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Life, they say, is a renting space. We are renters on this planet. I can’t claim that a truer explanation of life on earth ever existed. We are in a sense living on earth as renters. A fixed amount of life and a fixed amount of time and everyone vacates his place for the next one. Aren’t our rental businesses similar to our life? Renting our space to others or renting our cars in lieu of earning a living is a serious business. Companies stand on that principle.

We cannot deny that. But, like every deal, there exists a dispute and this business is no exception. We can no longer decide between right and wrong. There is close to 6,000,000,000 euros lost in dispute resolution. And, that’s too bad for any industry out there, which is trying to stand firm on its ground. We cannot help but notice that is there a solution to it. The solution of the security deposit is collapsing given a large number of cases, where the renter is not paid his security deposit. A final end, which lets us resolve this issue without financial burden. Can’t we think of something, which provides reliability in the deal?

Real estate and rent a car is one of the world’s largest business industry generates hundreds of billions of U.s. dollars in turnover. People who need constant to find the perfect place to live, work and travel, thus, creating a regular request for real estate property and car rental service which is the most popular type of lease transactions in world.
The latest market trends show that people are more likely to rent real estate, car or other assets than to buy them. There are several reasons for this, the most common are:
  • Regular trips abroad for work or recreational purposes.
  • A faster pace of life often involve a change of the environment.
  • Reduce maintenance costs, taxes, insurance, the ease.
  • Cost reduction benefits of owning property.
  • The economic situation and low savings and
  • High real estate prices, cars and other assets.
With the rise of cryptocurrencies, the company that has been operating in the real estate and rental car market for years adjust their businesses to meet the needs of consumers in the future. In other words, these companies began to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment; Examples include property company based in London, The Collectives 1 and United States-based travel company offers car rental services CheapAir 2.
The global car rental market is worth about $58 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach nearly $125 billion in 2022.
According to the information available on the website of the rental car company, the deposit required by companies and individuals vary significantly and the average is $200 to $800 for the smaller car. Significantly, a closer analysis of the statistics dispute cases reveals that a number of countries have implemented the tenancy deposit protection scheme; examples of these are United Kingdom, New Zealand and each State in the United States. Although the level of dispute in these countries is lower, according to some reports it could reach 15%, while, according to the information provided on the site of the Deposit Protection Service, only 2% of their clients have disagreements.

Daily Transactions

In the user’s RxEAL platform that is able to generate a comeback based on contract terms the two sides have agreed on. The contract will ensure that the amount of the deposit is kept safely in blockchain Ethereum along the way of the agreement without any possibility of unilaterally changing the terms of the contract or to access funds. In the event of disputes about the Division of late deposit, our platform will provide a decentralized and independent arbitration conducted by a qualified member of the get token RXL to resolve the dispute.
By combining technology with transaction blockchain daily rent we were able to build an entirely new way for users who do not have the technical knowledge to take advantage of the benefits offered by smart contracts.
We believe that RxEAL is the answer to the demands of the growth of the consumers involved in real estate, car rental and other transactions involving money guarantee. We provide solutions that are more secure, faster and cheaper than the traditional alternatives.
RxEAL provides a way to securely store the security deposit for the rental of various products in the form of cryptocurrencies using smart contracts at Ethereum.

RxEAL have a beginning solution to profit of real property

Whereas opposition from the beginning of ICO projects and the reality that many similar projects can infrequently be referred to as successful, the industry experts trust that RxEAL is an lower priced, comprehensible and realistic solution worth of considering it as an item for investment. The companion in constructing organization Timbero Latvia, is convinced: “It is an innovation for the branch which continuously requires modernization and selections for turn out to be regular problems, from which certainly one of the largest-deposits. RxEAL is simple and low-priced in terms of implementation, which makes such an offer an excellent manner to make a earnings within the real property industry.


  • Pre-sale will begin on December 4, 2017 at 03:00 PM
  • The end of the Pre-sale on December 3, 2017 at 15:00 PM

Private token pre-sale ends

Token pre-sale begins on December 4th at 12:00 UTC and ends on December 31st at 12:00 UTC or upon reaching the pre-sale cap. Pre-sale participants can buy RXL tokens with 100% bonus at a fixed rate of 0.00125 ETH


To showcase their commitment to the platform and problem, they have launched a Platform demo of the solution, which anyone can try. As the market for the rental business grows and spreads its wings, we will require a reliable platform like RxEAL, which not only helps easy dispute resolution but advances the path for the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency in the industry. It can be thought as the latest addition to the long list of the innovative application based on the blockchain technology. People go through different phases in life and having a secure platform which helps them earn with safety and security is the requirement of each generation.We cannot help but notice that their project expansion in the countries like The USA and The UK would be the perfect market for the application like RxEAL. “Gain from Tomorrow”, which is investing in the right opportunity at the right time helps you reap great rewards. They wish to become the next stop for every rental transaction by providing an ecosystem for the entire rental business. I can say that they are going to bring immediate changes in the rental market if the platform delivers what it promises.


ICO Date The initial sales of ICO tokens will begin on 15 January 2018 at 15:00 Moscow time. The end of the initial sale on February 19, 2018 at 15:00 Moscow time.Also, the initial sale of tokens may end earlier if the cost ceiling is reached. * Pre-sale participants can purchase RXL tokens with 100% bonus at a fixed rate of 0.00125 ETH.


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