Sapien: The Decentralised Facebook of Tomorrow


The need for a communicating with other species on earth along with our fellow species has always existed in human beings. We are social creatures looking to share our joy and pain with everyone around us. The tools might have changed but our zeal for communication has stayed and it has fueled some of the biggest technological inventions in the history of humankind. We must be proud of our communication quality. The letters, the phones and the internet are all tools to express our thoughts to the other human beings. In recent memory, the biggest network of people connected on a massive scale would be facebook. It literally gave birth to hundreds of social media network, all looking to exploit a single particular habit of humankind.

The instant messaging platform has also been a key driver in the social connection on the web. The credibility of their platform lies in millions of people, who are using it daily for a variety of purposes. The contributor to the platform is sadly not rewarded while the company is earning billions by selling off consumer’s data and content. This model is flawed which does not pay to its contributors, who are key drivers of the growth on the platform. Consumers have always been at risk in these kinds of platforms, of losing their identity and personal data.

Many examples in recent times is a proof that private companies having the data records of millions of consumers are always complacent about the security of their system. All of these examples demand a new answer to the question. Are we ready for the next platform, which can bring trust and transparency to the market?


sapien is also offering a unique peer to peer Social media platform, which is decentralised. The contributors and curators of the community are rewarded for their service on the platform. The network is decentralised leading to no involvement of any intermediary between two people. The marketplace is created, where the quality contributors and curators are regularly rewarded. Their beta platform is live for people. The top qualities of the platform are mentioned below.

  • Dual option for Browsing the network where you choose to declare your identity
  • Option to subscribe to the quality post and updates from friends and family
  • Add friends to the group and chat with family in a secure manner
  • Highly customizable features where you can practically decide how you wish to present your profile or chat
  • Developer Platform for app integration and development of a democratized community
  • Online Marketplace to sell physical as well as virtual goods
  • Establishing a proof of value consensus protocol to weed out the fake news and promote quality content with a reputation score
  • World’s First democratized autonomous social network platform to promote and incentivize quality content creators and curators.

    The sapien ecosystem is built around the principles of trust, security and transparency. The user has a right to vote in the development and decision making of the platform. This is first of its kind platform offering social congregation to the people of the world.


To create this intelligent platform, they are seeking public support through ICO. The SPN Pre-sale will start on 31st January 2018 and continues until 15th February 2018. There is no minimum goal set for the presale. The phase 1 of the main token sale will start on the 3rd March 2018 and continues until 3rd April 2018. The funds are allocated in the development of the platform, security audits, administrative cost and marketing of the platform.

It is founded by Ankit Bhatia and Robert Giometti, who has studied computer science from UC Berkley. The other team members are marketing experts, solidity developers and security experts. Advised by some of the big names of the industry who are experienced in the fields of business and blockchain technology, they believe that they can bring the best platform for people.


Social networking became one of the most profitable businesses of the Internet world. Practically thousands of applications operate in this domain vying for the same consumer attention. The hyper connectivity is a real issue in the internet generation. The world is going through rapid technological changes and we need to aware of its impact too. sapien is working towards open and quality content where people can easily share their thoughts and get rewards for it. The power of decentralisation will be one of the biggest USP of their platform.

The biggest threat to information is fake news, which is creating serious damage to the present society and biggest social networking websites are finding ways to deal with it. Recently, Facebook hired more content curators to regularly review the content on its website. As the user base grows, this problem is bound to occur if the proper quality check is not introduced in the company. The key to creating a quality content on the platform is having a team which constantly reviews the content along with the latest software to filter out the spams.

It is yet to be seen how the sapien deal with the problem of this kind. I think they can build a decentralised network but it’s the people who have to create a balanced environment on the platform. We are truly entering into a decentralised world where we become our own guardians.

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