Hey guys, i know its been a long week and you’re scared too. I know you worry about your crypto investments and how hackers might strike anytime. Worry no more. Use Safinus for all your crypto investments.

Safinus is, where new participants to the crypto market can join profitable cryptocurrency and ICO portfolios in only a couple of snaps. Furthermore, experienced investors can altogether build the volume of their oversaw capital, while professional brokers and subsidizes can pull in new customers on a worldwide scale. One of the primary parts of the Safinus platform is the one of a kind portfolio joining instrument. Which enables experienced investors and cryptofunds to make a cryptocurrency and ICO token portfolio on the inner Safinus trade, which new investors can participate in only a couple of snaps. The platform will give a portfolio rating and give a straightforward reports on every portfolio.

The blockchain is continuously turning into the most unmistakable element of modern speculation period as more individuals are getting to be mindful and are occupied with cryptocurrency and ICO ventures. News about cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation has commanded the features of the Finance and Technology areas, with advancements and money related projections being keepers to the marvel. One of the exceptional difficulties in cryptocurrency venture is the high unpredictability of the market. The unstable idea of the crypto market makes it greatly troublesome for new players to put their trust in the market. As the blockchain business is advancing, and new viable utilize cases are being created every now and again, customary investors and financial speculator are starting to perceive the fittingness of a decentralized record system. Be that as it may, nearly, customary budgetary administration businesses still best the blockchain Fintech benefits as the banks, insurance agencies and other money related organizations have had a long stretch of fruitful and dependable monetary and social associations with the majority.

Preferred standpoint of Safinus platform

Expanding the measure of oversaw stores.

1 Globalization of exercises.

2 Automated resource administration techniques.

3 Ability for dealers to give proof of profitability to investors, enhancing their validity and claim.

4 Ability to setup resource administration conditions that dealer is alright with.

5 Portfolio enhancement with fiat monetary forms and conventional securities exchange instruments.

6 There is no compelling reason to comprehend the working components basic the Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO’s.

7 Investors are looked with essentially littler section barriers.8

Investors can confirm that the profit detailed by a merchant or store are in actuality bona fide.

9 Zero shot of succumbing to false activities and reserve allotments by merchants or store supervisors.

10 Every portfolio holds the broker’s assets also. Along these lines, persuading them to oversee resources dependably and proactively.

11 Investments just in credible ICOs that have been affirmed and checked by the entire group of dealers.

12 Investors can get to their assets whenever.

How does the Safinus platform function?

The Safinus platform enables new investors to interface with cryptofunds, professional dealers, and demonstrated investors right away.

People or associations that have a demonstrated and effective exchanging track record can dispatch their portfolios on the platform utilizing SAF tokens. They would then be able to set up commissions, charges, joining, and leave conditions for any investors that join their crypto overseeing portfolio. Portfolio directors additionally get the chance to appreciate a level of the profit produced using every portfolio.

The platform itself creates evaluations for every portfolio and sorts them in view of these appraisals. The greater part of the information on portfolios is obviously approved with Blockchain innovation.

Investors are given the greater part of the portfolios and are at freedom to join any portfolio that they need. Indeed, they are not restricted in the measure of portfolios that they can participate in.

Other remarkable highlights that Safinus offers.

The platform offers expansive and genuine investors the chance to have their assets oversaw on an individual scale by the most elite.

New cryptocurrency and ICO tokens will be step by step added to the Safinus platform. Be that as it may, to shield investors from potential tricks, each new expansion to the platform will be painstakingly examined and presented simply after an affectionate group has voted it in.

The platform will likewise facilitate the lives of brokers by enabling them to direct their business on multiple driving trade platforms at the same time through the in-house widespread interface created by Safinus.

Furthermore, the Safinus platform is building up a totally decentralized that will guarantee greatest straightforwardness and security for all members.

About SAF token

The SAF Token is an utility token that will be utilized to get to the Safinus platform and pay commissions for the platform’s utilization.

Merchants and assets purchase SAF tokens upon enrollment. Following this, venture portfolios can be made on the platform by dealers and finances so as to draw in customers and investors.

The majority of the commissions of the Safinus platform will be taken as SAF tokens.

Dispatch and Sale of SAF Tokens

Token Name:SAF


Token Standard:ERC 20

Hard Cap:16 000

USDPrice of One SAF During the ICO: 1 USD

Regulations:No extra SAF tokens will be discharged after the ICO.

Solidified resources: Founders’ tokens are solidified for 1 year following the pre-ICO


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