With the idea to tap into the realness and benefits that lie in cryptocurrency and their exchange systems, the Ruby Exchange project was launched. As a market place for buying and selling of funds, technology, information and cryptocurrency. Deriving the name from the Ruby Element, taking note of the most physical beauties of the Ruby element, and transferring the same quality to the Ruby exchange project. Ruby-X prides itself for being passionately transparent in disclosing any transactions done on the network and how partner’s funds are being traded. This eliminates in the participant’s mind, any form of fear of being left in the dark or the team of this project doing the opposite of what they promise. For instance, top holders of the RBY will take home 40% of profits, or 10% of the total revenue every quarter of the year. While this is a good volume for RBY holders, 5% of the profits will be set aside for risk management. This is a good policy that will ensure security and plans to fix any unforeseen event that might jeopardize the project.

With the help of PAMM, funds, alongside the various known cryptocurrencies can be exchanged on the Ruby Exchange platform. This explains the project’s extensible-centered design nature, allowing funds to be exchanged to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. To enable crypto trading experts pull attention on their level of expertise, and gain a widespread of user’s trust and respect, these experts can decide to share their trade histories on the platform’s using the Ruby Exchange advanced API. This simple gesture can pull some good traders together to create an ecosystem of expert traders, to further boost the relevance of the system, while they explore the expertise of their fellow investor.

Developed on the Amazon’s web service, the Ruby Exchange system is designed to withstand any volume of traffic, and users on this platform experiences a very fast trading pace due to the strength of the server which Ruby-X is hosted on.

For anyone who is willing to participate on this exchange, you should be aware that once the exchange is open on the 18th day September of 2018, the price of 1 RBY will be sold at $0.5. This doesn’t mean that the price will remain static. Ruby Exchange managers hope to raise the price as the Token and the exchange becomes more popular with time. And only 10% of the total supply will be open for the public. Top holders of the RBY will definitely benefit well from this system since 40% of the profits will be shared among them. And any holder of the RBY can make payments on the Ruby-X and receive the grace of discount as huge as 50% off for the 1st year.

To deposit on Ruby-X, you’re not required to pay for deposit, but trading on this platform however attracts a varying fee. Nonetheless, to find out the minimum amount one can deposit on the system, please refer to this page

Ruby-X has an amazing 0.0005BTC withdrawal fee for Bitcoin on 0.0005 minimum deposit. Likewise, there’s a 4RBY withdrawal fee charged for Ruby and 100 as the minimum deposit. To find out about the minimum deposit, withdraw fee for other Ruby-X’s key currencies, please read carefully on this link

It has been discovered as a trading issue since the recent years when the ecosystem of blockchain trading witnessed a high level of interest and loyal participation that most users who are willing to trade with their mobile devices, due to its easiness in carrying around, find it relatively hard to get a customer-centered mobile designed applications. Ruby-X has taking the advantage to provide what is said to be one of the most advanced mobile trading platform. With well supporting widgets, excellent user interface, mobile users have been promised a mobile friendly application that will eliminate any uneasiness in trading with a mobile device.


Token name: Ruby

Token symbol: RBY

Token decimal: 18

Token protocol:  ERC-20

Total supply: 20,000,000,000 RBY

Total liquidity: 12,000,000,000

RBY Crowd sale: 2,000,000,000

RBY Contract address: 0xf7705dee19a63e0bc1a240f723c5c0f570c78572

Token Sale: 10th of August (00:00) – 17th of September (23:59). Starting with 0.22USD to 0.44 USD


30% Exchange Liquidity

26% Private Sale

20% Frozen Tokens

10% Public Sale

9% Reserved

5% Marketing


40% of the total funds will be set aside for Development. While partners will take 20%. Exchange Liquidity will be 20% of the funds, 10% will be Reserved, while 10% will be allocated for Marketing.



Mar: Market Research

May: Preparation and development starts

June: Private Sale

03 Aug: Alpha Test

9 Aug: The White list closing

10 Aug: Beta Service Open, Token Public Sale (Limited)

17 Aug: Trading contest starts

14 Sep: Trading contest ends, Beta Service Ends

17 Sep: Token Sale ends

18 Sep: Official Service Open

Nov: Advanced Mobile Trading Platform, Mobile APP & Widget support, MasterCard and NFC service


Jan:  First Share division

Feb: ICO Platform

1Q;  Ruby I Information Center Development

2Q:  AI platform

3Q:  Ruby Mainnet Development


1Q:   Testnet Launching

3Q:   Mainnet launching

4Q:   Ruby World Forum

2021: Ruby II Advanced ver. Information Center Development

2022: Deep learning AI trading platform


We have a health established partnership with these following companies and corporations:



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To further understand the purpose and the operational model of this platform, please do well to follow the links below, their content are self-explanatory of any question you might possibly need.





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WALLET ADDRESS: 0x2859DD117e5E186B2dec97b50012C66D0E7597Ad


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