The 21st century, otherwise known as the Jet Age, is characterized with various innovations and technological advancements, as well as new breed of vices and various kinds of threats and insecurities. These technological advancements cuts across all sectors like education, politics, entertainment, household, telecommunications, etc. It is no news that communication is an essential tool that cuts across board in all of man’s revolution.

One of the traditional means of communication is the electronic mail (email). The email can be seen as a step further to a fast and better means of communication than the letter mail. The email redefined means of communication by introducing encryption. Via the email, messages are encrypted from the sender’s device to the receiver’s device, so as to avoid the message from being altered or intercepted by a third party.

Despite the developments experienced with the email, it has been proven that it cannot be totally relied upon by various setbacks, they include but not limited to

There is no guarantee that the content of the message will get to the recipient without being changed, partially or completely.

The maximum size of the message with attached files is limited.

Email providers store data on mail servers without encryption.

Centralized platform subjects data to security threat and various risks.

These and more makes email unreliable, hence, the need for a better, secured (end-to-end encryption) and decentralized platform to solve these pressing needs.

Introducing the platform that will give solutions to all these loopholes, SAFE.AD, a decentralized mail service and cloud storage with end-to-end encryption, developed with the blockchain technology.

The platform promises to fill these loopholes via the following:

Encryption of all sent and stored data.

Identification data of users are stored in blockchain and therefore cannot be altered or deleted.

Data storage and management centre is encrypted.

Message size is unlimited.

The system offers same performance with the existing email platforms but provides additional revolutionary features.

Spam protection is implemented on this system.

The system is cheaper than the existing applications.

These and many more are the benefits accrued to those who joins this platform. To read more about the platform, download the whitepaper on

SAFE.AD token called SAFE, is issued according to the ERC20 standard and it is a utility token required for the service. 40 million SAFE will be the available supply, half of it, which amounts to 20 million SAFE token, will be sold to token holders during the ICO; the remaining half will remain in the possession of the SAFE Company.

1 SAFE token will be sold for a stating value of $1 USD. The minimum purchase for the service will be $1 USD per month.


25% discount of the starting value will be provided at the pre-sale stage, this is to prevent drop in price during the first days the token will be traded freely in the market. Hurry now, the pre-sale discount of 25% is on and will end on the 31st of March, 2018.

For more details about token and how to purchase token, visit

You can also follow SAFE.AD on social media platforms by clicking on any of the links below:


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