RusGas is a project developed for the funding and (subsequent) implementation of researches in natural gas processing, production, storage, and transportation. RUSGAS is a Blockchain platform, which introduces for the first Time, a unique creative idea in the market of Token Economic Economy, with the help of which you can start, personally, and to act in a digital Asset Exchange platform.
RusGas is a project designed to transform the gas industry, to bring technologies up to a new level, to improve the environmental situation in the production regions and to enable everyone to gain income from production of resources without borders and politics.

Why Gas, you may be wondering?
1. Until 2040, an estimated explosion in gas intake and, in particular, gas using 34 million barrels of identical oil per day – up to 93 million barrels. Calls for gas can be inferior simply because of calls for nuclear and renewable energy.

2. World gasoline markets suffer a degree of demonopolization; In its extraction, processing and transportation, the position of small and medium gamers is growing.

3. The Russian Federation lags far behind international trends: the pattern of the fuel business is subordinated to monopolists. The exploitation of small and medium- sized fuel fields, gasification of person areas is typically now not amongst their most important tasks.

4. Gas producers are nonetheless weakly hooked up with end-users. About 80% of it’s bought by way of way of intermediaries.

5. Presence of 2 teams of points of the business trend within the world: technological intensive trend of transportation technologies within the sort of LNG (liquefied herbal gas), production of polymers that swap the nature and direction of commodity flows; market’s — growing call for for gas, trend of substitute commerce and market pricing mechanisms.
When you fill up your car with gasoline or pay your natural gas heating bill, you are the final link in a long chain of businesses that make it possible for us to enjoy these clean, convenient and economical forms of energy. For economic growth, especially in terms of blockchain application, the energy sector is one of the most promising. Amongst others, this is a sector of high profitability and stability of sustainable demand by various industries and by end users of fuel and of heating and cooling energy.
RUSGAS a new Blockchain platform based on the successful Blockchain methods, which demonstrate the market and the Functioning of the financial ecosystem change. This System uses its platform counterparts, to support the trade process for some of the amazing Asset types. In addition, this platform also used its own well-known crypto-currency as a Token trade. Developers expect you to create huge liquidity targets, the Token Trades for holders of Tokens. The purpose of this platform is the Blockchain technology, a leading role in the conversion of several financial assets. As soon as you decide, this Trading Site to join, I am sure that you can invest with the experience and the creative ideas of the founder and stock market transactions, and so on, which certainly provide a good income for you personally.
Some of the advantages (and/or reasons) of blockchain include:
• Better security through the use of cryptography in each transaction
• Decentralization which reduces the failure rate in the event of breakdown of a system
• Blockchain data cannot be modified behindhand
• Promptness due to automated data exchange without a human factor
• Transparency
• Etc.

Our Vision
To unite researchers and gas companies to create an ecosystem that will bring gas technologies up to a qualitatively new level. Also to improve the environment and to optimize the consumption of natural resources, reducing the production costs of valuable compounds.

ICO Details
Symbol: RGS
Start Date: 3 April 2018
End Date: 11 June 2018
Total Supply: 10 000 000 000
Soft Cap: $2 000 000
Hard Cap: $60 000 000

Token Distribution
Development: 10%
Team: 20%
Bounty: 5%
Team/Advisors: 5%
Token holders: 60%

Funds Distribution
Development: 20%
Research projects: 6%
Building prototypes: 44%
Marketing: 10%
Grants: 10%
Reclamation: 8%
Support for Syrians: 2%

Q2-Q3 2017
• Conception
• Initial talks with gas companies and study of issues
• Talks with the scientific community and studies of ideas, partners, and investment problems
Q4 2017
• Talks with investors about the initial stage for investing in the RUSGAS startup
• Beginning of project preparation for ICO
Q1 2018
• Initial marketing
• Design of the RusGas token
• Launching the project
Q2 2018
• Listing at decentralized stock markets
• Starting the main marketing campaign
• Start hiring and selecting the staff and experts required for the project tasks
Q3 2018
• Distribution of the RUSGAS cryptocurrency to all Token holders as the first stage of the interaction of all entities in the gas industry
• Listing at major stock markets
• Financing designers of innovative gas production and processing technologies
• The creation and publication of an updated RoadMap, the updates depending on the amount of raised funds.
Q4 2018
• Drawing up a business plan and setting up the structure of the system
• Creation of a legal entity for full-fledged business
• Developing software to connect the oil and gas industry and Blockchain technologies
• Purchasing patents for development and implementation in the oil nd gas industry
• Signing primary agreements with gas producers for upgrading their technologies
• Signing primary agreements for investing in the gas production, processing, and transportation based on Blockchain technologies in the Russian Fedearation, for the first monetization phase of the project
• First dividend payout
• Signing and implementing main agreements with gas producers for the introduction of the latest technologies for gas production and processing based on patents and developments implemented within the RUSGAS ecosystem as the second monetization phase of the project
• Second dividend
• Setting up a decentralized exchange market for trading in gas and processed products using exclusively the RUSGAS cryptocurrency as the third monetization phase of the project
• Establishment of a supervisory board made up of RUSGAS token holders to be granted audit-control functions to complete the decentralization of the system
• Third dividend payout
• Establishment of a board of trustees made up of RUSGAS token holders
• Developing and getting approval of the updated RoadMap by votes of the community with RUSGAS tokens and making decision on the amount and ways of dividend payments
• Approvals of ways for increasing the decentralization of the platform

Our Team
Kadushev Vladimir – General Director of OOO Kada-NefteGaz
Mikhail Evgenyevich Starobinets – Chief Geophysicist at OOO Kada-NefteGaz
Andrey Poddeeginyan – Project Manager
Nadezhda Robertovna Kravchenko – HR Director, Magistral Group
Mao Xin – Executive Director, Poenix Group.

RusGas is a promising technological project that opens the possibility for everyone to make contribution to the scientific progress in one of the most important and profitable spheres in the 21st century. RusGas has a fair role to play in improving the environmental situation and in preserving the planet’s species diversity. Your decision to join this revolution can never be wrong. Please do well to follow any of the links provided below for more information.

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