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About RxEAL
RxEAL   is a secure and reliable storage storage platform in the Ethereum blockchain. This provides a decentralized dispute resolution with a primary focus on real estate and automotive rental markets worth hundreds of billions of USD combined. RxEAL will also be available to other industries demanding reliable deposit storage and fair dispute resolution.
RxEAL, provides decentralized dispute resolution focusing on the real estate and automotive markets. The goal is to create a platform for storing safe and unsafe security deposits in the Ethereum blockchain.
In addition to real estate and automotive applications, RxEAL plans to expand its platform to other industries that require reliable deposit storage and fair dispute resolution.
Basically, RxEAL has created a system where everyone can easily save funds – like bail – in the smart contracts of Ethereum. Two parties – such as landlords and tenants – can make smart contracts with specified requirements without technical knowledge. RxEAL has a dispute resolution system for any disputes.

What RxEAL Problem Want to Solve?

RxEAL’s main goal is to create a platform for safe storage of security deposits.
Deposit is the measure used to cover the losses suffered by the rental property. In the real world, the security deposit process has a big problem. There is a problem of fund handover between parties. Your homeowner may need a $ 1000 security deposit, for example, but may not refund $ 1,000 completely because there is a small hole in the hall.
In today’s situation, the paying party can not ensure that the deposit has been safely stored and the other party will refund the deposit. Furthermore, at the conclusion of the agreement, it may take weeks for the tenants to receive their deposit back. Disputes may potentially end up having to be settled in court, taking more time.
That’s where RxEAL wants to help: RxEAL wants to eliminate more fraud cases in lease deals related to unfair funding of security guarantees.

How to Invest in RxEAL?

To invest in this company, you must purchase their RXL token, which is the currency used in the upcoming platform, during their sale. At the time of this report, pre-ICO has taken place and will continue until 31 December.
There are major sales set up for 2018. This sale will begin on January 31 and will run until 3rd March. If all tokens are sold before the end of sale, ICO will finish early. The token price will be cheaper if you buy during pre-ICO, so try to buy it immediately if you want to buy it altogether.
You can only buy RXL tokens from RxEAL using Ethereum. Transactions will be made with a smart contract and the RXL token will automatically fit into your wallet. If you only have cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin, you have to trade them before you can invest in this company.

Who’s Behind RxEAL?

The RxEAL team includes Dmitrijs Orlovs (Co-Founder / Strategy & Business Marketing), Aleksandrs Puzdrans (Founder / Technology & Operations), and Janis Dabols (Founder / Law & Finance). The executive team are all based in Latvia.
RxEAL was founded in Riga, Latvia in 2017. The company has partnered with Scandiweb, White Label, and McCann Riga to bring its platform to life.

Token RxEAL

The RXL token is an important element of the RxEAL platform and ensures flexibility and control over project growth.
Payments for services, payments to arbitrators and other interactions with the platform will be made exclusively at RXL. 
RXL is a complete ERC20 token.
The ERC20 standard ensures seamless interaction with decentralized applications and smart contracts on the Ethereum ecosystem and ensures a steady security standard.
The economic forces underlying the RXL token are of utility. The RXL Token allows exclusive access to services provided by the RxEAL platform, thus making it a utility token, rather than a speculative instrument.
The RXL token value directly correlates with the success of the RxEAL platform. Given a fixed token supply, the increased use of RxEAL services directly leads to a token value based on that being the unit required to pay for platform service fees.
RXL tokens may be used privately by holders, transferred to third parties or traded in exchange.
The initial conversion rate of the RXL token is: 1ETH = 1200 RXL. With the distribution token model and the number of tokens available on the market, the initial market capitalization will be equal to the amount of contribution for the distributed token.
Tokens that are stored in reserves or can not be sold in the public market and can not affect the price so are excluded from the calculation. Only supply is used to determine initial market capitalization rather than total supply.
Maximum initial market capitalization after a round of contribution may prove to be conservative after the new company is established into a company that offers a long-awaited solution supported by a revolutionary blockchain technology because of its enormous market potential. Using the proposed service pricing model, fork demand estimates can be projected: Request Token

Token Info

  • Token: RXL
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Valuable Price: 1 ETH = 2400 RXL
  • Price at ICO: 1 ETH = 1200 RXL
  • Tokens for sale: 53.76 million RXL
  • Menerima: ETH
  • Distributed in ICO: 56%
  • Soft cap: 800 ETH
  • Hard cap: 27,975 ETH
2nd Quarter, 2017
The company launched business ideas and technology proposals for the personnel platform and key partners
3rd Quarter, 2017
Project details and roadmap Legal framework prepared for token sales and business operations Market research and industry feedback Partnership agreements and ongoing discussions with companies and organizations for operations, finance, marketing and product development Investor reach and closed round of funding
4th Quarter, 2017
Agreement with business expansion partners within the United States and discussion of UK Business expansion with partners in Europe, Asia and other markets Development and presentation of user interface RXL pre-sale token operations (December 4, 2017 to December 31, 2017)
1st quarter, 2018
RXL token sales (January 31, 2018 to March 2, 2018) Talent outreach to gather the best team for further product development. Unlimited access beta and testing with limited user base Collecting, analyzing client data and feedback Event marketing activities
2nd Quarter, 2018
Open candidate beta / release versions available to all clients Full-scale marketing campaigns Begin working with legal authorities in countries where security deposits should be held only by registered parties
3rd Quarter, 2018
The final release of the platform with active client base RXL token listing on the exchange, no later than six months after the end of the initial token sale. Advanced marketing and market expansion activities Second token token tokens previously frozen token (Only if the first token of sale does not reach the soft cap but the minimum limit is reached)
For more information About RxEaL, please visit some Links below:
  URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1624619

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