Round 2 CBNT rewards high-quality content makers


Today I will tell you about a very promising project. CBNT is a decentralized community based on blockchain technology and the DPGC ecosystem model. Our platform will create an ecosystem that can be mutually beneficial for all participants including content providers, content readers, ad publishers, and token holders. And in the CBNT community, whether it’s content producers, or content viewers, both parties can receive compensation in the form of tokens. All system participants will receive their benefits. When traffic on the platform increases, they will place advertisements and ad revenue will also be distributed among all participants according to their jobs.

How does it work?

Content creators will be rewarded if readers like their valuable content. And the higher your rank in the system, the higher your reward will be for your content. Viewers can choose and share high-quality articles, and the benefits of this article will be shared based on user input. High-value information equals opportunities in the business world.

A spam free system will allow advertisers to make decisions about buying advertisements and increasing ROI. The advertising revenue generated will be shared between all token holders by taking hourly snapshots. The CNBT personal team and thirty other users will be allowed to choose and become part of an improved advertising system.

CBNT Ecosystem

  • Content Making: Participants will get an imbalance if the user likes their beneficial substance. the higher the position of the substance, the more tokens will be obtained.
  • Content Communication: Observers can choose and share inspiring articles, and the benefits of these articles will be conveyed in the perspective of the weight of customer responsibility.
  • Paid Q & A: A very interesting information box in the business world. Sharing important information for inspectors can give you more interesting points.
  • Progress Monetization: Marketing experts pay tokens to distribute Upgrades, and publication costs will be disseminated in the perspective of fan accountability.

The CBNT project has a bright future. Everyone, content creators, token holders, and even readers will be able to produce in this project. If the team implements all of its ideas, the project will take the right place in the blockchain world and become very successful.

System Structure



CBNT is built as an economic token system that fully complies with the rules of a free market economy; Anyone who has contributed to others can get financial benefits, solving here are the problems facing traditional ecosystems for Internet content:

  • Reducing the quality of content through economic attention.
  • Creators spend time creating content and adding value to platforms when they transform their work towards a platform profit model.
  • And content viewers and communicators cannot share the financial value generated by content.

The CBNT team considers this business model not sustainable and CBNT aims to change the traditional content platform business model and enable each participant to benefit from CBNT.

With the Participating is Mining model, CBNT will issue tokens that represent rights on the platform. CBNT will focus on blockchain information as well as finance and investment fields which are also closely related to the economic token system. Content creators, observers and communicators can mine CBNT tokens by posting content, sections, comments and likes, etc. On the CBNT platform.

Token Information:

Token Symbol: CBNT
Price1 CBNT Token = $0.030
Total Supply: 10 Billion
Token Type: ERC20


March 2018
CBNT project start-up; preparation for the business rules, process design, and communication with content creators, etc.

Sep. 2018
listing of CBNT Beta version; invite community members to form a beta team and complete a system test.

Oct. 2018
listing CBNT 1.0 version, available for IOS and Android users.

Sep. 2019
Gradually achieve group wisdom decision-making, and establish a self-operated distributed community with ecosystem co-construction, community co-governance, and revenue sharing, and in which each CBNT holder can participate in community elections, business decision-making activities, etc.

Our Team

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