Safein : Decentralized single-on-board digital identity payment and identity management platform


The thought behind Safein is that of giving a “decentralized blockchain-based character administration stage”. This is gone for being a full KYC answer for organizations, to let them rapidly and effectively on-board new clients.

To help do this, it will give clients a generally confirmed record. Their item is as of now up and running, with in excess of 10,000 web clients and more than 1,000 enrolled application clients as well.

The token deal occasion is arranged with a begin date of May 31, 2018

Online character administration today bears basic and reliably extending hugeness to the two individuals and associations. Use of organizations web based, stretching out from nice shopping, to content spouting, to cutting edge dealing with a record, has ended up being so broad as to be seen as the standard. Irregularity of the online character, i.e. nonattendance of an across the board customer character layer of the Internet, has made gaps and inefficient perspectives in the techniques of customers developing their genuine personality and giving individual data to associations. Such inefficient angles are enormous and navigate transversely finished in every way that really matters all organizations that are accessible on the web.

Consenting to acknowledge and checking in to most online organizations are one side of existing states of the propelled personality: mandatory enlistments on each and every website went to, over the best mining of individual data, also a similar direct and abundance character affirmation techniques for coordinated organizations. The strategies that continue coming up short without hesitation are the other, more dull and disturbing side of the online character: infringements of data protection authorization, nonappearance of reliable individual data social occasion and limit practices, and expulsion for cybersecurity by expert associations all around, all are unavoidable today finished the web. Prepared for advancement are not only the outdated strategies for trading singular data among customers and expert associations, yet also the possibility of online personality itself — a fundamental section of the bleeding edge web that is waiting behind each other bit of the online experience. Regardless, straight up ’til the present time online character administration remains a juvenile hover bound to change.

Safein keeps an eye on most of the issues above with a decentralized personality administration arrange that gives an aggregate KYC respond in due order regarding associations and a comprehensive affirmed record for customers. Blockchain advancement enables trustless and secure exchange of data, influencing prepared for a broad personality to layer on the web, and Safein utilizes these points of interest to upgrade efficiency and straightforwardness of data sharing between parties on the web. As a character administration arrange, Safein empowers a customer to get to different online master associations without repeating enlistment and affirmation systems. With Safein, customers can without quite a bit of an extend affirm their real identities and access any online master association in a brief moment. The decentralized thought of the stage enables the customer to constantly remain in full control of one’s data, both with respect to its accumulating and sharing slants, discarding the threat of data breaks on account of untouchable peril. For associations, reusable customer KYC, ran with machine learning and AI advancements used for checking records, allow passionate cost-cutting similarly as customer onboarding, and furthermore improved changes in view of diminished crushing in the midst of data trade. 4 Building a far reaching gateway for online pro associations requires scale and wide thing assignment. Safein improvement system is in a general sense revolved around first familiarizing the phase with the blockchain business in which starting scaling will be brisk an immediate aftereffect of customer acknowledgment and energy for crypto-based organizations. Remembering the true objective to get this market, customers and associations will be given exceedingly captivating lift intends to join the Safein natural group. Selection and referral programs that have genuinely ended up being productive will be used on an immense scale and will drive casual, engaging further snappy size of customer onboarding. At that point, providing for an incredible degree cost-gainful (and possibly free) KYC organizations to associations will help us to not simply make wage inside a short time allotment navigate, yet notwithstanding manufacture a strong proximity among new blockchain wanders that at show confront unequal costs of customer check. Following improvement in the crypto-asset circle, customer and online expert association advancement will make coordinated efforts with various markets where character administration wins as a fundamental yet inefficient piece of coordinating business, for instance, cryptographic money exchanges, auto sharing and rental organizations, and likewise banks and other controlled cash related foundations. The enthusiasm for business KYC organizations and minute advantage accessibility to customers will well ordered drive enthusiasm for Safein to be executed.

Safein gathering, cautioning board and essential assistants all things considered cover a wide extent of fields of capacity. The middle gathering has known each other for over 10 years and coordinated on different errands, adequately leaving rapidly creating esports and online diversions associations. Our notice board, had some ability in legitimate and development fields, will empower us to pass on an adjusted thing to the market, however our affiliations will ensure Safein contacts the right social events of individuals from the start. The vision of Safein has adequately formed into a working alpha thing. Customers can use our web dashboard and versatile application, get their ID looked at in vain of pocket, and use our SSO organization to login into an accessory webpage without making an additional record. Past further change of the stage itself, our gathering is adequately involved with frameworks organization with potential money related pros and making associations for business and thing progression.

Our vision work is starting at now ahead of time and customers will soon have the ability to endeavor a totally down to earth MVP on our accessory site and site. Past the further change of the stage itself, our gathering is at introduce trying to develop the association’s arrangement of assistants, the names to be accounted for at the proper time. The path toward getting electronic trade licenses out the EU is moreover constant.

The Safein arrange has a unique favored stance for the two customers and intermediaries. In the first place, customers will no ifs ands or buts esteem the complete of re-selection, KYC recovery and passwords, superseded by the prompt access gave by our multifaceted approval course of action. In addition, it is definitely not an over the best record that offers better security and data protection, which is exceptionally noteworthy to every client. Taking everything into account, the ability to make straightforward portions in picked media has for a long while been required by the market – Safein will in like manner use this need to engage an absolutely reliable portion experience for all customers and its traders.

1.Combining The Best of Two Worlds

Data exhibits that bleeding edge web customers determinedly support single sign-in courses of action like Facebook Identity or Google Accounts. Frankly, around 88% of each and every online customer use these entryways at times to sign in to goals they visit. Of course, Facebook or Google can not give a record that is affirmed or qualified, which on a very basic level limits convenience and advancement. Hence, there is a sweeping business sector that is prepared for taking.

In light of this, and also the issues in the advanced world indicated in past territories, the Safein amass has made a lone login and portion game plan that can be used all around on all areas. By doing this, we will wipe out the traditional technique to develop accounts on different locales, and we will enable the world to grasp Identity 2.0. This tremendous progress in advancement can without a lot of an extend go out of order from the inadequacy of KYC frameworks and finally give the gathering a standard customer port for all online business works out.

Thus basic is our endeavor to in the end engage our customers to suitably secure the individual data used for web business and, where possible, anonymously store. We unequivocally assume that provoke access to portion for organizations, without delays for KYCs or stores, will doubtlessly incite more noticeable contention, extended change rates and thriving web business. Meanwhile, traders will benefit by a basic reduction in their regulatory consistence, data protection, KYC and customer on board computerized security, and also lessening the necessity for vital portion of customer advantage overseeing irrelevant issues like mystery word recovery.

Safein Architecture

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Safein empowers customers to sign in and sign in to new districts. Dismissal depleting enrollments and lost passwords. With your support, we will pass on your data to new regions.

Manage your data

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With Safein, you are constantly in charge of which goals you know. You can furtively sign in on the web, or essentially share data that the website genuinely requires. A lone snap will perpetually deny their passage. On our webpane and convenient application, you’ll see your entire activity history, including enlistments, volunteers and portions.

Pay with fiat or crypto with zero undertakings

When you have entered Safein, you can in like manner make portions with no additional information. Save your trade out standard cash or any crypto, and Safein will therefore change over resources and outfit you with the favored retailer. Since every portion took care of is inside Safein’s purposes of constrainment, it is minute, protected and unobtrusive.

Single application

Before you join Safein, a merchant must pick which customer data is required and ought to be gotten, and which data is optional and can be disposed of. Our gathering will screen this strategy and urge traders about whether their choices on data to be assembled consent to material data security organizations. Likewise, the customer will have the ability to pick paying little respect to whether to trade the optional data to the shipper. Safein will try to develop a time of customers who regard their own particular data and don’t share it as a standard by any methods. The same goes for shippers as we will endeavor to do what we can, without losing our high grounds, to compel data recuperation requests and convince them to recognize baffling customers wherever possible.

Customer Data Protection

Safein’s plan was worked in a way that comprehends most of these issues therefore. As an issue of first significance, as required by late progressions in the EU, our customers will reliably give complete and clear information about what singular data is traded to apropos locales. No such trade will occur without the customer’s sensible consent. Plus, once the customer agrees to give his specific data to a merchant in the midst of the essential login, the broker will approach this data on our stage at whatever point before this relationship is finished by the customer. In this manner, such shippers will have couple of clarifications behind securing this information isolated server, thus basically decreasing his and her customer’s introduction to hacking and data burglary (and moreover saving certain expenses as for countermeasures for such threats).

KYC Procedure Engine

Safein aggregate is at the present time in talks with the world’s driving auto-ID approval authority association to pass on incredibly correct results using its AI-energized report control estimation. Such checks, where customers simply need to analyze their IDs with their cameras and use self-use will be sufficient for the most part jobs. Some impelled checks, where customers must consent to very certain controls (for example, some cryptographic money exchanges) will be physically managed by the Safein Team. This may take up to two or three minutes, anyway stood out from the present sitting tight periods for a couple of exchanges, it is up ’til now a radical change, especially in the mind that customers simply need to do it once.

Copper confirmation instrument

Crypto portions without buyer confirmation instruments prevent customers from claiming a genuine guarantee if there ought to be an event of failure to pass on. Safein will thusly give a buyer security part to crypto portions in its stage. The segment may be remote made if the items are not authentically gotten by the buyer or if not as delineated. Safein will give each one of the mechanical assemblies to the buyers to guarantee their records. Traders can hence feel ensured as there will be no repayments or blackmail. If buyers and shippers can not resolve wrangle about themselves, an inside and out arranged Safein Support gathering will mediate and resolve the consequence of these inquiry.


The Safein MVP empowers customers to make a record on the Safein stage and partner it to a mobile phone. Safein is at exhibit composed into a demo site that empowers customers to sign in with Safein without enrolling, adjusting their security levels for different goals, following their sign-in practices from their phones, and closing dynamic sign-in sessions at whatever point.

Multi Factor Authentication Mechanism and Digital Identify Management

Security should be the standard focus while managing your character and purse on the web. Safein will have a multifaceted check instrument from the begin. While Safein consolidates, each agent will have the ability to pick the base level of security that he needs from his customers. For example, a seller may request all participation on the dealer’s site and all portions must be asserted by the customer on the PDA – ie (I) push sees show up, (ii) the customer must recognize him by the PIN or exceptional stamp on the flexible Safein application and (iii) bolster login or purchase. Customers (on their board) can in like manner fabricate the general level of security for each site freely. For example, but certain destinations don’t require wireless assertion for site enrollments,

Safein empowers customers to control their logins and exercises, and their following and administration. Customers will have the ability to see their full development history, including login and portion, take after the devices they use, direct current dynamic login sessions, and wipe out at whatever point. Customers can in like manner easily watch which destinations approach certain data. Most features related with character administration are starting at now open in MVP.


Ticker: SFN

Token write: ERC20

ICO begin date: May 31st

2018 End of ICO: 30th June 2018

Add up to token: 1,000,000,000

Offering token: 30%

ICO token value: 1 SFN = $ 0.07

Installment Receipt of: ETH

Softcap: $ 3,000,000

Hard top: $ 21 million

In the event that any piece of the sign is granted to ICO, which isn’t conveyed amid ICO, the token will be come back to the organization and included for encourage advancement. On the off chance that it doesn’t achieve the delicate top, all commitments will be come back to the first proprietor.

NB: All qualities ​​shown in the ETH in this section may change in case of significant vacillations in ETH advertise costs before the beginning of ICO.

ICO Safein will disperse 10% of the aggregate stock to take care of the expenses underneath:

Facilitate advancement of our items.

Crypto installment work.

Thin Contract for Recording Pool.

Safein installment arrangement with inner exchange preparing framework.

Get an EMI permit.

Drive no less than 500 merchants.

Cost and advertising of ICO.

Create cardiard kripto satchel and installment work

Get a permit for electronic cash establishments

Lead stores and trader installments in EUR, GBP, USD

Get the initial 500 medium to huge traders

2 years regulatory, operational and faculty consumption












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