SAPPCHAIN ​​is a decentralized end-to-end encrypted anonymous messaging application with peer-to-peer money transfer and cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology and based on artificial intelligence that unites people absolutely free, safe and anonymous. This is a feature-rich chat application in the suburbs, developed on the Ethereum blockchain. This application provides security and anonymity that people want to gain in order to enhance freedom and security when communicating and sharing information. 
Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology provides the planet with more secure and well-organized business tools. Blockchain, decentralized technology; leads the world to the “Global Transformation of the Economy”, which has become a tool for the next generation of money and finance. 
SAPPCHAIN ​​is the world’s first decentralized comprehensive anonymous email application with encryption from one to another with peer-to-peer money transfer and cryptocurrency; based on Blockchain technology and revolutionized by artificial intelligence. Our Ecosystem will help establish a new era of secure communication and simple peer-to-peer money transfer and cryptocurrency coins to everyone you know. 
New Age Communication application
SAPPCHAIN ​​is a token-based ecosystem, and its underscore token name is called SAPPCOIN Token. SAPPCOIN is a token that will be used to exchange services in a messaging application. Services in SAPPCHAIN ​​include interacting with our AI Assistant (SAPPiO), updating services in the ecosystem, and stimulating by engaging friends. The marker is intended for use in our application and is not a safety marker or product. Interacting with the AI ​​Assistant function on the platform, smartphone users can get additional free tokens. The SAPPCHAIN ​​team has extensive experience in providing effective solutions for ensuring data privacy and security. 
Why Sappchain?
Free: The SAPPCHAT app is free and will always be free. There are no ads, subscriptions or any hidden fees. 
Decentralized: our platform is decentralized using blockchain technology. Attacks on your confidential data are impossible, because the key encryption keys are distributed among thousands of computers around the world. Unlike centralized systems, there is no server on the Sappchain platform that could be hacked or blocked by governments.
Block Chain Usage: The SAPPCHAT application uses intelligent block-chain contracts based on Ethereum technology to establish secure, private, and reliable communication channels between our users. Your device does not store any information. It directly interacts with the blockchain, where every byte is completely encrypted. End-to-end encrypted user messages can never be read by third parties (including developers or anyone else).
Powered by AI: AI provides new services in the SAPPCHAT messaging application for better user experience. Thanks to this unique feature, users can better understand who they are communicating with, which will always improve their communication. It learns from user-generated answers or messages and helps make smart answers when the need arises. In addition, it provides an AI-based social concierge service called SAPPiO. Users can set the SAPPiO to something like “Where is the nearest restaurant?” And get an instant and friendly response.
Anonymous: we believe that an individual user must decide what information he would like to publish or save. The SAPPCHAT application is the safest end-to-end encrypted messaging application that does not request your email address, phone number, address book information, or location data. 
Multi-device support: Enjoy maximum convenience by running the same account on different devices. 
High security: our security protocol, developed on the basis of true end-to-end encryption and block-chain-based authentication algorithms, exceeds today’s requirements against all types of threats. In other words, SAPPCOIN protects user data from hackers using Blockchain technology.
The all-in-one solution: The SAPPCHAIN ​​network is an all-in-one solution that includes not only instant messaging, voice and video calls, but also secure cryptocurrency, instant money transfer and more. Users can access the network through the convenient SAPPCHAT application. 
Automatic encryption: stop worrying about the security of your data. The entire complex encryption process is fully automated. 
The ideal solution for business: the SAPPCHAT application is suitable for business. We believe that encrypted messages are necessary to ensure the security and privacy of business information. SAPPCHAT has built-in first-class security to ensure secure business communication between team members, as well as communication with internal and external contacts.
Anonymous MasterCard: SAPPCHAIN ​​MasterCard is called SAPPCARD and allows users to withdraw money from ATMs anywhere in the world. 
Free instant payment / currency transfer (EUR / USD / GPD / …) in chat rooms: a convenient way to send instant money to a relative or pay for goods and services in a chat at the same time. Transferring money without commission is as easy and convenient as an instant message. SAPPCOIN allows you to instantly transfer P2P money via photo, email or text message. Send money to your friends, pay in stores, online or transfer money to your family. 

Free instant cryptocurrency transfer (BTC / ETH / SAPP / …) in chat rooms: a simple deposit in cryptocurrency and transfer to people you know during a chat.
Money transfer with a zero commission: the intelligent secure wallet SAPPCOIN is an alternative to an existing online wallet. There are no monthly fees, negative interest rates, and this comes with a zero commission for transferring money. 
Transparent and secure fund wallet: SAPPCHAIN ​​does not store your money or data. Your funds are securely protected and protected in the Blockchain cloud. 
Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20)
SAPPCHAIN ​​is a feature-rich, decentralized instant messaging application built on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20). 

Offering users all the classic features of a chat application, it also provides users with a lightweight built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Users can send and receive tokens from any crypto wallet to an e-wallet in the application. Through the wallet, users will be able to buy, sell and exchange SAPPCOIN among the user community, and also use the SAPPCOIN token as credits for payments in the application.

Communicating with family and friends through SAPPCHAIN, the application will offer much more functionality than regular instant messaging applications. 

SAPPCHAIN ​​is a unified instant messaging application with features that are useful for personal and professional purposes. 

Instead of using centralized servers, SAPPCHAIN ​​distributes data and protects user privacy using a blockchain for storing files and decentralized file sharing for message distribution. This allows SAPPCHAIN ​​to eliminate the need to centrally process text messages and calls, providing a global method for free, secure and anonymous communication. 

Encrypted and decentralized data

The application itself does not collect personal information such as your names, phone number, and more, but basically asks for a username and password to start the exchange of messages. Thus, SAPPCHAIN ​​makes user data encrypted and decentralized without collecting identifying data, making it impossible to track data for individual users. Services in SAPPCHAIN ​​include interacting with our AI Assistant (SAPPiO), updating services in the ecosystem, and stimulating by engaging friends. The marker is intended for use in our application and is not a safety marker or product.

With the most popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger, which are serious targets of government pressure, SAPPCHAIN ​​is a viable alternative for users worldwide. Private messages; Chat messages, stickers, files, videos, images and so on are stored using IPFS. Money transfer, on the other hand, is powered by Bitshares.

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