Safein : Decentralized single-on-board digital identity payment and identity management platform

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The idea behind Safein is that of providing a “decentralized blockchain-based identity management platform”. This is aimed at being a full KYC solution for companies, to let them quickly and easily on-board new users.
To help do this, it will give users a universally verified account. Their product is already up and running, with more than 10,000 web users and over 1,000 registered app users too.

The token sale event is planned with a start date of May 31, 2018

Online identity management today bears critical and consistently expanding significance to the two people and organizations. Utilization of administrations online, extending from easygoing shopping, to content gushing, to advanced managing an account, has turned out to be so far reaching as to be viewed as the standard. Discontinuity of the online identity, i.e. absence of a widespread client identity layer of the Internet, has made holes and wasteful aspects in the procedures of clients building up their actual identity and imparting individual information to organizations. Such wasteful aspects are huge and traverse crosswise over for all intents and purposes all businesses that are available online.

Agreeing to accept and marking in to most online administrations are one side of existing conditions of the advanced identity: compulsory enrollments on every single site went to, over the top mining of individual information, not to mention the same moderate and excess identity confirmation strategies for directed administrations. The procedures that keep running out of sight are the other, more dark and troubling side of the online identity: encroachments of information insurance enactment, nonappearance of dependable individual information gathering and capacity practices, and dismissal for cybersecurity by specialist organizations by and large, all are pervasive today over the web. Ready for development are not just the obsolete methods for exchanging individual information amongst clients and specialist organizations, yet in addition the idea of online identity itself — a basic segment of the cutting edge web that is lingering behind each other piece of the online experience. In any case, right up ’til the present time online identity management remains an immature circle bound to change.

Safein tends to the greater part of the issues above with a decentralized identity management stage that gives a total KYC answer for organizations and an all inclusive confirmed record for clients. Blockchain innovation empowers trustless and secure trade of information, making ready for a widespread identity layer online, and Safein uses these advantages to enhance productivity and straightforwardness of information sharing between parties online. As an identity management stage, Safein enables a client to access various online specialist organizations without rehashing enrollment and confirmation strategies. With Safein, clients can without much of a stretch confirm their actual personalities and access any online specialist organization in a split second. The decentralized idea of the stage allows the client to dependably stay in full control of one’s information, both regarding its stockpiling and sharing inclinations, disposing of the danger of information breaks because of outsider hazard. For organizations, reusable client KYC, went with machine learning and AI innovations utilized for checking records, permit emotional cost-cutting as far as client onboarding, and in addition enhanced changes because of decreased grinding amid information exchange. 4 Building a widespread portal for online specialist organizations requires scale and wide item appropriation. Safein development technique is fundamentally centered around first acquainting the stage with the blockchain business in which beginning scaling will be quick a direct result of client recognition and enthusiasm for crypto-based administrations. Keeping in mind the end goal to catch this market, clients and organizations will be given exceedingly engaging boost plans to join the Safein biological community. Enlistment and referral programs that have truly turned out to be fruitful will be utilized on a huge scale and will drive informal, empowering further quick size of client onboarding. Then, giving to a great degree cost-productive (and potentially free) KYC administrations to organizations will help us to not just create income inside a brief timeframe traverse, yet in addition to fabricate a solid nearness among new blockchain ventures that at present face unbalanced expenses of client check. Following development in the crypto-resource circle, client and online specialist organization development will make collaborations with different markets where identity management wins as a vital yet wasteful part of directing business, for example, cryptocurrency trades, auto sharing and rental administrations, and in addition banks and other controlled money related establishments. The interest for business KYC administrations and moment benefit availability to clients will step by step drive interest for Safein to be executed.

Safein group, warning board and vital accomplices by and large cover a wide scope of fields of ability. The center group has known each other for more than 10 years and cooperated on various tasks, effectively leaving quickly developing esports and online recreations organizations. Our warning board, had some expertise in lawful and innovation fields, will enable us to convey a balanced item to the market, though our associations will guarantee Safein contacts the correct gatherings of people from the begin. The vision of Safein has effectively developed into a working alpha item. Clients can utilize our web dashboard and portable application, get their ID checked for nothing out of pocket, and utilize our SSO administration to login into an accomplice site without making an extra record. Past further improvement of the stage itself, our group is effectively occupied with systems administration with potential financial specialists and creating organizations for business and item advancement.

Our vision work is as of now in advance and clients will soon have the capacity to attempt a completely practical MVP on our accomplice site and site. Past the further improvement of the stage itself, our group is at present endeavoring to grow the organization’s system of accomplices, the names to be reported at the appropriate time. The way toward acquiring electronic cash licenses in the EU is likewise continuous.

The Safein stage has a one of a kind preferred standpoint for the two clients and brokers. To begin with, clients will without a doubt value the finish of re-enlistment, KYC recuperation and passwords, superseded by the immediate access gave by our multifaceted validation arrangement. What’s more, it is anything but an over the top record that offers better security and information insurance, which is very significant to each customer. In conclusion, the capacity to make simple installments in chose media has for quite some time been required by the market – Safein will likewise utilize this need to empower a totally consistent installment encounter for all clients and its merchants.

1.Combining The Best of Two Worlds

Information demonstrates that cutting edge web clients emphatically favor single sign-in arrangements like Facebook Identity or Google Accounts. Truth be told, around 88% of every single online client utilize these doors occasionally to sign in to destinations they visit. Then again, Facebook or Google can not give a record that is confirmed or qualified, which fundamentally restricts ease of use and development. Thus, there is an expansive market that is ready for taking.

In light of this, and additionally the issues in the digital world specified in past areas, the Safein group has chosen to make a solitary login and installment arrangement that can be utilized all around on all locales. By doing this, we will wipe out the conventional method to construct accounts on various sites, and we will empower the world to embrace Identity 2.0. This enormous advance in innovation can without much of a stretch go amiss from the ineffectualness of KYC systems and at last give the group a standard client port for all online business exercises.

Similarly imperative is our undertaking to eventually empower our clients to appropriately secure the individual information utilized for internet business and, where conceivable, namelessly store. We unequivocally trust that prompt access to installment for administrations, without delays for KYCs or stores, will without a doubt prompt more prominent rivalry, expanded change rates and flourishing internet business. In the meantime, merchants will profit by a critical decrease in their administrative consistence, information insurance, KYC and client on board digital security, and in addition diminishing the requirement for noteworthy segment of client benefit managing inconsequential issues like secret word recuperation.

Safein Architecture

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Safein enables clients to sign in and sign in to new locales. Disregard exhausting enlistments and lost passwords. With your endorsement, we will convey your information to new locales.

Deal with your information

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With Safein, you are dependably responsible for which destinations you know. You can secretly sign in online, or simply share information that the site truly requires. A solitary snap will forever deny their entrance. On our webpane and portable application, you’ll see your whole action history, including enrollments, recruits and installments.

Pay with fiat or crypto with zero endeavors

When you have entered Safein, you can likewise make installments with no extra data. Spare your cash in customary money or any crypto, and Safein will consequently change over assets and furnish you with the favored retailer. Since each installment handled is inside Safein’s points of confinement, it is moment, sheltered and modest.

Single application

Before you incorporate Safein, a dealer must pick which client information is required and should be gotten, and which information is discretionary and can be discarded. Our group will screen this procedure and exhort merchants about whether their decisions on information to be gathered agree to material information security administrations. What’s more, the client will have the capacity to pick regardless of whether to exchange the discretionary information to the shipper. Safein will endeavor to build up an age of clients who esteem their own information and don’t share it as a standard by any means. The same goes for shippers as we will attempt to do what we can, without losing our upper hands, to constrain information recovery asks for and persuade them to acknowledge mysterious clients wherever conceivable.

Client Data Protection

Safein’s design was worked in a way that understands the greater part of these issues consequently. As a matter of first importance, as required by late advancements in the EU, our clients will dependably give finish and clear data about what individual information is exchanged to pertinent sites. No such exchange will happen without the client’s reasonable assent. Besides, once the client consents to give his particular information to a vendor amid the primary login, the trader will approach this information on our stage whenever before this relationship is ended by the client. Thusly, such merchants will have few explanations behind putting away this data all alone server, consequently essentially diminishing his and her client’s presentation to hacking and information robbery (and additionally sparing certain costs with respect to countermeasures for such dangers).

KYC Procedure Engine

Safein group is right now in converses with the world’s driving auto-ID validation specialist organization to convey amazingly exact outcomes utilizing its AI-fueled report control calculation. Such checks, where clients just need to examine their IDs with their cameras and utilize self-utilize will be adequate for generally employments. Some propelled checks, where clients must agree to quite certain controls (for instance, some cryptocurrency trades) will be physically dealt with by the Safein Team. This may take up to a couple of minutes, however contrasted with the present sitting tight periods for a few trades, it is as yet a radical change, particularly in the mind that clients just need to do it once.

Copper assurance instrument

Crypto installments without purchaser assurance instruments deny clients of an unconditional promise if there should be an occurrence of inability to convey. Safein will along these lines give a purchaser security component to crypto installments in its stage. The component might be foreign made if the products are not legitimately gotten by the purchaser or if not as depicted. Safein will give every one of the apparatuses to the purchasers to ensure their records. Merchants can subsequently feel protected as there will be no reimbursements or extortion. In the event that purchasers and merchants can not resolve debate themselves, an all around prepared Safein Support group will intercede and resolve the result of these question.


The Safein MVP enables clients to make a record on the Safein stage and associate it to a cell phone. Safein is at present coordinated into a demo site that enables clients to sign in with Safein without enlisting, modifying their security levels for various destinations, following their sign-in exercises from their cell phones, and shutting dynamic sign-in sessions whenever.

Multi Factor Authentication Mechanism and Digital Identify Management

Security ought to be the principle center while dealing with your identity and handbag online. Safein will have a multifaceted verification instrument from the start. While Safein incorporates, every broker will have the capacity to pick the base level of security that he needs from his clients. For instance, a vendor may ask for all membership on the trader’s site and all installments must be affirmed by the client on the cell phone – ie (I) push notices show up, (ii) the client must distinguish him by the PIN or unique mark on the versatile Safein application and (iii) support login or buy. Clients (on their board) can likewise build the general level of security for every site independently. For instance, albeit certain sites don’t require cell phone affirmation for site enlistments,

Safein enables clients to control their logins and activities, as well as their following and management. Clients will have the capacity to see their full movement history, including login and installment, take after the gadgets they utilize, oversee current dynamic login sessions, and wipe out whenever. Clients can likewise effortlessly observe which sites approach certain information. Most highlights related with identity management are as of now accessible in MVP.


Ticker: SFN

Token type: ERC20

ICO start date: May 31st

2018 End of ICO: 30th June 2018

Total token: 1,000,000,000

Selling token: 30%

ICO token price: 1 SFN = $ 0.07

Payment Receipt of: ETH

Softcap: $ 3,000,000

Hard cap: $ 21 million

If any part of the sign is awarded to ICO, which is not distributed during ICO, the token will be returned to the company and added for further development. If it does not reach the soft cap, all contributions will be returned to the original owner.

NB: All values ​​shown in the ETH in this chapter may change in the event of major fluctuations in ETH market prices before the start of ICO.

ICO Safein will distribute 10% of the total stock inventory to cover the costs below:

Further development of our products.
Crypto payment function.
Slim Contract for Recording Pool.
Safein payment solution with internal transaction processing system.
Obtain an EMI license.
Drive at least 500 dealers.
Cost and marketing of ICO.

Develop cardiard kripto purse and payment function
Obtain a license for electronic money institutions
Lead deposits and merchant payments in EUR, GBP, USD
Get the first 500 medium to big merchants
2 years administrative, operational and personnel expenditure




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