Sapien — Decentralized Social News Platform

SAPIEN is an exceedingly adaptable and vote based social news stage equipped for remunerating a huge number of substance makers and custodians without focal mediators. Sapien is perfect with a qualified ERC20 digital currency called SPN. The Sapien system will develop exponentially to incorporate markets, different integrators and outsider applications. SPN is an adaptable cryptography and conforms to ERC20 that will give impetuses on quality substance, will strengthen every one of the activities of the stage and will fill in as the monetary spine of our token. Once actualized, we trust that SPN will be a standout amongst the most critical tokens in the online space.

The Token SPN won’t just be exceptionally helpful in the Sapien ecosystem, the SPN will likewise encourage the produce and exchange of qualities ​​inside and outside the mortar. With the Sapien stage, false news will be very construed with a safe character in Blockchain and a broad notoriety framework. The NES will be the foundation of each activity and social exchange that happens, imparting its development potential in the extension and appropriation of platelets rather than the gigantic blast in the cryptographic market. Target To build up proof of the esteem agreement convention basically, the NES acquires its incentive from the capacity to cooperatively enhance superb substance in the Sapien organize. The proof of significant worth instruments will help quality and reward the commitment of clients.

As client benefactors are assessed on the system, they will amass values ​​that will mirror their notoriety. This will permit particular space/client specialists to be reflected in your group. In Sapien, notoriety will diminish the drag and decrease the spread of false news. The notoriety framework is connected to the SPN token and, in this manner, isn’t constrained to the Sapien stage. The center esteems ​​of vote based system: clients ought to have general conclusion about their group and ought to be urged to contribute. Security: directed promotions can be made, yet they are characteristically uncovered in light of the fact that they exploit the client’s information and damage the client’s protection. Opportunity of articulation: the essential rule that must be ensured online with aggravating instruments.
Power Future Applications on the Sapien Network

As Blockchain applications turn into the new standard, Sapien will work out an advancement stage fueled by SPN to offer clients a wide assortment of application combinations and allow outer applications to use our client base. We mean SPN to work as a brought together cash for all in application buys on coordinated applications. New applications will have the capacity to coordinate with SPN effectively through the Sapien API enabling clients to trade and make buys with SPN. The brought together market made by SPN will tie virtual things acquired inside coordinated applications to this present reality estimation of SPN making another measurement of connections between clients on applications incorporated with SPN. In conclusion, we will likely build up a worldwide notoriety arrange on all SPN coordinated stages to battle counterfeit news all around.
Sapien Contribute

Once executed, we trust that SPN will be a standout amongst the most flexible tokens in the online space. Not exclusively will the SPN token be monstrously helpful inside the Sapien biological community, SPN will likewise encourage making and exchanging an incentive inside and past the stage. Counterfeit news will be incredibly alleviated with secure characters on the Blockchain and a broad notoriety framework. SPN will be the foundation of each social activity and exchange that happens, implanting its development potential in the extension and appropriation of the stage rather than any subjective changes in the crypto advertise. Content makers will genuinely have a reasonable methods for gaining rewards without being abused by unified elements. Clients will at long last have a genuine voice in working together and forming the group they need to be a piece of.


Users should have public opinion about their community and be encouraged to contribute.


Targeted ads can be made, but are inherently exposed because they exploit user data and violate user privacy.

Freedom of expression:

The basic principle that must be protected online with annoying tools.


Each user must be able to customize social experiences to his or her liking.

Essentially, the NES derives its value from the ability to collaboratively enhance high-quality content across the Sapien Network. Evidence of value mechanisms will boost quality and reward user contribution.

As users’ taxpayers are assessed on the network, they will collect scores that reflect their reputation. This will allow domain/user specific experts to be reflected in your community. In Sapien, reputation will reduce drag and drop the spread of false news. The reputation system is attached to the SPN token and is therefore not limited to the Sapien platform.

As appeared by Figure 2.1 and 2.2, patterns demonstrate a rising protection concern and a rising doubt of unveiling individual data via web-based networking media. These states of mind demonstrate web clients are progressively worried about protection, yet just have no choice however to keep utilizing administrations that accumulate and benefit of their information.

Figures 3.1 and 3.2 beneath obviously demonstrate a move towards more advanced spending and this unmistakably impacts media distributers. Sapien offers these makers a chance to have a computerized change of their organizations by offering purchasers extra income streams to adapt and lessen misfortunes.
Market Opportunity

Social media

There are now more than 2.3 billion social media users and by 2020 there will be more than 3 billion. Humans are an inherently social species; therefore, some forms of social networking will continue to play an important role in the future.


According to Statista, the number of people buying goods or services online will increase from 1.46 billion in 2015 to more than 2 billion in 2020. Technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and cloud computing are radically changing the way consumers will transact in the future.


As shown in Figure 2.1 and 2.2, trends indicate a growing privacy problem and growing mistrust in the disclosure of personal information on social networks. These attitudes show that Internet users are increasingly concerned about privacy, but simply have no choice but to continue using the services they accumulate and benefit from their data.

Means of communication

The following Figures 3.1 and 3.2 clearly indicate a move towards higher digital expenditure and this clearly impacts media publishers. Sapien offers these creators the opportunity to transform their businesses digitally by offering consumers additional revenue streams to monetize and reduce losses.

Buyers and Sellers

Users will be able to buy and sell physical and virtual products, services and premium content in the Sapien market using SPN tokens. Reputation scores will be integrated into the marketplace, allowing users to trust that the supplier they are buying from is reliable.


Sapien will charge a transaction fee of 1% to buyers and sellers in the Sapien market unless they have a certain threshold of SPN rethought. The minimum threshold will initially be set at the equivalent of $20 in replanted SPN. If a buyer or seller has wagered at least $20, then he or she will not pay transaction fees on your behalf. If either party has less than the minimum staked threshold, they will be charged a transaction fee of 1%.

Route Map


Maximum SPN distributed: 215,000,000

Accepted currencies:

ETH: Natively compatible.

BTC: Not natively compatible. The collaborator will be asked for an Ethereum address. A BTC address will be generated and linked to the specified Ethereum address. Once BTC is received, SPN will be sent to the specified Ethereum address.

Non-Ethereum-based crypto coins: compatible through

Token exchange base rate: 1 ETH = 3,000 SPN

Bonus Structure: — Day 1: + 15% (1 ETH = 3,450 SPN) –

Week 1: + 8% (1 ETH = 3,240 SPN)

Week 2: + 3% (1 ETH = 3,090 SPN)

Week 3+: no bonuses

Issue rate: all new tokens will be distributed to security creators within Sapien.

Minimum target: 50,000,000 SPN


Ankit Bhatia, co-founder and CEO
  1. Robert Giometti, Co-founder and CPO
  2. Stefan Ionescu, Lead Solidity Dev
  3. Matias Dorta, Marketing Strategy
  4. Christopher Lee, Director of Marketing
  5. Aurelien Nicolas, security expert
  6. Andy Boot, Chief Operating Officer
  7. Oliver Dinsmore, content strategy
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