Rubius RUBY ICO Reviews and Evaluation

Rubius is a blockchain based platform for cryptocurrency payment solutions that solves the industry’s two main problems volatility and the lack of high quality software.

Rubius offers users a payment app, named Aryl, that includes a volatility shield feature that enables users to avoid volatility when paying via cryptocurrencies. Rubius also offers an exchange, called Rubeix, merchant tools (including point-of-sale software, payment gateways, etc).

What is Rubius?

They’re developing a payment app named Aryl, which has a unique SWITCH feature that enables users to avoid market volatility when using cryptocurrency. The company behind the Rubius ICO, Rubius Inc., is a blockchain software company focused on creating high-quality cryptocurrency products, services, and solutions.

The main purpose of the platform is to place a large number of cryptocurrencies. To make UX more complete you no longer need to look for another platform. The project also has its own token, which will soon be able to become competitive.

All of their products are powered by the Rubius protocol, a token-based payment network operating on the Ethereum blockchain. At the heart of the Rubius protocol is the cryptocurrency called RUBY, which are ERC20 coins being offered in the Rubius ICO.

Token details

Ticker : RUBY.

Type: Utility-token.

ICO token supply: 210,000,000.

Soft cap: 2,500 ETH.

Functions Rubius

  1. Sending, accepting and requesting. In the Aryl app, each user will be able to find a great opportunity to send or request payments in tokens, Fiat currencies, or Ethereum.
  2. The functionality of the wallet. Aryl is ready to offer users a lot of decentralized wallet features. The main functions include: creating your own Ethereum wallet, viewing the balance of tokens, and changing the wallet password.
  3. Users of In-iMassage. They will be able to send and request payments from their iMassage conversations. If the user sends or requests a payment from a contact who does not already have an Aryl account, then the contact should ask to subscribe to Aryl to complete the transaction.
  4. This feature allows you to reduce the risk of using cryptocurrency. At the same time, users ‘ money will be saved.
  5. Exchange Features. To use the sharing feature, you should ask the user to register in the app by providing KYC information.


Rubius’ next link in the chain offers users a secure tool to send and receive cryptocurrency. The versatile Aryl wallet serves as both decentralized bank and exchange facilitator. The wallet’s user-friendliness allows for confusion free payments between users, and Aryl’s Volatility Shield protects wallet value by converting unstable cryptos into a preferred, steady currency. The Shield’s streamlined conversions allow users to quickly liquidate their holdings from an exchange without excessive fees or long queues typical of other “cashing-out” methods.

Team Rubius

Developing a unique platform Rubius employs experienced professionals. They have significant experience in the development of the blockchain. Many specialists were engaged in such developments, so you can be completely sure that they will succeed.

As you can see, the Rubius platform is really in demand. Many experts argue that it will soon be able to change the modern world. To invest in the project should go to the official website.

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