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SAPIEN  This is a social news platform that is highly configurable and democration can give the prize to the millions of content creators and editors without intermediaries centrally. Sapiens encryption supported by compatible with ERC20 called the SPN.

The main value of the company
Democracy-the user should have the final decision about their communities and are encouraged to collaborate.
Privacy-specific Advertising benefit but with an inherent defect due to utilize user data and violate their privacy.
Free speech-freedom of expression-Criteria the fundamental Concept should be protected online with the tools that are not stable.
Personalization-All users can customize social experiences to their liking
Why you should use network Sapiens?
Social media portal today to market data users, does not have an effective way to detect fake news and can not give awards to producing user value. Sapiens will encourage developers to produce high quality content by giving awards to users of SPN. Users can manage their token portfolio in digital wallets Sapiens, which can store a token Ethereum ERC20 standard. SPN can be used in a decentralized market to get physical and virtual goods, content and services thanks to the services offered by our global reputation system.

The same user’s contributions in the Sapiens analyzed by other users, gather a reputation which is reflected in their experience in the domain. Sapiens network will enable a large community of distinguish valuable content, limiting the presence of trolls and the dissemination of false news. SPN will promote democratic Autonomy Platform, the first in the world, gives users a real voice in shaping the Organization and product road map through a system of innovative proposals.

The main character is a public/private Navigation
Turns alternate between the ways in which personal and private to experience Sapiens with your actual identity or confidential
Subscribe to agents to still keep track of the latest articles from friends and people around the world.
Friends, groups, and messages
Add friends, create groups, share publications, write opinions and increase your own horizons.
Chat with many features
Combining text messaging and voice channel with a great chat interface, which gives you a better user experience and more dynamic.
To protect your online privacy. Sapiens will protect your data and offers the chat is encrypted.
Highly adjustable
Every person is unique. Maintain control over every function and adapt the experience
your own social. And many more
The purpose of the establishment of the Protocol about the constant value of Consensus
Essentially, the SPN benefited from the competency to collaborate and identify high-quality content across the network Sapiens. The test procedure values will encourages contributions to quality and respect for the user. Because the user contribution is evaluated across the network, they will put together score that corresponds to its reputation. In this way, specific user experience will be reflected in their respective communities. In the Sapiens, fame will reduce the trolling and spreading false news. Reputation system typical of the token SPN and is therefore not limited to platform Sapiens.

The launch of the first Democratic Autonomous Platform In order for the social platform is truly autonomous, the user must have real power over the orientation of the platform. Thus, one function token SPN is giving a voice to users through an innovative proposal system. This will allow users to participate in the decisions of the Organization, development of features and rewards marketing stakeholders in SPN will be in a unique position to recommend and prioritize milestone in our project road map. With the first Autonomy Autonomy Platform, we can foster a community that is passionate and motivated which has the ability to change his principles from time to time. In addition, SPN will allow citizens chose the proposal within the branch, making it easier for the democratic decisions taken at Community level. Finally,

Wake up to a stable market and encourage user contributions
Content creators should be fairly rewarded for their time and the original material they bring to the platform. Internet users will be able to provide information about the message or comment and to receive payment from the SPN Sapiens for articles that have been creating value quantification. By allowing users to pay each other in this way, we are sure we will promote an environment that supports quality content and free content creators from dependence on ad revenue. The road map provides a decentralized market in a roadmap to enable owners of PHR purchase content, services, goods and premium-quality premium goods, including themes, integration and features.

Application of Power Network in Future Sapiens
Because the application of the new standard, Blockchain Sapiens will develop a programming platform based SPN so that users are able to offer a wide array of integrated applications and external applications can benefit from the user base. We intend to let SPN functions as a unified currency for all purchases of applications in embedded applications. New applications can be easily integrated with the SPNvia API Sapiens, which allows users to Exchange and buy with the SPN. Integrated market created by SPN will link the goods obtained virtually in integrative application with real value for the SPN by creating a new dimension of interaction between users on the application to be included in the SPN. Ultimately, our goal is to build a global reputation across all platforms comprehensive SPN to fight fake news everywhere.

Selling Tokens Presale
Date: 31 January-15 February
Token Base Exchange Rate: the level # 1 Phase + 20% (end of exchange rates will be set closest to the presale)

Currencies accepted: ETH
The structure of staggered contribution:
> $250 k + 25%
$100 k >: + 15%
> $50 k + 7%
> $10 k + 3%
$10,000: no < bonds

The distribution of Tokens: Smart Contract will distribute the token after Token # 1 Sales Stage is completed.
Target pre-minimum sales: no minimum
Token Sales Phase # 1
Date: 3 March-3 April
Total Hardcover (in USD): $30 trillion
Currencies accepted:
ETH: native support
BTC: not supported natively. The user will be required to get the address of the Ethereal. The address of the BTC will be created and linked to the Ethereal address specified. After receiving the BTC, the chip will be sent to the address specified Ethereal.

Alternative: encryption is supported through the Shapeshift. IO
Token Base Exchange Rate: exchange rate end will set approached the presale.
Bonus structure:
Day 1: + 15%.
Week 1: + 10%.
Week 2: + 3%.
Week 3 +: no bonus
The cost of publication: all the new chips will be distributed to the makers of the value of Sapiens.
Minimum phase # 1 Target: 50 trillion SPN

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