RxEAL. Rental guarantee deposit protection platform based on Blockchain technology (ICO)

The Problem

The security deposit is a deposit that is used to deal with losses to the leased asset, but the transfer of these funds to the counterparty for storage is a problem of trust. The payer cannot ensure that your deposit has been safely stored and the counterparty will return the deposit to you. On the other hand, at the end of the agreement, it may take a few weeks for the tenant to recover his or her deposit and disputes may be resolved in court, resulting in an even longer delay.

What does RxEAL Solve?

RxEAL is the platform for reliable and secure storage of guarantee deposits on the Ethereum block chain. It offers a decentralized dispute resolution with a focus on the real estate and car leasing market with a total value of hundreds of billions of US dollars. RxEAL will be made available to other industries that require a fair background storage and dispute resolution.

RxEAL is an instrument that allows you to eliminate a large number of frauds in rental operations associated with the unfair detention of escrow funds when the rental agreement expires, providing an interface for carrying out these activities using intelligent contracts that do not require technical knowledge. RxEAL has not only solved the problem mentioned above, but also provides much faster deposit repayment rates and profitability compared to other solutions outside the chain.



Smart and untrusted deposits

Intelligent contracts solve the problem of trust that involves handing over security deposits to the other party for storage. The smart contract will ensure that the deposit amount is securely stored in Ethereum’s block chain during the course of the agreement.


Security deposit as an asset

Would you like your deposited funds to potentially be worth much more than they were initially deposited or would you prefer the stability of a trust currency and still want to benefit from blockchain technology? No matter what your choice, RxEAL covers it with intelligent deposits in fast-growing ETH or stable Dai by Maker.


Ecosystem support of cryptomonons

RxEAL can become the complete solution for every rental transaction. It is easy to integrate into a rental company’s existing workflow or to be used by an individual. The advantages offered by RxEAL compared to traditional security deposit systems will encourage more and more people to use coin machines.


To begin with, Rxeal combines blockchain technology and daily rental transactions. Create a link, where users with little or no technical knowledge can enjoy the benefits of smart contracts. It is a platform designed to develop and execute intelligent contracts. Includes customized triggers related to rental security deposits. Their deposits are stored in the form of crypto coins, allowing them to interact with a smart contract. The cryptographic form is maintained throughout the agreement. It also provides a decentralized dispute resolution window to ensure fair and timely settlement. Distribution is made at the end of the contract term.

Route Map

Q3 2017

Market testing and concept testing

Q4 2017

Successful sowing rounds

January 15 2018

Launching the pre-sale of RXL token

March 12 2018

Introduction of the sale of RXL cards

Q2 2018

First customers on board

Q3 2018

Expansion in the UK and USA

Token Information

Token name: RXL
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Price from Preico: 1 ETH = 2400 RXL
Price in ICO: 1 ETH = 1200 RXL
Tokens for sale: 53.760.000 RXL
Acceptance: ETH
Distributed in the ICO: 56%.
Minimum stop: 800 ETH
Stop Max 27,975 ETH

RxEAL Team

Dmitrijs Orlovs – Co-founder/business strategy and business marketing strategy.
Janis Dabols – Co-founder/Legal and Financial
Aleksandrs Puzdrans – Co-founder/Technology & Operations
Boris Koziorovs – Head of Development
Ainis Dabols – Tax and legal advisor
Janis Egle – Design, UX & UI
Liene Abola – Real estate and legal advice
Mindaugas Peciokas – Financial and Technological Advisor
Andrew Johansson – Economic Development and Real Development
real estate advisor in US
Gunita Kulikovska – Business Development Advisor
Kristaps Silins – Strategy Advisor


Plataform Link
WebSite https://rxeal.com/
PaperWhite https://storage.rxeal.com/public/RxEAL_White_Paper. pdf
Twitter https://twitter.com/rxealofficial



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