The SABIGLOBAL project is a unique adaptive biometric identification system. 
In modern times of the world, all information requires protection. To achieve this goal, many companies spend billions of dollars. All this is done to better protect your data and your customers’ data. There are several methods of data protection. The most famous are passwords, fingerprint scanners and faces.
Unfortunately, all these methods are not as reliable as the companies that use them. A series of independent studies were carried out. For example, researchers at Security Research Labs broke into Samsung’s biometric security system, which uses a fingerprint to identify it. It happened only 4 days after the smartphone was launched. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), in 2017 there were 1,579 data leaks, of which approximately 179 million records were affected. It turns out that in a calendar year the number of data breaches increased by 44%.

During more than 11 years of work since 2006, the company has discovered several bands of electromagnetic radiation. With the help of microwave and EHF signals, the impulses enter the human body and are reflected in the cellular structures. This results in a unique electromagnetic profile of the human body. Therefore, radiation is a 100% unique authentication method. The 
SABI technology is completely harmless to the body, a constantly updated authentication system that can not be falsified.

How does the SABI technology work?

The main product of SABI is a hardware module that remotely recognizes a body profile. Now, you no longer need to go through lengthy authentication procedures. SABI is a great approach to a device, and it recognizes you.

At this time, the project team is working on several products: 
SABI-AUTH – module and software, performs the authentication process. 
SABI-NET – Global distributed network based on the block chain. 
In the future, the SABIit project can replace all paper documents and identification markers, and generates a free trade framework based on smart contracts with SABI authentication. 
SABI-STORAGE – External hard drive with biometric identification and SABI authentication.

The project is characterized by special progressive qualities. This distinguishes the company from its competitors. 
electromagnetic profile of an organism can not be lost during life and can not be falsified. The 
SABI technology is safe for the user: the radiation power is lower than smart phones, WiFi networks and other consumer electronic devices. 
A hardware module that can be used both individually and in complex international and corporate systems. 
The authentication process does not require any action on the part of the user. 
It is not necessary to constantly connect to the servers for the authentication process.

So, what is SABI?

SABI is the future of biometric authentication and data protection. 
This project includes a very good team, a great product, a good idea. I think that soon this company will become one of the leaders!

[November 26, 2018 – February 28, 2019] 
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