RxEAL – The latest solution to get income from Real Estate

RxEAL is a platform for unreliable and safe deposit storage security on the Ethereum blockchain. This provides a decentralized dispute resolution with a primary focus on real estate and automotive rental markets worth hundreds of billions of USD combined. RxEAL will also be available to other industries demanding unreliable storage of funds and a fair dispute resolution. The deposit is the measure used to cover the losses suffered by the rental property. However, handing money to others for storage is a matter of trust. The paying party can not ensure that the deposit has been safely stored and that the other party will return the deposit. Furthermore, at the conclusion of the agreement, it may take weeks for the lessee to receive their return deposit, and disputes have the potential to end once they are settled in court, taking longer than time. We believe that RxEAL is the solution to eliminate the increasing number of fraudulent cases in lease transactions related to unfair deduction of funds from bail at the endrental agreement by providing an interface to engage in these activities using smart contracts requires no technical knowledge. Not only does RxEAL solve the problem, it also provides faster return deposit rates and cost effectiveness compared to current off chain solutions.

RxEAL have a beginning solution to profit of real property

Whereas opposition from the beginning of ICO projects and the reality that many similar projects can infrequently be referred to as successful, the industry experts trust that RxEAL is an lower priced, comprehensible and realistic solution worth of considering it as an item for investment. The companion in constructing organization Timbero Latvia, is convinced: “It is an innovation for the branch which continuously requires modernization and selections for turn out to be regular problems, from which certainly one of the largest-deposits. RxEAL is simple and low-priced in terms of implementation, which makes such an offer an excellent manner to make a earnings within the real property industry.


  • Pre-sale will begin on December 4, 2017 at 03:00 PM
  • The end of the Pre-sale on December 3, 2017 at 15:00 PM

Private token pre-sale ends

Token pre-sale begins on December 4th at 12:00 UTC and ends on December 31st at 12:00 UTC or upon reaching the pre-sale cap. Pre-sale participants can buy RXL tokens with 100% bonus at a fixed rate of 0.00125 ETH.

Daily Transactions


How to Invest in RxEAL?

To invest in this company, you must purchase their RXL token, which is the currency used in the upcoming platform, during their sale. At the time of this report, pre-ICO has taken place and will continue until 31 December.There are major sales set up for 2018. This sale will begin on January 31 and will run until 3rd March. If all tokens are sold before the end of sale, ICO will finish early. The token price will be cheaper if you buy during pre-ICO, so try to buy it immediately if you want to buy it altogether.
You can only buy RXL tokens from RxEAL using Ethereum. Transactions will be made with a smart contract and the RXL token will automatically fit into your wallet. If you only have cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin, you have to trade them before you can invest in this company.

Who’s Behind RxEAL?

The RxEAL team includes Dmitrijs Orlovs (Co-Founder / Strategy & Business Marketing), Aleksandrs Puzdrans (Founder / Technology & Operations), and Janis Dabols (Founder / Law & Finance). The executive team are all based in Latvia.

Token Info

Token: RXL;Platform: Ethereum;Type: ERC20;Valuable Price: 1 ETH = 2400 RXL;Price at ICO: 1 ETH = 1200 RXL;тokens for sale: 53.76 million RXL;Menerima: ETH;Distributed in ICO: 56%;Soft cap: 800 ETH;Hard cap: 27,975 ETH.

2nd Quarter, 2017
The company launched business ideas and technology proposals for the personnel platform and key partners
3rd Quarter, 2017
Project details and roadmap Legal framework prepared for token sales and business operations Market research and industry feedback Partnership agreements and ongoing discussions with companies and organizations for operations, finance, marketing and product development Investor reach and closed round of funding
4th Quarter, 2017
Agreement with business expansion partners within the United States and discussion of UK Business expansion with partners in Europe, Asia and other markets Development and presentation of user interface RXL pre-sale token operations (December 4, 2017 to December 31, 2017)
1st quarter, 2018
RXL token sales (January 31, 2018 to March 2, 2018) Talent outreach to gather the best team for further product development. Unlimited access beta and testing with limited user base Collecting, analyzing client data and feedback Event marketing activities
2nd Quarter, 2018
Open candidate beta / release versions available to all clients Full-scale marketing campaigns Begin working with legal authorities in countries where security deposits should be held only by registered parties
3rd Quarter, 2018
The final release of the platform with active client base RXL token listing on the exchange, no later than six months after the end of the initial token sale. Advanced marketing and market expansion activities Second token token tokens previously frozen token (Only if the first token of sale does not reach the soft cap but the minimum limit is reached)


To showcase their commitment to the platform and problem, they have launched a Platform demo of the solution, which anyone can try. As the market for the rental business grows and spreads its wings, we will require a reliable platform like RxEAL, which not only helps easy dispute resolution but advances the path for the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency in the industry. It can be thought as the latest addition to the long list of the innovative application based on the blockchain technology. People go through different phases in life and having a secure platform which helps them earn with safety and security is the requirement of each generation.

We cannot help but notice that their project expansion in the countries like The USA and The UK would be the perfect market for the application like RxEAL. “Gain from Tomorrow”, which is investing in the right opportunity at the right time helps you reap great rewards. They wish to become the next stop for every rental transaction by providing an ecosystem for the entire rental business. I can say that they are going to bring immediate changes in the rental market if the platform delivers what it promises.

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