going on purchases and burning tokens.
Purchase Structure and Bonus Token
Our pre-ICO is done in Ether. You can now use Bitcoin and Fiat to buy ROOTS, as well. You can do this by going to and clicking on the “Purchase Roots Tokens” campaign.
Token Information
Pre-ICO takes place on July 10, 2017. It’s hard to get $ 300,000 and feature 50%
premium; ie the purchase of 100,000 ROOTS during pre-ICO gives ownership of 150,000 ROOTS.
ICO takes place on August 7, 2017 with a hard stamp of $ 50 million. 2 billion, or 20%, of all ROOTS
Token will be offered at a cost of 0.001 ether per ROOTS. 90% of the remaining supply is released in 3-5 years.
ROOTS tokens are simple assets. Only a few rules link their future pricing estimates with nonprofit activity, crowdfunding costs, pension payments, and large negotiated donor bids.
Since the Root Project combines crypto assets with the fundamentals of institutional economics and financial econometrics, a new phase in the maturation of crypto asset space can begin.
To be able to find more information about Rootproject visit the link below:

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