Rubius is a startup tool used to develop Aryl, a usable software, and payment platform. Aryl allows users to send, receive, or request payments in the currency of their choice. This includes a decentralized Ethereum wallet, which supports thousands of cryptocurrencies. Aryl can be used with Ethereum which can provide and allow users to access their centralized crypto called Rubiex, where they can buy, sell, and trade selected cryptocurrency currencies. Aryl is basically Venmo of cryptocurrency, as it also includes aspects of social media, which allow users to connect with friends directly in the app. But, it also gives freedom of privacy for those who prefer anonymity. To finance the development of Aryl applications and Rubiex exchange, we have ICO (initial coin offering). they offer their own cryptocurrency called Rubius (ticker symbol: RUBY). RUBY is a decentralized cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum smart scripting platform (scripting).

Aryl’s main goal is to make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly. As with any new technology, it will take cryptocurrency and blockchain some time to get along with the general public. they want to make the process easier with Aryl, open source, iOS Ethereum wallet, and payment applications. This makes cryptocurrency easier to obtain as well, and the security of unstable market stability uses its own SWITCH feature. To help them achieve their goals, the app will show an intuitive layout. Aryl features a decentralized Ethereum wallet, which supports thousands of cryptocurrency2. Users will also have access to our centralized crypto, called Rubiex. By signing up for Rubiex, users can buy, sell, and trade direct cryptocurrency options from the Aryl app.


  • Send, Accept, and Request
    In the Aryl app, the user has the ability to send, receive, or request payments in either Fiat, Ether, or Ethereum tokens, making it useful for transactions in traditional currency and cryptocurrency.
  • Purse Functionality
    Aryl provides users with many decentralized wallet features, such as creating a new Ethereum wallet (key pair for this wallet stored locally on your iOS device), viewing Ether and Ethereum token balances, and can change the wallet password
  • Use of In-iMessage
    Users will be able to send and request payments directly from their iMessage conversations. If a user sends or requests payment from a contact who does not have an Aryl account, a contact will be asked to sign up for Aryl to complete the transaction.
  • Connect with Friends
    The home screen displays all recent events (i.e. requests, payments,
    events, etc.) of the user’s friends. These friends will collect directly from a person’s contact or from a social media account (ie Facebook).
  • Switch
    The Aryl’s Switch feature reduces the risk of using cryptocurrency by saving users money in safer currencies, and then automatically CONTINUES them into the cryptocurrency of their choice when they send payments. For example, they can receive payouts at Ether and then connect payments to U.S. Dollars to keep them. If they want to send money in Ether, they can transfer the US Dollar to the ether for the transaction.
  • Exchange Features (Rubiex)
    users will also be able to redeem their tokens for their preferred fiat currency. To use the exchange feature, they will prompt the user to sign up for in-app rubiex by providing additional KYC information (know your customers) to prevent money laundering and fraud.
User Interface
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Token Info
Name : Rubius
Token : RUBY
Platform : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
Total Crowd-sale : 80,000,000
Total Supply : 100,000,000
Price :
  • Week 1 : 1 ETH = 7000 RUBY
  • Week 2 : 1 ETH = 6500 RUBY
  • Week 3 : 1 ETH = 6000 RUBY
Token Allocation
The total supply of RUBY tokens is one hundred million (100,000,000 RUBY), of which 80% will be allocated to ICO. With the remaining portion, they have allocated 5% for the reward program, 10% for their founding team, and 5% will be kept as reserve either for partnership offer or exchange list.




  • December 2017
    The Aryl project was conceptualized.


  • February 7th
    Rubius Inc was incorporated.
  • March 2018
    The Rubius whitepaper was written, and the Rubius team was gathered.
  • April 16th
    Rough mockups for the Aryl iOS app were designed and published in the Rubius whitepaper.
  • April 30th
    Rubius website and BitcoinTalk post were published., and the Rubius Bounty Campaign was started.
  • May 15th
    Rubius ICO will begin on this day at 2:00pm and will last for 3 weeks (or until all coins have been sold). After each week, the cost of RUBYs will increase.
  • June 5th
    The ICO is scheduled to end on this day at 2:00pm, unless all the coins are sold beforehand. If investors have not yet received their coins, they will receive them within 1-3 days after the ICO ends.
  • June 11th
    RUBY coins will be listed on a public cryptocurrency exchange.
  • End of June, 2018
    The ICO funds will be liquidated to enable us to continue developing Aryl and start developing Rubiex. For Aryl, we will start converting the app demo to iOS.UI / UX functional. For Rubiex, we will start recruiting the necessary personnel and start developing wireframes and user interfaces ..
  • End of July, 2018
    For Aryl, UI / UX should be completed, and we will start working on the backend code. For Rubiex, website design and UI should now be completed, so we will start developing core machine machines.
  • End of August, 2018
    We will re-submit a 1-page progress report to update the RUBY holder. For Rubiex, we should finish developing the core trading engine of the website, and start working on the remaining elements such as payment gateways, user wallets, admin panels, etc.
  • End of September, 2018
    The development of iOS from Aryl should be completed at this time, as well as the development of our web-based exchange, Rubiex. After completing the two platforms, we will enter a quality assurance phase where we will test and audit platforms on our private test servers.
  • End of October 2018
    Any bugs / problems with the software should have been fixed at this point, and we must have a safe and ready-to-use product. If so, Aryl will be submitted to Apple for final review and deployment to the App Store. For Rubiex, the exchange should now be fully operational and collect users.
  • End of Quarter 4, 2018
    The Aryl app should now fully operate and collect users as well. Once all the initial bugs in the app are fixed, we’ll do a big marketing boost to strengthen a substantial user base. For Aryl, we will also begin to develop additional features (eg dApp Browser) and develop Android clients.


  • End of 1st Quarter, 2019
    For Aryl, Android clients should be finished and fully operational. For both of our products, we will continue to improve the software and start expanding our services to more countries. At this time, we may consider obtaining a banking license and / or developing Point-Of-Sale Software (POS).

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