Sapien: A Decentralised Platform for Social News Creators


The Sapien is a decentralised platform developed by the team of developers and marketing professionals like Matias Dorta, Stefan Ionescu and Robert Giometti with the help of a team of advisors like Christian Ferri, Gregory Berkin, Adnan Javed, Dr Mihaela Ulieri, Raghu Bala and Latif Nathani. This platform was developed to increase the control of its user on social news to improve their experience in this regard the tagline of this platform take back control over your social experience is self explanatory about its motive. It was created to reward the curators and content creators without requiring intermediaries or a centralised authority. The creators of this platform offered an opportunity to the investors to invest in Sapien ICO to make more money. The Sapien review provided in this write-up will help you to know it more closely.

My opinion

I have reviewed Sapien ICO in this write-up only to give information about it to its readers instead of suggesting them to invest in it. This information will help you to make a well informed decision whether to invest in this cryptocurrency or not, if you are looking for such opportunities.

Innovation offered by the creators of Sapien

The team of creators of Sapien has designed this Blockchain based decentralised platform after identifying the benefits it can provide to social news. Their aim to create this platform was to allow the people to control social news by providing them an opportunity to create more relevant and better contents. The creators of this content will be rated by the users of Sapien network to allow them to know who can be relied upon for providing interesting and worthy content and who not.

Information about Sapien ICO sale

The creators of Sapien platform have planned to sell ERC20 compliant ICO tokens, SPN, against Ethereum with hard cap of 225 million SPN tokens which may increase in all up to 500 million SPN tokens. The pre-ICO sale of SPN tokens is likely to start on 31st January and may end on 15th February. The public sale of SPN tokens may start from 3rd March which may continue up to 3rd April.

45% of the SPN tokens will be sold to the people against ETH whereas 20% tokens will be reserved for a period of 24 months for the creators of this platform and their team. 30% of the tokens will be retained for selling in second phase whereas 5% will be reserved for reward programs.

Benefit and risk for the investors

The investors can use this ERC20 compliant cryptocurrency flexibly to buy any product or transfer to anyone or store. But they can make money by the increase in its value when it will be used by more and more people. So they will have to lock their SPN tokens for some time instead of spending them to let their worth grow with time.

Though the creators of Sapien have claimed to provide the investors and opportunity to make money by using Blockchain technology still such ICOs have great risk of being illegally accessed or hacked. So beware while investing in SPN tokens.

Though I have tried to provide complete information about Sapien ICO still if you want to know more in this regard then you can visit at any time.





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